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BLINDSPOT Recap: Jane’s Identity Revealed

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

BLINDSPOT Recap: Jane's Identity Revealed

By Pauline Perenack

Introducing Taylor Shaw

We’re finally back! Remember how far away the February 29 premiere seemed way back at the end of the mid-season finale? Well, we finally made it, and Blindspot is back with a splash. There is no break in the action as we pick up pretty much right where we left off.

While series creator Martin Gero has done away with the weekly anagrams in the titles, he has promised there is still a puzzle with the titles, and it’s much more difficult than the anagrams. Have you figured it out yet?

This week’s episode, “Cease Forcing Enemy,” has our team following another tattoo, this time all the way to the Black Sea, while Patterson remains at the office, answering for her part in her boyfriend, David’s, death, so let’s recap what happened.

A Plane is a Plane is a Plane

This week’s episode begins right where we left off at the end of the fall finale, with Jane strapped to a table, and Oscar showing her a video of herself talking about the plan. Oscar starts to untie her, but Jane still doesn’t trust him, regardless of what she said on camera, and fights for her life, only stopping when she sees Oscar’s tree tattoo. It’s the same tattoo from the man in her flashbacks, whom she was engaged to. She asks what happened between them, but Oscar won’t tell her, only telling her to get the FBI to drop her detail, and then meet him later to learn more.

Back at headquarters, Zapata walks into Mayfair’s office with her resignation letter, but learns that Carter is missing. Mayfair explains there are a lot of people who wanted him dead, so it’s not surprising. Zapata sees her chance to ignore the deal she made with Carter, crumples up her letter, and walks out.

Weller sees Jane as she’s walking through the building, and wants to talk about the kiss from the night before. Thinking about her talk with Oscar, Jane tells Weller she thinks they should stop following her tattoos. She’s worried they’re all playing into the hands of the people who inked her. Patterson interrupts their discussion, and gathers the team to tell them about a tattoo, which points (quite literally) to the Black Sea. Weller tells Jane she can sit this one out, but she refuses.

The team lands at the coordinates, and finds an airplane hangar. Inside, is a commercial airplane, which was believed to be lost at sea months ago. They are captured by a group of terrorists who originally hijacked the plane. Satisfied they know nothing, the terrorists take the team to the barracks, where they find the missing passengers from the plane. Turns out, the plane was taken because one of the passengers had been doing research on small satellites that could be launched without detection, and can take out the GPS for the US military. As a result, the terrorists were forcing the passengers to build these specialized satellites for them.

Weller and Reade escape with one of the passengers to look for the cattle prod that was used on them to power the satellite phone the passengers built from spare parts. Reade and the passenger make it back, but Weller is captured. Zapata quickly gets the phone working, and sends out a Morse code message before the terrorists come back to retrieve the team. As Reade distracts the terrorists, Jane slips out of her restraints, and the team escapes, saving the passengers. However, the plane begins to take off, but not before Jane and Weller get on-board through the landing gear.

On the plane, Jane and Weller discover a rocket is auto programmed to launch the satellites once they reach a certain altitude. Unable to get into the cockpit, they go below and turn on the plane’s transmitter, which Patterson sees after intercepting and deciphering Reade’s Morse code. Patterson figures out that the only way to stop the plane from reaching the altitude need to launch the rocket is to turn off the engines. Jane and Weller are able to turn off the engines, but quickly learn after storming the cockpit that they can’t turn the engines back on. Patterson tells Jane she can glide the plane to a landing, and sure enough, Jane does, landing the plane safely.

During the mission, Patterson is questioned by Chief Inspector Fischer of Internal Affairs, who is looking into David’s death. He determines Patterson acted on her own, and broke federal law by removing the files from FBI headquarters. Fischer decides that Patterson must be suspended, but she is saved by Mayfair who insists she needs Patterson to help save the team. Fischer observes Patterson in action, and rescinds the suspension after Mayfair pulls rank, and explains how much she needs Patterson on the team.

After the team returns, Jane asks Mayfair if she can have her detail dropped, because she thinks she has proven herself to the team. Mayfair agrees, but Weller isn’t happy. He tells Jane to meet him later, but the two are interrupted by Reade and Zapata.

As the night wears on, Jane slips out of her safe house, and instead of going to meet Weller, who is waiting for her, she meets up with Oscar, confronting him about what he knows. Oscar reveals that she is in fact Taylor Shaw, but won’t tell her what happened to her or where she’s been. He informs her he has missions for her which will help him regain trust in her. Jane won’t agree to it, but when Oscar points out there’s a part of her that doesn’t trust her team, she doesn’t disagree. She wants to move forward with Oscar on her terms, but as he tells her, everything he is making her do is all a part of her own plan.

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