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BONES Review: A Race Against The Clock In “The Brother in the Basement”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

BONES Review: A Race Against The Clock In

By Olga Kijāna

As anticipated, this week’s Bones episode provided the answers to the burning questions about the events of the shocking season opener.

Last week, as Booth went missing and his brother Jared’s charred remains were found instead. The intrepid Jeffersonians and the FBI, joined by Agent Grace Miller (guest star Kim Raver), worked together to find out what happened. At the end of the episode, they realized Booth was wounded while taking part in a heist and had lost a lot of blood. Every second counted when it came to finding him alive.

How did Booth and Jared manage to fall in with a crowd of thieves? Why did Agent Miller keep her own partner's disappearance from the team? The answers were revealed in last night's episode.

Let’s examine the evidence and get to the heart of the matter.


As the investigation closed, it was time to say goodbye to Agent Miller, who, to Caroline’s surprise, gave Aubrey his favorite cheap whisky as a present. There is a hint that we might have not seen the last of her on Bones – and by the looks of it, Aubrey certainly hopes so!

However, not all goodbyes were as hopeful – Arastoo and Cam finally had the conversation they’d been avoiding, and in a bittersweet scene,  decided that since Brennan is coming back, Arastoo will have to move on and pursue job offers elsewhere, whether it be Ottawa or Dubai. He admitted he could not ask Cam to leave her career and friends at the Jeffersonian to follow him, so it was time for them to part their ways as both lovers and colleagues, even though it would break their hearts – and ours. It remains to be seen if, at some point, they will find their way back to each other.

Booth and Brennan may be returning to the jobs they left behind, however, we are warned that things will be different in light of everything that happened. Booth witnessed his Jared’s death and will have to deal with the grief of losing his brother, and guilt over failing to protect him this time. Moreover, Aubrey will have to part with his new office as Booth reclaims it – the office he had earned in Booth’s absence. Cam, while glad to have Brennan back on the team, had to say goodbye to Arastoo as her colleague and soon-to-be-fiancé as a result, which might introduce tension into her and Brennan’s relationship.

We also couldn’t help noticing a vibe between Metzger and Angela, which lead to Hodgins feeling threatened and stating that he and Angela had been married for six years, Metzger jokingly asking if the two of them were experiencing the ‘seven year itch’ yet. We are told a big storyline is coming for Angela and Hodgins this season, and since we love them together, we can’t help worrying whether Metzger’s comment foreshadowed the difficulties to come.

Still, whatever shifts in the group dynamic are in store for us, we are excited for Booth and Brennan’s return as the crime-solving dynamic duo and can’t wait for next week’s episode The Donor in the Drink!

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