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Biohackers Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – Remember

BY Kean

Published 2 months ago

Biohackers Season 2 Episode 6 Recap - Remember

After the explosion, Dr. Winter lies on the floor unable to move. Mia goes to him and says the hallway is blocked. Dr. Winter tells Mia to get the keycard in his pocket and says there‘s a shaft they can use to get out of the lab. Mia thanks Dr. Winter after she takes his keycard. She wakes up Jasper. They pull Dr. Winter to safety before calling the authorities. They find another room in the lab that contains hundreds of red books. Mia takes the one with the information about Homo Deus. Once they‘re out of the lab, they use Dr. Winter’s car to get to Dr. Lorenz. Jasper wants to take Mia to the hospital, but Mia worries about Dr. Lorenz. Her phone is broken, while Fürstenberg has Jasper’s phone.

When they get to Dr. Lorenz’s house, her mother says she went out to meet with Jasper. They realize that Fürstenberg used Jasper’s phone to trap Dr. Lorenz, so they call her using Dr. Lorenz’s mother’s phone to warn her. When Dr. Lorenz receives the call, she’s already at the meeting place where Fürstenberg is waiting for her. She immediately gets in the car and turns back as she gets the warning call from Mia. She tells Mia to meet her at the lab on campus so they can do the exchange.

Fürstenberg calls Dr. Lorenz to ask her where she’s going. Dr. Lorenz confronts him about not keeping his side of the deal. Fürstenberg explains that he will keep the research going and wait until Dr. Lorenz finishes her sentence. He thinks Dr. Lorenz won’t be able to keep going without him because he has all her records, but Dr. Lorenz says she can make Homo Deus again because everything is in her head. All she needs is Mia. She calls her lawyer and tells her Fürstenberg is behind everything. She says she’s willing to expose other people and other projects and say everything she knows if the DA will let her go. 

With Monique’s help, they get inside the Excellence Center. But the ultrasound helmet that they need is no longer there. The device was sold when the center decided to cut the budget. Mia tells Jasper that there‘s a helmet interface in their apartment, so Jasper goes to Ole, Chen-Lu, and Niklas to bring the device to the center. Ole is the one who made it for one of his experiments before. 

Lotta finds out what happened to the lab inside their property. She sees hundreds of red books hidden away, with different experiments written inside. She reads some of them and meets her father afterward. Fürstenberg says their family has always been supporters of science. He says Lorenz’s Homo Deus will prevent people from ever getting sick, but the consequence would be exploding population and war over resources. And because Mia is the key to Homo Deus, they can’t let Lorenz be with Mia.

They use Ole’s device to save Mia’s life. As she’s undergoing the process, Mia remembers what happened to her in the past three months. After being kidnapped, Fürstenberg says she can’t roam around knowing about the Homo Deus. Either she forgets the last 24 hours, or they must make her disappear. Mia agreed to take part in the Oblivion experiment.

When the process is over, Mia opens her eyes only to find everyone tied up. Fürstenberg hands the gun to Lotta and tells her to watch everyone. He takes Mia out of the room to give her more Oblivion. Niklas manages to free himself and so does Jasper. Niklas convinces Lotta to give him the gun. Fürstenberg is still chasing Mia outside the room, trying to inject her with Oblivion. Jasper wrestles Fürstenberg to help Mia. While Mia is helping Jasper, she and Fürstenberg fall to the ground. Fürstenberg suffers badly from the fall, but Mia is okay because she landed on top of him. In the ICU, Fürstenberg tells Lotta and Uli that they have to do one more thing for the family. 

After getting out of the hospital, Mia meets up with Dr. Lorenz in a cemetery. They thank each other for helping each other out. Dr. Lorenz asks Mia why she wants to see her, but Mia thinks it’s the other way around. All of a sudden, someone shoots Dr. Lorenz. Mia drags her to hide behind a tombstone. Dr. Lorenz says Mia’s name one last time before she takes her final breath. Mia burns her necklace along with the newspaper clippings of Dr. Lorenz. She gets in the car, leaving everything behind her. 

Our Thoughts

So Lotta’s loyalty is to her family. But one of the things that affected her decision was what her father told her. We are a bit confused if Fürstenberg really has good intentions about Homo Deus. He was the one who funded the research. And when it was done with Dr. Lorenz was exposed, he wanted to drop the project and save himself. The thing is, he says different things to different people. He says something else to Dr. Lorenz and something else to Mia and Lotta. In the end, even when he met a tragic fate, he still managed to get rid of Dr. Lorenz. 

Now, it’s not clear what he said to his children, but we know he used their loyalty to the family. We remember Uli mentioning that Lotta is the one who‘s good with guns, so we just assumed she‘s the one who shot Dr. Lorenz. But we will never find that out because we never saw who did it. We are only sure that Lotta’s relationship with her friends will never be the same after what happened. Mia’s search for the truth is finally over. And finally, she can move forward.

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