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Biohackers Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – Enemies

BY Kean

Published 1 year ago

Biohackers Season 2 Episode 2 Recap - Enemies

After experiencing another splitting headache the night before. She hugs him as soon as she sees him, but he stops her. Mia says she doesn’t know how she got there. Niklas angrily tells her to stop partying hard every night and blocking out afterward. Mia remembers screaming at Niklas when he tried to stop her from partying. However, she doesn’t remember it happening. Niklas admits he doesn’t understand why Mia suddenly broke up with him. So, Mia apologizes for everything that she did to him. Mia remembers seeing Dr. Lorenz in the van the day she was taken. But because her house and lab were demolished, Mia asked for her information on campus. Dr. Lorenz’s assistant, Monique, tells Mia that Dr. Lorenz wouldn’t want to see her after she ruined everything. Mia goes to the Dean’s office and learns that Dr. Lorenz is back to living with her mother. 

When Mia finds where Dr. Lorenz lives, she forces herself into her apartment. Dr. Lorenz tries to get Mia out of her house and even hits her with a trophy. When Mia falls to the floor, she remembers being inside a lab and being experimented on. She asks for help but Dr. Lorenz says Mia has neurological issues and tells her to go see a doctor. Mia asks Dr. Lorenz if she’s protecting their kidnapper but Dr. Lorenz says she’s not protecting anybody but herself. And then she types a message asking someone what they did to Mia. But she decides not to send it. 

Mia starts having hallucinations. While taking a shower, not only does she start seeing Niklas, but her nose starts bleeding as well. Mia starts screaming after seeing the blood on the bathroom floor. Lotta comes inside and sees nothing on the floor or on Mia’s face. Lotta calms her down and hugs her while saying that everything’s okay. Mia visits her psychiatrist afterward to let her know about the hallucinations she’s been having. Dr. Reuther prescribes her some medicine and tells her to calm down because they will manage. After meeting with Mia, Dr. Reuther goes to the park carrying the notes she’s been taking down for Mia’s case. She leaves the papers in a trash bin before walking away. As soon as Dr. Reuther walks away, a man comes and picks up the notes. 

Lotta tells someone on the phone that Mia doesn’t know anything. She says that she will handle everything. After that, Lotta goes to Mia’s room to remind her about their dinner with Lotta’s parents. 

Dr. Lorenz’s lawyer confirms that the DA wants to ban Dr. Lorenz from the medical association for life. And he wants to give her 15 years in prison. Dr. Lorenz says she doesn’t understand why. Then she calls someone and says she will be given 15 years in prison. The man says that was the best he could do because the DA initially wanted to give Dr. Lorenz a life sentence. He says he will protect Dr. Lorenz’s work and wait for her to get out. 

She ends the call thinking he only sacrificed her. So, Dr. Lorenz calls Mia and admits that they were kidnapped. She says she will help Mia find out what was done to her. She says the people who kidnapped them work for a rich man, a highly respected philanthropist. The man also sponsors special researchers like Dr. Lorenz herself. He funds visionaries for less than legal projects, like Homo Deus. The man knew that Mia would expose the project and couldn’t let it be traced back to him. So he sacrificed Dr. Lorenz so she would take the blame alone. The man she’s talking about is Dr. Baron von Fürstenberg, Lotta’s father. 

Our Thoughts:

So Lotta’s father is the one behind all these? He had Mia kidnapped to cover his tracks. But then he didn’t kill her. Lotta’s such a good friend to Mia, and we don’t think she knew anything about the kidnapping. If she knew about it, we think she would be against it. What will she do now that Mia has finally met the man inside the restaurant? Dr. Lorenz was probably telling the truth. She has no reason to lie because she has no more to lose. 

At this point, we think that Dr. Lorenz wants Fürstenberg to join her. She wants him to be there with her if she’s going to jail. Because he’s the one who sponsored her life’s work. But it seems like he’s only interested in the project and not Dr. Lorenz herself. We doubt he would really wait for her to get out and continue her work. He would probably just get new researchers. And what’s he going to do to Mia now? Does he know Mia’s psychiatrist too?

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