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Blindspot Review: It All Ends Where it Began in “Persecute Envoys”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

Blindspot Review: It All Ends Where it Began in

By Pauline Perenack

Last week Blindspot's Executive Producer Martin Gero promised a mythology-heavy episode, and were not disappointed.

After weeks of teasing, we finally met the infamous Saul Guerrero, who was tied to the mysterious Operation Daylight. With this new character, the slightest of glimpses were given into Operation Daylight, which of course, is tattooed all over Jane’s body, and is more than likely the reason behind her abduction. Trust played heavily in the episode – whether it was gained or lost – and set up our characters for newfound suspicions between one another, which undoubtedly will play a large part in upcoming episodes.

Also, if you’re playing along with the anagram puzzles of each episode’s title, this week’s anagram works out to be, “Suspect Everyone.” Which, when put together with last week’s anagram of “Trust No One,” really makes us all question where our loyalties should lie.

This week’s episode gave us some insight into Operation Daylight, and the new mystery surrounding Mayfair, so let’s recap what happened.

None of you Have Ever let me Down

Since we first heard about it, we’ve been waiting to find out what Operation Daylight is. Is it all about Jane? Is she only a small part of it? Tonight’s episode finally gave us some answers, as we found out Operation Daylight was actually put together by the White House, who asked Carter, Mayfair, and Sofia to use criminals to cover up the intel being discovered by illegal NSA spying of the everyday public. The information gathered put countless criminals behind bars, but ultimately met its demise, with the White House walking away from it, and leaving the three hanging. Which begs the question, since it wasn’t any of the three members of Daylight who tattooed Jane, was it Davenport? The President’s chief of staff? It seems as though he was one of the only other people who knew of this Operation – possibly the only one. It’ll be interesting to see how he fits into Jane’s story, and how involved he will become as the season wears on.

The overall theme of this episode however, was that one mistake doesn’t define a person. This was most clearly seen in Mayfair’s story this week. Continuing from last week, we saw Weller’s loss of trust in her after he found out about her lies, and this week the loss of trust only intensified. All episode long, Jane tried to convince Weller that while his decisions are usually solid, maybe in this case, he needs to think twice, and hear Mayfair out. By the end of the episode, we can see his resolve starting to break, and maybe, just maybe, he’s willing to reconsider Mayfair.

The theme continued with Weller as he sat down with his father for a drink at the end of the episode, showing that maybe he was starting to soften in regards to his father as well. Finally, while not seen in this episode, we will definitely see the theme of one mistake not defining a person as we learn more about Zapata. Needing money, she sold herself out to Carter, and thought she was free and clear after giving him the information she initially had. However, nothing can be that easy when dealing with the major bad guy of a show, so poor Zapata is trapped, and I’m sure we’ll ultimately see her team feel her betrayal. We can only hope however, they all take a moment to look at the situation from her side, and not define her by her one mistake.

It will be interesting to see how Weller processes the information he has been given about Operation Daylight – especially since he’s keeping the information from Jane, who expressed in this episode how no one on the team has let her down. With Weller holding information about Operation Daylight from her, and Zapata giving her information to Carter, it looks like poor Jane is going to be really let down by her team, and more than likely, that let down will come soon. Also, we were given yet another tease of Weller’s father and I hope we start to see soon how he fits into this whole story of Blindspot.

Next week can’t come fast enough.

Blindspot continues Mondays on NBC.

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