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BLINDSPOT Review: Don’t Mess With Zapata!

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago

BLINDSPOT Review: Don't Mess With Zapata!

By Pauline Perenack

Last week, we watched in fascination as Jonas Fischer pulled aside key members of our team in order to determine which one of them was the Russian spy within the FBI.

However, it was quickly apparent that Fischer was in fact the mole, and was on a witch hunt to take down Jane. Jane was able to escape, but learned how easily people could find incriminating evidence to use against her. When she said as much to Oscar, and he showed genuine concern about Fischer. We as an audience need to consider why the Russians are so interested in Jane, and how much they really know about her.

Trust played a large part in last week’s episode, and it looks like our team is starting to lose trust in each other, with Jane at the center of it all. It wouldn’t surprise me if this new dynamic ends up pushing her to leave the FBI and fully side with Oscar by the end of the season, regardless of her current feelings.

Finally, Blindspotters have started decoding the episode titles of 2016! So far we have learned that, “Cease Forcing Enemy” decoded means “In Case of Emergency,” “Scientists Hollow Fortune” really means “Follow These Instructions,” “Erase Weary Youth” decodes to “Stay Where You Are,” and this week’s episode, “Rules in Defiance” translates to “Find a Secure Line.”

Before we can find a secure line, let’s recap what happened this week.

The Ultimate Choice

For the first time this season, Jaimie Alexander was much less prominent. However her temporary absence served to clear the stage for an amazing performance from Audrey Esparza, who absolutely owned this episode. Fan reaction on Twitter was all about how fantastic Zapata was, and how gratifying it was to finally see some real character growth for her. She’s not just a gambling addict, but a genuine person who cares for others, and who is affected by the cases she works on. It was fantastic to watch, and I really hope the writers continue to give Esparza storylines that allow her to shine.

The forced love triangle of Jane/Weller/Allie was a little much this episode. While there is background between Weller and Allie, having her suddenly show up last week, and now available for him to sleep with to drown his feelings just feels a little out of left field. The entire series, he’s been so devoted to Jane, and he just jumps into bed with Allie? I don’t buy it, and am hoping this storyline fizzles out quickly. Allie could be a solid character, and deserves more than being a distraction.

Tonight however, we finally found out what would make Jane want to work with Oscar, and while predicable, begs new questions. Since the first episode of the series, we have known that for some reason, Weller is important. It’s why Jane had herself delivered to him, but now that his life depends on Jane working with Oscar, we once again have to wonder just why is he so important? There has to be some tie there that runs deeper than him just being a childhood friend of Taylor’s, and hopefully this will be explored before the season finale. Additionally, the inner conflict that Jane will likely battle for the rest of the season will be fun to watch. Should she fully trust Oscar? Or should she stick with the team that’s losing trust in her daily? I’m hoping there is more back story to Dr. Borden as well. There’s got to be a reason why he’s in every episode, and I’m guessing it’s because he’s somehow tied to Taylor.

Next week’s episode looks to be the most intense we’ve seen yet this season, and EP Martin Gero has teased it on social media as a killer episode. Even though the preview teases Weller bleeding out, I highly doubt that’s the death Gero is hinting at, but we have a whole week to guess who it’ll be.

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