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Biohackers Season 2 Episode 4 Recap – Forget

BY Kean

Published 8 months ago

Biohackers Season 2 Episode 4 Recap - Forget

Mia gives her bag to Dr. Winter after he asks to check it. He then asks Mia if they‘ve met before. Mia replies that Dr. Winter is not her type. Mia and Jasper go to Dr. Lorenz’s house to tell her what happened. There, Mia sees an old photo of Dr. Lorenz with the journalist at the Founders’ Gala. She confronts her professor, thinking she’s been lying to her all along. Dr. Lorenz says the man in the photo is Dr. Winter, but she has no idea what Mia is talking about. Even after discovering that Dr. Lorenz and Dr. Winter are friends, Mia still asks Dr. Lorenz for help. But Dr. Lorenz says she won‘t help her. 

Because she feels unsafe, Jasper offers to let Mia stay at his place. That night, they sleep together. Each day that passes by, Mia gets worse. The next morning, her nose bleeds again, and her head aches so much. She takes out her family photo to remind herself who she is and who her brother is. She tells Jasper she’s forgetting her brother’s face. Just before they leave for the hospital, they see Niklas, Lotta, and Lotta’s father in the apartment. Lotta explains that Mia knew her relationship with Niklas, and Mia was fine with it. Lotta adds that she‘s happy with Niklas, but Mia still acts cold toward her.

During the MRI, Mia remembers being in the lab. She read something on the computer during that time, but her memory is still unclear. The doctor says that Mia’s brain is deteriorating, and he has never seen something like it spread so quickly. He adds that if the disease continues to spread at that rate, Mia will only have cognitive and motor function for a week or two and a life expectancy of one to two months. While looking at the computer, Mia remembers something again. She was in the lab, looking at the computer where there was a document about cures and side effects. She tattoed herself to remember it but didn’t finish because she was caught. She also remembers what the red book looked like.

Mia goes home and tells Chen-Lu and Ole the truth about Lotta’s father. They agree to help her by searching for the lab where Mia was taken. Dr. Lorenz does her part and asks Dr. Winter to have dinner with her. She tells Dr. Winter that Fürstenberg was financing her research in Homo Deus. She says that if Dr. Winter can write about it, it may help reduce Dr. Lorenz’s sentence. She knows that Dr. Winter knows what she’s talking about, but she still pretends as if she’s giving him new information. All of it just to buy Ole some time.

While they are in the restaurant, Ole manages to hack into the system of Dr. Winter’s car. Ole checks all the places Dr. Winter has been to and downloads everything before he returns. Back at the house, Jasper has narrowed down where the lab might be. Mia remembers the brickyard she saw when she visited Uli at the Fürstenberg’s estate. While she prints the property photo, Mia’s head hurts so bad that she loses her balance. She fails to pick up the phone when Dr. Reuther calls her, so her psychiatrist leaves her a message saying she cares about Mia. 

That night, Jasper visits Fürstenberg and tells him, “We have a problem.”

Our Thoughts

So, Mia is dying. That’s it. And she’s running out of time. If they don’t find the lab and the red book, they will never find out what’s wrong with her. They can’t go straight to Fürstenberg and ask him about it because he already had her kidnapped. Obviously, he doesn’t care about Mia at all. They also can’t ask Dr. Winter for help because he’s working for Fürstenberg. We think Mia felt betrayed when she found her psychiatrist’s notes on Fürstenberg’s table. But instead of confronting her, she decides to just stop seeing her. It’s a very unfair fight, attacking Mia like such. She trusted Dr. Reuther with private information, thinking she could be trusted. 

And we don’t think Lotta would appreciate her friends plotting against her father. It’s one reason they can’t tell Lotta about it. It would ruin their friendship. We don’t know if Lotta will take her father’s side or go against him, but it will depend on who tells the story better or whose story is more believable. Lotta is a good friend, but she also seems close to her family. This problem will test their friendship. And it’s already tainted because of Niklas.

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