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BLINDSPOT Review: Trust is the Key in “Sent On tour”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

BLINDSPOT Review: Trust is the Key in

By Pauline Perenack

Last week’s episode of Blindspot was designed to push the story along to the next level, and it succeeded in a couple of key areas.

First, we learned that each of Jane’s tattoos contain more than one clue, meaning each tattoo can have several mysteries attached.

Second, we were introduced to a mystery man, who clearly has some sort of personal history with Jane, which will undoubtedly be explored in episodes to come.

And lastly, we saw the fracturing of relationships among our characters, which invariably will call into the theme of trust as we move through these next episodes.

That theme of trust is interesting, because if you’re playing along with the anagram puzzles of each episode’s title, this week’s anagram works out to be, “Trust No One.”

This week’s episode opened even more doors into the past as we finally were able to meet the infamous Saul Guerrero, so let’s recap what happened.

The Truth … It’s called Daylight

This week’s episode dove deeply into the mythology of the show, and relied very heavily on the notion of trust. And remember what this week’s anagram is? “Trust no one.” First up, was Patterson’s boyfriend David. From the very first time he was introduced, something seemed to be up with him – he was just much too likable to be trustworthy on a show such as Blindspot. And, sure enough, throughout tonight’s episode, fans turned from loving him, to questioning his motives. He seemed to be pushing Patterson too much –whether it be about him moving in, or about solving another tattoo. Something is off about him, and I’m sure we’ll learn more as we continue in the season. By the end of the episode, Patterson lost the trust she had in David, and their relationship, to the point she broke up with him. Next, we had Reade and Jane. Throughout the season so far, Reade has not trusted Jane – mostly because she was new to the team, and he wasn’t sure of her true intentions. However, tonight she proved to him she puts the team first, and he trusted her to not only head out of the ranger station to save them, but also to fly the helicopter. Finally, we had the trust issues return from last week between Weller and Mayfair. With Weller rapidly losing his trust in Mayfair, she pulled him back in by entrusting him with knowledge on Operation Daylight. Can we trust she’s telling him the truth?

Speaking of Operation Daylight, I would be remiss to not mention Lou Diamond Phillips masterfully playing Saul Guerrero. This character obviously is a major key to the mystery that is Jane, and therefore undoubtedly, will be seen throughout the season. It will be interesting to see if the writers throw us a curveball, and have us placing our faith in Guerrero more than Mayfair. Weller certainly had this moment tonight when he trusted Guerrero for not being a rat, but not trusting Mayfair as to what the truth was.

Finally, we had a glimpse of Tree-man again. Who is he, and how does he fit into this? Is he the third person who knows about Operation Daylight? He definitely knows who Weller is, as he put Weller’s name as the key to the lock. Since Weller’s father keeps appearing throughout this season, I still believe he is somehow connected, and is therefore connected to Tree-man. It will be interesting to see more about Operation Daylight next week, and how Weller and team process the new information.

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