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BLINDSPOT Review: “The Mask is the Message”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago


By Pauline Perenack

We’re now officially into the back-half of NBC Blindspot's Fall episodes, and since the main plot of the series is now firmly established we’re able to start learning more about the personal lives and pasts of our characters, and how they affects their choices moving forward. Last week’s episode focused mainly on Weller, and his past, leading us to learn even more about his relationship with Taylor Shaw. It also brought up the issues he has with his father – which we still don’t know the full extent of – which is setting up for some fantastic family drama, especially with the added puzzle piece of Jane potentially being Taylor Shaw. We were also left with another piece of the Zapata puzzle, and her gambling debts, which are now tying her to our main antagonist, Carter.

This week’s episode once again kept us at the edge of our seats for the full hour, so let’s recap what we’ve learned, and what new questions remain.

Also, if you’ve been playing along with the anagram puzzles of each episode’s title, this week’s anagram works out to be, “Cloud our eyes” which pairs with last week’s “Will the past.” Looks like those pasts we learned about last week really will blind our characters and their futures.

Don’t Touch my Keyboard

This week’s episode wasn’t as revealing of Jane’s past as previous episodes, but is clearly setting us all up for drama and anxiety as it really focused on the fracturing of the relationships of our main characters. In the past couple of episodes, we’ve really been seeing the tension growing between Patterson and Mayfair, and it was much more evident tonight as Patterson went to Weller with her concerns. While Weller didn’t pay much heed to Patterson, the seed of doubt was planted, and it can only grow as we continue. Weller also found himself to be losing ground in his relationship with Jane, even though it was mostly of his own doing. While Mayfair is the one who told him to pull back, he did so, and to the point it had Jane pulling back as well. These two work best when together, and now that boundaries are being set, we might start seeing some tension that wasn’t there before. Finally, we’re seeing the increasingly strained relationship of Reade and Zapata. To this point, I’ve always seen Reade as a character only there to push the storylines of the other characters, and while he held this role again in this episode, it was easy to see his growing unease of Zapata. He knows something is going on with her, and while he doesn’t know the extent of her gambling habit, and how indebted she is now to Carter, he knows something is off, and this is only going to cause trouble.

On the more lighthearted side of things, we were introduced to new characters this episode. Ana Montes, played by Aimee Carrero was the top talk of Twitter during the episode, and everyone was enjoying her banter with Ashley Johnson’s, Patterson. The two could make quite the dynamic duo, and I really hope we get to see more of her in upcoming episodes. Ana is also a great parallel character to Jane, and I think someone Jane really needs to help her continue to grow as a character as the season wears on. The second character introduced, really wasn’t introduced, but we all know he’s going to be a big part of upcoming episodes. So, who is this mystery man with the tree tattoo on his arm? In Jane’s dream, she seemed to be very comfortable with him, so was/is he her boyfriend? Does he have some part in her being tattooed? Because if so, her dream could be interpreted as a flashback, which makes a lot of sense as there were no flashbacks at all in this episode.

Finally, similar to last week, this episode ended with the Weller family. When Sarah explained to her father that Taylor was alive, he broke down sobbing, which makes me believe even more he had something to do with Taylor’s kidnapping. He might not have been the actual kidnapper, but I believe he was framed to be a part of it. Hopefully we’ll find out more next week about Weller’s father and his connection to Jane.

Blindspot continues Mondays on NBC.

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