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Bridgerton Season 2 Episode 1 Recap – Capital R Rake

BY Angela

Published 1 month ago

Bridgerton Season 2 Episode 1 Recap - Capital R Rake

Daphne arrives at the Bridgerton House while everybody else is waiting for Eloise to come out of her room after being dressed up for her presentation to the queen. She looks rather pretty in her dress, but she tells everyone not to say a word as she marches to the carriage.

The queen tells Lady Danbury she wants to have a fresh, unexpected diamond for the season. Lady Danbury reminds her that a lady only becomes a diamond if she anoints her, so she has the power. However, the queen does not listen much to Lady Danbury. Instead, she is more concerned if Lady Whistledown will return that season as she has been relatively quiet off-season.

At the Featherington estate, Penelope waits by the window as if she knows something or someone is coming. Her sisters ask their mother if they can be presented to the queen again after what happened to their father. Philippa says she does not need to be presented again because she is already betrothed to Mr. Finch. Prudence tells her that Mr. Finch can still change his mind. Mrs. Varley agrees, saying that that is a possibility, given that Philippa’s dowry is still non-existent.

In the carriage, Daphne gives Eloise pointers about how to smile and curtsy before the queen. Eloise does not seem pleased about everything, and she is panicky.

In another carriage, Anthony tells Benedict and Gregory how easy he thinks it will be for him to find a bride, given that Hastings was able to do it.

At the palace, Eloise tries to convince Violet not to go through her presentation by making silly excuses. Violet tells her that no matter what happens, Eloise will always be a diamond to her.

At the Featherington House, Portia tells Penelope to stop waiting by the window, but she does not leave. “It is here,” she beams as she sees the new Whistledown papers being sold on the street.

Meanwhile, the doors open for Eloise at the palace. She looks like she is going to faint because she is so nervous. She is hyperventilating, and the queen does not look pleased. Another door opens, and a servant brings the queen the latest Whistledown. The queen smiles and terminates the presentation, saying she has seen enough. Eloise sighs a breath of relief as she was just about to walk toward the queen when this happened. She runs and leaves the palace.

The latest Whistledown says that she has been sharpening her knives. Flashback: Pen goes to Mr. Harris to negotiate the Whistledown Paper’s deal, and she gets him to agree to a new rate. She gets her share and puts it in a container hidden beneath her room’s floorboards.

Eloise practices dances with Gregory. Her mother tells her that she should be perfect if she is presented again after the interruption. Anthony tells them that he needs to pay the modiste for their dresses now that the new season has begun. He says he needs to oversee the hiring of extra staff, and lastly, he says that he needs her mother’s ring. Violet seems surprised about being asked for the ring, so she asks again. Benedict also asks him if someone caught his eye at the presentation. Anthony tells them that he likes to be prepared should the opportunity present itself. He says he has already made a list of the season’s most eligible misses and even arranged interviews. Violet laughs at the thought of him giving interviews but says she would be more than happy to provide him with her ring if he finds a lady he would be in love with.

He starts his search and crosses names one by one after meeting the ladies who seem to be lacking in one way or another when answering Anthony’s many questions. He then takes care of the household, ensuring that Eloise has a new maid and that their accounts are in order. Frustrated by his search, he often finds himself with prostitutes to satisfy his needs. This cycle goes on and on.

One early morning, while he was lazily riding his horse, a woman and her horse caught his attention. At first, he thought the woman was in trouble, so he followed her. However, as he goes after her, he slowly realizes that the woman is totally in control of her horse and is amazingly a good rider. He eventually catches up with her. He asks her where her maid is, and when she tells him she has none, he assumes she is married. She tells him to think their encounter never happened, and Anthony swears he will never say it to a soul.

In Lady Danbury’s house, Lady Mary asks Edwina where her sister is. Edwina says Kate was not in her room when she went there. Lady Danbury, their host for the season, arrives. Lady Mary introduces Edwina to her, but Lady Danbury is looking for Kate. Kate arrives shortly and tells them they still miss someone – Newton, their dog.

Lady Danbury tells them that she would like to see the ladies’ deportment before she presents them to the queen at the ball she throws. Lady Mary appears to be concerned that the queen will be in attendance, but Lady Danbury tells her not to worry because they are with her. She tells them she has made all the arrangements to prepare them for the season. However, after discovering that Kate is already 26, she voices her concern. Kate tells Lady Danbury not to worry about her because she is not in search of a husband. She informs her that Edwina is the only one who needs to find a husband. She boasts that Edwina is fluent in many languages and can play multiple instruments. She also says that she taught Edwina how to dance the cotillion, quadrille, and waltz.

On a trip to the market, Eloise tells Pen how Daphne has been giving her tips to seduce a man. Pen buys another quill, and Eloise is quick to notice that she has been buying lots of quills. Pen tells her that she has been busy with her correspondence with Colin. Eloise tells her that she has stopped reading Colin’s letters because he does not write so well. Pen agrees that he is no Whistledown, but Eloise points out that, unlike Whistledown, who is back writing the same old thing – writing what she hears, Colin has been somewhere. She tells Pen that the absence of Whistledown for the past ten months gave her time to read articles that are actually of substance.

Prudence rants when Mrs. Varley tells them she’ll be boiling potatoes again. Their staff has left, and Mrs. Varley is all they have left, so they have to endure the season in that fashion, with no maids and no new dresses if the new Lord Featherington does not arrive soon.

