BLINDSPOT Season 4 Finale Recap

BLINDSPOT — “‘The Gang Gets Gone” Episode 422 — Pictured: Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe — (Photo by: Barbara Nitke/NBC/Warner Brothers)






The Final Battle

Well, we made it to the end of another season of Blindspot, and this time we get a two-hour finale. After a rollercoaster of a season, we ended last episode with Jane and Weller planning to soon leave the FBI to be closer to Weller’s daughter in Colorado, Patterson and Rich talking about adopting, and Brianna breaking into the Jeller apartment to steal something for Dominic so he can unleash Helios.

Madeline Burke, Head of FBI

The first half of tonight’s finale, “Masters of War 1:5-8,” starts with Brianna dropping off the package she stole from Jane and Weller’s apartment. Dominic holds a gun to her head and tells her that she’s not off the hook yet. Meanwhile, at headquarters, Reade isn’t happy that Weller went to Hurst without telling him, but Weitz backs up Weller’s motives, if only to make sure Weller keeps quiet about the drone strike Weitz approved. At the same time, the team is looking for any kind of lead to point them towards Barry and Dominic. Their new computer system alerts them to Barry’s location, which is in a house in Queens. The team rushes there, but once inside, find not only Barry, but Keaton as well. Barry is apparently ex-CIA, so Keaton was able to find him through some old communications. Things get even more dicey when Keaton’s boss Nash shows up, and the arguments begin as to who gets to question Barry. They eventually agree to question him together on neutral ground, but their convoy is ambushed, and two rockets to the side of the SUV kill Barry.

At headquarters, Patterson and Rich are able to decode Barry’s phone, and discover he was to pick up a viral contagion. Reade disperses the team to get more information, but pulls Jane aside to ask if she knows why Weller and Weitz are talking so much lately. She knows about the blackmailing of the drone attack, but doesn’t let Reade know. Once Weller returns with news of Barry’s demise, the team is stuck without Barry, so bring in Madeline for questioning, but she’s of little help.

Fortunately, the team catches Dominic on a security camera at the Bellmore University science lab, where they assume Barry was heading to pick up the viral contagion. The camera picked up Dominic making a drop with a young woman, and since it was fairly recent, Weller and Jane rush to the lab to see if they can find Dominic. As they rush out, Keaton walks out of the conference room after talking to Nash, and tells Reade and Zapata that he’s being “promoted” and sent to Malta. He tells them to watch their backs, and Reade thinks that Weller and Weitz need to be watched. Zapata isn’t happy either, and looks in on Nash, who is calling Dominic to tell him to get out of the lab, meaning that Madeline’s plan contains a high ranking CIA official.

The team is able to track down the woman who met with Dominic, but she has no clue that she’s helping a terrorist. She was under the impression that Barry worked for the CIA and that she was helping the government. Regardless, what she gave Dominic wasn’t a pathogen, but instead, a computer virus that can be used to take out nuclear reactors and security cameras on military bases.

Meanwhile, Weller is continuing to press Madeline hard, and she finally relents and gives up Dominic’s cell phone number. Dominic meanwhile, is in a suburban area, and kills a man in his driveway. The team is able to turn on Dominic’s phone so they can track it, and descend on the house Dominic was just at, and find the man dead in his driveway. Rich runs some facial recognition software and realizes the man works for NYIOC, which controls the power grid keeping the entire country running. Just then, the dead man logs into the NYIOC building, so the team now knows Dominic’s plan – to take down NYIOC with the computer virus, which would plunge the country into darkness. Sure enough, Dominic storms the building, killing everyone and starts the virus.

Jane, Weller, Zapata, and Patterson rush to the building, and Patterson gets to work on stopping the virus, while Jane and Weller catch up with Dominic, who has been texting Kathy the whole time, and kill him. Patterson attempts to stop the grid from going down, but Kathy is able to prevent her from doing so, and the entire Eastern Seaboard goes dark as Madeline smiles in victory.

The second half of tonight’s episode, “The Gang Gets Gone” begins with more of the grid going down, and the team begins to unravel. Reade yells at Weller for keeping Weitz’s secret about the drone strike, regardless of why he did so, and then feels betrayed when he learns about Patterson and Rich having met up with Kathy, even if that meet up gave them a personal phone number to track.

