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Biohackers Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – Find

BY Kean

Published 4 months ago

Biohackers Season 2 Episode 5 Recap - Find

Jasper tells Fürstenberg everything he knows. Everything from Mia’s suspicions of the kidnapping, the red book, and even her plans to go to a lab where she was experimented on. Jasper shows him a photo of the estate, saying he found it in Mia’s apartment. He adds that he is grateful for Fürstenberg’s help, so he thinks he should warn him of Mia’s plans to bring him down. Fürstenberg sends a message to Dr. Winter telling him to go to the lab immediately. Jasper puts his phone beside Fürstenberg’s phone, and when the old man is not looking, he switches their phones. Fürstenberg tells Jasper that loyalty is important before he sends him on his way. Fürstenberg, on the other hand, makes his way to the lab. What he doesn’t know is that while he is talking to Jasper, Mia has already started looking for the lab. She was just hiding the whole time inside Jasper’s car. 

Lotta is in their apartment with Niklas. In the middle of their conversation, Lotta says that one has to be held to some principles. If not, that person will start weighing things without a moral compass guiding him. While Niklas is using the printer, Lotta sees the photo Mia printed earlier. She thinks Mia is paranoid that’s why she printed an image of their estate. She goes through Mia’s things and finds documents about her father.

Mia finds the brickyard house, but Fürstenberg arrives there as well. Jasper immediately calls his phone — the one Fürstenberg has. As soon as Fürstenberg leaves, Mia finds the elevator that leads to an underground laboratory. The facility is equipped with everything needed in a lab. Being there reminds Mia of what was done to her. She takes the red book and hides it under her coat. She sees a box with the name Oblivion: What’s inside erases the last 24 hours of short-term memory. Mia checks the camera and watches videos of experiments done in the lab. In one video, Dr. Winter injects Oblivion into a monkey, making it forget everything it learned the day before. But the test subject died 30 minutes later. The next video is of Mia being the subject. Because of her immune system, she managed to avoid death even after receiving three injections of Oblivion. She accesses the laptop using the password she saw in one of the videos, but because she can’t see clearly anymore, she video calls Dr. Lorenz and asks her to read the documents for her. Dr. Lorenz says neuronal sonication could be a solution. Mia agrees to give Dr. Lorenz the red book, but in exchange, she should find her a cure. 

She hears people coming when she’s about to leave the lab, so she quickly hides inside a cabinet. Dr. Winter and Fürstenberg carry Jasper into the lab. Fürstenberg realizes that the red book is missing, so he takes syringes of Oblivion with plans to get rid of Dr. Lorenz and Mia. He hands one Oblivion to Dr. Winter so he can use it on Jasper. Dr. Winter says it could kill Jasper, but Fürstenberg reminds him he has to do it if he wants to continue his research. He sends a message to Dr. Lorenz pretending to be Jasper. He asks her to meet him.

Lotta confronts her friends after finding the documents in Mia’s room. Chen-Lu and Ole don’t have any choice but to tell her the truth. Lotta thinks her father didn’t do anything wrong. Back at the lab, Mia comes out of her hiding place to save Jasper and confronts Dr. Winter. She asks him how he could do such a thing when she trusted him. Dr. Winter explains they didn’t force Mia to participate in the experiment. He says because of Mia’s amazing immune system, Fürstenberg proposed to work with her. Dr. Winters talked to her about it and she consented. He shows a video of her saying she’s voluntarily participating in the experiment. Mia doesn’t remember why she did it, but she asks him to let them go. Dr. Winter refuses, saying they have to finish Oblivion. Mia stops him, so they fight inside the laboratory, hitting each other and breaking things. A container falls and liquid spills on the floor. Before Dr. Winter realizes it, something explodes just a few feet from where he stands.

Our Thoughts

Things got out of hand for everybody involved. Fürstenberg is the type of person who wouldn’t do the job himself, but because what they did was not exactly legal, he has to fix it himself. When he took Oblivion and plans to use it on Lorenz, it’s obvious he‘s desperate to cover his tracks. He and Dr. Winter are doing all of these in the name of research. Jasper is unconscious, while Mia is not in her best condition. How will they get out of the lab before the fire gets bigger? 

There are a lot of problems presented in this series, but one of the most heartbreaking things that could happen here is to see their friendship break. They formed a special bond, and they were always there to help each other. Now, Lotta is turning her back on her friends to take her father’s side. We can’t really blame her because she has to make a choice. And because she can’t choose both sides, she’s bound to lose someone.

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