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BLINDSPOT Review: “Clamorous Night”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 5 years ago


BLINDSPOT — “Clamorous Night” Episode 318 — Pictured: Sullivan Stapleton as Kurt Weller — (Photo by: David Giesbrecht/NBC/Warner Bros)





So Many Assassins

Ok, Blindspotters, we made it through yet another hiatus, and now we’re in the home stretch to the finale. If you remember, last time we saw our team, they attended a gala where they came face to face with Crawford and Roman. When they finally believed that Roman was on their side, Roman flipped the script yet again, and chose the love of Blake over the rag tag family of our FBI team. As such, he helped Crawford escape, and began to follow through on his job to kill the members of the team by sending their pictures to a group of assassins.

So did any of the assassins come close to our team this episode? Did the team manage to get closer to capturing Crawford? Let’s recap to find out.

Fighting for Their Lives

Friday’s episode “Clamorous Night” begins with Roman, who has a brief conversation with Crawford’s lawyer. After telling Roman about what happened to her predecessor, she warns him to stay clean, or risk being banished.

Meanwhile, at headquarters the team is discussing Crawford. It’s been a couple of days since they last saw him, and have spent all of that time trying to track leads, but have learned little beyond the strong possibility that Roman and Crawford are in Hong Kong. Since they’re all tired, and no longer effective, Reade tells them all to go home and get some rest.

Rich Dotcom catches up to Jane and Weller in the hall and tells them that they should actually go out on a date for once in their lives, and ultimately forces them to go once he hacks into a restaurant’s reservation system and books a reservation on Weller’s card. Reluctantly, the two go and after dealing with some terrible drinks, Jane notices a woman sitting at the bar, who she swears looks just like a woman who had been outside the apartment earlier in the day. As such, when the woman sneaks out the back exit, Jane and Weller decide to take chase, leaving their undesirable dinner behind.

Jane goes out front to cut around, but the sound of gun fire has her running to a backdoor to get back to Weller, but it’s locked and she can’t get in. Distracted, Jane is taken down by two assailants, and thrown into the back of a van. Inside, is a monitor with a live webcam call from Roman, who tells her that assassins were currently killing all of her friends.

The episode then reverts back to when Reade tells everyone to go home and get some rest. This time, we follow Reade. Millicent, the woman in a previous episode who tried to pull Rich off the team and returned to jail, is still at the office, and this time has her sights set on Reade, and is interviewing everyone she can. Fed up with the distractions she’s causing, Reade confronts her to just talk to him, but she refuses.

Frustrated, Reade heads out to go home, and Millicent steals his cab, but offers to let him share, as they’re going in the same direction. Reluctantly, Reade gets in, and the two argue about what Millicent is doing, and he accuses her of targeting him. She jumps out of the cab, and Reade continues home. Soon after, his doorbell rings, and it’s Millicent. Turns out, she left her purse and keys in the cab, and needs to come up to call a locksmith. While waiting for the locksmith, Millicent informs Reade that she has written a letter recommending his suspension from the FBI, and he tells her that regardless of the outcome of any investigation, his career is over. Upset about Reade’s reaction, Millicent asks for Reade’s restroom. Reade’s phone rings, and he’s informed that Zapata is taking heavy gunfire. Frantic, he tells Millicent he has to go, only to hear a bump in the restroom. As he approaches, the door flies open, and a man attacks him with a knife as he sees Millicent lying dead on the floor.

The episode then shifts to Zapata’s point of view. She listens to some advice from Rich that if she just lays low, things will eventually go back to normal, before she opens a flyer about a memorial happening that night, and heads out. The memorial is for an old boyfriend whom Zapata lost contact with once he found himself in some trouble. As she says some words about Ricky, she apologizes for giving up on him, because now she knows how that feels.

As the church clears out, Ricky’s sister Alexis, now a rookie cop, comes up to Zapata to talk. As they do, a man starts firing on them, and Zapata uses Alexis’ radio to call in the shooting, which is the call that alerted Reade. Zapata meanwhile, coordinates with Alexis, and the two manage to take out the assailant. Zapata then calls Reade to check in on him, and he’s in his own fight for his life, and also manages to take out his assailant. Reade and Zapata ask each other about Patterson, and since Zapata’s closest, she runs to her. Zapata arrives at the building as people are fleeing, and an explosion rings out.

We then shift to Patterson, who is getting ready to go on a date with Jack from Forensics. After dealing with some teasing from Rich, Patterson meets up with Jack to go to a cooking class to make liquid nitrogen ice cream. Things start to go sour however as Jack admits that he bought the Groupon for the class with his ex. The date spirals down from there, and the two end up fleeing from Patterson’s assailant. Thinking on her feet, Patterson rigs a bomb with gas from a stove, and Jack’s vape pen, and the two hide in the walk-in freezer as the bomb goes off, and are ultimately saved by Zapata who gets there just in time to fully take out the assailant.

Finally, we see Weller’s point of view, and discover it was his gun that went off as he fought off his assailant. The team gathers together to track down the woman at the bar, and ultimately, the white van that took off with Jane. They take chase, and catch up just as Jane is fighting off the woman and driver, saving the last member of their team.

Back at headquarters, Zapata and Patterson take slow steps towards mending their friendship, Rich secretly shreds the letter Millicent had written recommending Reade’s suspension, and at home, Jane tells Weller that the next time she sees Roman, she’s prepared to kill him.

Roman meanwhile, frustrated with the failure of the assassins, is packing up to do the deed himself. Crawford’s lawyer stops him however, telling him that Crawford is moving forward with the land deal, and asks if Roman is ready to change the world.

Shifting Relationships

Tonight’s episode was really engaging. Blindspot has followed this formula a few times, of showing different character’s points of view of the same or similar situation, and it’s always worked well. Tonight was no exception. Rich Dotcom was definitely the highlight of the episode and ended up being woven through the storylines as he gave advice to everyone on the team. While throughout the season he has tried to prove that he’s there for the team, this episode really solidified it. His advice, which while layered through humor, was really sincere, and he snooped through Millicent’s office and subsequently shredded the suspension letter to protect Reade.

And of course there’s Patterson, who, even while on a bad date, manages to steal scenes as she admonishes Jack for not paying for Wizardville, and not carrying his service weapon, while also saving their lives.

Finally, there was Jane’s major change of opinion about Roman. From the moment she learned about his existence, she has constantly fought to try to save him, regardless of what he did to her and her team. Tonight however, was the turning point, and it seems as though she no longer sees him as anything other than a threat that must be eliminated. So will she actually go through with it and kill him? Guess we’ll have to wait until next week to find out. Until then!

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