They track the phone to the Perlan Museum in Iceland, and decide that the key to stopping Helios is there since there’s a rumor that the museum sits on a massive cryptocurrency mining operation. As such, the whole team minus Rich head to Iceland, and continue their unraveling as they argue during the plane ride. While they’re in the air, Madeline and her lawyer allege that the team has gone rogue, and are the ones responsible for the attack on the power grid. Their allegations are taken seriously by the new director of national intelligence, Nash, who is in debt to Madeline, and who tells Weitz to arrest the team once they arrive in Iceland.

Rich meanwhile, is hiding in his office, listening in on what’s happening. He calls the team to warn them, and Patterson knows the only way out is to jump. On the ground, they’re to meet with one of Rich’s friends, Ice Cream. Ice Cream sends some of his own friends instead, who give the team phones. Patterson, Jane, and Weller head to the museum to stop Kathy, while Zapata and Reade head off to meet with Ice Cream who will give them the password the others need to access the underground tunnels Kathy is in.

Once inside, there’s no sign of Kathy, so Patterson begins work on fixing the power grid. However, her attempts to fix it only make it worse, as Kathy has set up a program that plunges both Paris and London into the dark. As Rich is talking Patterson through fixing the virus, he sees that money is being dumped into each of their personal bank accounts, making them all look extraordinarily guilty, regardless of the fact that Patterson was able to turn the power grids back on. Nash finds Rich, but not before Rich hides the phone with Helios on it.

In Iceland, Jane and Weller decide that they need to split with Patterson so she can help them if everything goes south. She heads to the safe house, while Jane and Weller stage a hostage situation in the museum to give Patterson more time to get them new identities. Unfortunately, the Icelandic police raid the building, handcuffing Jane and Weller, and tossing them into the back of a police van. Fortunately though, the whole situation was put together by Ice Cream to get them out, thanks to Reade and Zapata making a deal with him.

They all meet back at the safe house, but they’re definitely not in the clear. Weitz is being blackmailed by Madeline, who knows about his drone strike cover-up, and so forces Weitz to hold a press conference to exonerate her, and talk about the team being dangerous rogue agents. After he finishes speaking, Madeline steps up to the podium, where she thanks Weitz for giving her leadership of the new Civilian Oversight Committee for the FBI. With this, Madeline has made it to her end game, which was to control the FBI. And with her in control, Rich is taken to a place called The Boat, which sounds like a place for scary interrogations, and Nash tracks down the team’s safe house.

At the safe house, Patterson has new Canadian passports for the team to start over, and they all finally come back together as the family they are. They agree to get some rest, before beginning work on clearing their names so they can take down Madeline.

Jane decides to take the first watch outside of the safe house and heads outside, just as Nash orders a drone strike, which is confirmed by Madeline. Weitz can’t do anything as the “FBI” launches an attack against their own team. Then, as Jane turns back to the house, happy that they’re all together, the strike hits, exploding the house, leaving nothing but fire and debris.

Who Survives?

This finale was absolutely amazing. However, I have to say, can producers of shows stop with the whole, “creating the worst finale ever, so we have to be renewed” ploy? Because sometimes shows aren’t renewed, and that’s a terrible way to leave fans. Fortunately, Blindspot has been renewed, so we know we’ll get resolution to that drone strike, but will it be the resolution we want? The storyline seems very full circle for Jane, as she already witnessed her whole squad being blown up once. The situation drove her towards Sandstorm, so what will happen this time? At least Rich is definitely out there somewhere, and there’s the possibility Brianna (did you see her sitting there?) warned the team, who got into the underground tunnels Ice Cream told them about. Unfortunately though, it feels as though someone from the team won’t make it out alive, and all I have to say is, Patterson BETTER survive. If someone doesn’t make it, my bet is on Reade. He’s the one who seems to have the biggest problem about what they’ve all done to make it this far, and this episode seemed to really drive home that point that he was done.

It’s good to see that Madeline Burke will continue to be the villain in the next season, and it might need to be Weitz who comes to the rescue, with Rich, to start making everything better. Regardless, this is going to be a long summer until we get our final batch of episodes, and I can’t wait to see what happens. Have a great summer Blindspotters!