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BLINDSPOT: The Team Come to the Rescue of a Young Autistic Girl in “Swift Hardhearted Stone”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago

By Pauline Perenack

Every week during Blindspot I marvel at the intensity of each episode, whether it’s in the form of the campy humor we had with Rich Dotcom, or the anxiety-riddled school shooting of last week.

Our anagram for this week seems to decode to “Then Head First Road West” from the episode title, “Swift Hardhearted Stone,” but Blindspotters on Reddit aren’t positive.

If it’s correct, perhaps this has something to do with Operation Daylight, which made a return in last week’s episode?

Tonight’s episode gives us a lot more of Dr. Borden when he brings the case of a young girl with a tattoo connection to the attention of the team – putting him and the team in danger.

Before we get to the case of the week however, Jane meets up with Oscar for her latest mission. She’s starting to show her distrust of him, and asks to meet the others in their organization. Ignoring her request, Oscar gives Jane a flash drive which will copy needed files from the FBI server. He senses Jane’s burgeoning mistrust, and assures her she’ll one day trust him again.

A New Romance is Brewing

This week’s case then makes an appearance when Dr. Borden is called in to assess a girl found walking the streets covered in blood. She won’t talk, but has a book full of drawings, one of which matches a tattoo of Jane’s. Patterson researches it, and turns out it’s a symbol that is associated with the Ahmadi family of terrorists from Syria. Weller wants to talk to the girl to see where she saw the symbol, and as he and Borden communicate with her using flash cards (it’s been determined she has autism), she points to a portrait in her sketchbook of her father. Her father just so happens to be the leader of the Ahmadi family, which gives the team an insight into who she is – Maya Ahmadi.

After running more of the portraits through photo recognition, Patterson discovers the portrait of a local rogue journalist, and the team believes the journalist must have helped Maya and her mother to come to the US. The team brings the journalist in for questioning, but he refuses to talk until the team finds Maya’s mother dead in an apartment. Feeling guilty for his part in her death, the journalist agrees to be used as bait, and the team manages to take down all three people after him, who just so happen to be all three of the Ahmadi clan believed to be in the country.

Still worried about Maya’s safety, the team refuses the request of assistant secretary of state, Russell Franklin, to take Maya to a safe house, and instead take her to Borden’s cottage in the country, with the belief she might open up while being around people she knows. Once at the cottage, Maya refuses to eat anything, so Borden suggests Weller and Jane go buy her something else. The two take off, leaving Patterson and Borden alone.

Back at headquarters, Mayfair talks to Maya’s grandmother with the help of a translator and learns the grandmother was worried about Maya’s safety because her sketches could identify the entire Ahmadi family. Reade calls Weller to tell him of the threat, because neither Patterson nor Borden was answering their phones. Weller quickly turns around, but the attack at the cottage has already begun. Thankfully however, Patterson has her sidearm and is smarter than MacGyver, so manages to booby-trap the cottage. She and Borden hold off their attackers until Weller and Jane arrive, and help Maya climb off the second story into Jane’s waiting arms. Before jumping off the roof however, Patterson lights a fuse which reaches down the chimney, and blows up the cottage with all the attackers inside.

The rest of the team arrive with firetrucks, and Franklin is not impressed with the incident. As such, he grabs Maya and puts her in his car to take to a safe house. Maya presses a drawing of a hand up to the window, and Borden notices it’s the same as Franklin’s hand – meaning Maya had seen Franklin before being taken into FBI custody. Borden confronts Franklin and accuses him of being a part of the Ahmadi clan, and Franklin points a gun on Borden. Maya hits him with the car door, and Weller is able to take Franklin out.

Back at headquarters, Mayfair debriefs the team and lets them know Franklin was funneling CIA funding to the Ahmadi family, and the attackers at the cottage were Franklin’s – not Ahmadi. Maya’s grandmother arrives to take her, and the team starts to disperse. Zapata confronts Reade about Mayfair, and Patterson and Borden discuss building a new cottage. Jane hesitates, but puts Oscar’s flash drive in her computer, and takes Weller up on a game night offer.

And then, what’s Blindspot without a cliffhanger? We get one as Mayfair meets up with Alexandra. Needing a break to compose herself, Mayfair steps out of Alexandra’s room for a moment. After getting some ice, she returns to find Alexandra dead, and the phone ringing. She answers, and the voice on the other end warns her to stop looking into Carter’s disappearance, or else she will be next.

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