Kate gives a pep talk to Edwina, who is quite nervous about her first ball. Edwina says she is worried that what happened to her Mama would affect her chances. She says everyone will still have questions about them even when what happened was already long ago. She worries about being asked how she and Kate are related. Kate assures her that they are sisters, no matter what happens and that Lady Danbury is on their side, so she should not have anything to worry about. She reminds Edwina that all she needs to remember is what she’s looking for and that it should not be a man’s title or appearance but his mind and spirit. She further tells her younger sister that the man she should be looking for is the man who speaks in a manner that only her heart can hear.

Lady Danbury, Lady Mary, Kate, and Edwina arrive at the conservatory where the first ball of the season is being held. Lady Danbury tells Kate about some men who might be a fine addition to her dance card, but Kate tells her that the only match she is interested in is her sister’s. Lady Danbury tells her that she has her prospects well in hand. She then sees the queen and approaches her. Lady Danbury presents Lady Mary Sharma, Kate, and Edwina to the queen and tells her they are her special guests for the season. However, the queen tells Lady Mary that she should have extended the queen a final farewell before she previously left.

Violet, Eloise, Anthony, and Benedict arrive. The Marquis of Ashdown immediately approaches Eloise and looks like he is going to ask for a dance, but Benedict is quick to take Eloise away. Anthony is left with Violet, who intentionally announces to the crowd that he is looking to find a wife during that season. She chuckles when a crowd of ladies with their Mamas gather around Anthony.

Lady Mary passes by Portia, and she is quick to point her out to Lady Cowper. Lady Cowper then reveals that Lady Mary Sheffield Sharma was incomparable of their season until she married a commoner clerk who already had a child, Kate. She says they absconded to India, and Lady Mary’s parents couldn’t live down the shame of what happened.

Philippa sees Mr. Finch. His parents ask Portia if the new Lord Featherington has settled Philippa’s dowry. Portia feigns a sob and tells them she has been very unsettled, missing her dead husband. Mr. Finch’s parents leave.

Looking at Anthony and the crowd around him, Kate says she knows him. Lady Danbury tells her they have not yet been introduced, so Kate tells her that she must have been mistaken. Lady Danbury tells them that Viscount Bridgerton is wealthy, well-connected, and from one of the ton’s most illustrious families. She says he may very well be the most eligible season bachelor.

Lord Corning approaches them and asks Edwina for a dance. Lady Danbury tells Edwina to go, but Kate doesn’t seem very pleased because she has not read about Baron Corning’s family in her research. Lady Danbury forcefully says that it does not matter what Kate has read or has not read – it is unacceptable for a lady to decline a dance unless another already reserves her. Disappointed by how Kate acted, she says she has much to learn and walks away.

Eloise finds Pen at the ball and tells her that she is relieved to see her because her Mama is already insufferable. Two gentlemen approach them to ask Eloise for a dance, but Eloise lies and tells them her dance card is full as she and Pen walk away. Upon further inspection, Pen sees that Eloise put fake names on her dance card. Violet finds her and pulls her away from Pen, saying she must meet someone.

On the sidelines, Kate watches as Edwina dances with Baron Corning. She also eyes Anthony, who looks uncomfortable dancing with another lady, and she sees him walking out of the dancefloor.

Anthony comes out, and three other gentlemen call his attention. They tell him that they owe him a drink because he is named the most eligible bachelor of the season, so the rest get a respite from the marriage-minded mamas. He tells them to enjoy their freedom while it lasts because they will soon submit to the courtship market. They tell him that he should find the least objectionable lady and get her wed, bed, and bred. Anthony then tells them that love is the last thing he desires and that what he wants is a lady who has a pleasing face, a good wit, and genteel manners fit for a viscountess. He says it must not be hard to find, but the debutants he has met so far all fall short. They tell him that when the queen names her diamond, she will save him the trouble of choosing because the diamond will be the best. He tells them he won’t have any problem wooing her. Unbeknownst to them, Kate was eavesdropping.

The other men leave for the smoking room, leaving Anthony alone. Kate also plans to leave, but she almost trips when she bumps into some gardening tools, alerting Anthony of another person nearby. She shows herself, and Anthony smiles, saying he thought they would never meet again. She asks him how sure he is that the woman he is looking for will accept his suit if he finds her. She says he thinks highly of himself, but his character is as deficient as his horsemanship.

Pen was about to leave the ball to go to the printer’s shop, but Eloise finds her and leads her back to the ballroom. Lady Danbury tells Violet that they have common interests that season. Violet says she’s looking forward to meeting Lady Danbury’s wards. Kate and Edwina approach them. Lady Danbury tried to introduce them to Violet, but before she can do so, Kate tells her that Lady Mary is already in their carriage and that they are leaving. Lady Danbury tells her that she should be careful because people are watching, but Kate tells her that they are unprepared for the evening and that Edwina’s absence will make her more desirable, so they go. After they leave, Violet tells Lady Danbury that they both might have their hands full with their wards.

Once at home, Pen sneaks out in the middle of the night to get to the publisher. Mr. Harris scoffs at being ordered to do a rush job, so Pen offers him more money to get the job done. She tells him that the delays will be more frequent due to unforeseen circumstances, so it will be a bargain.

The latest Whistledown says that Violet has loudly announced Anthony’s intentions to marry, but she is unsure if the former rake is ready to flourish. She says perhaps the viscount is waiting for the queen to name her diamond.

Anthony chances upon a flyer of Siena and burns it in the furnace.

The following morning, the Marquis of Ashdown calls on Eloise. Eloise appears to be bored with his company, but she gets even more bored and perhaps fed up when he plays marbles with Gregory and Hyacinth. Madame Delacroix comes to show Violet some swatches for Eloise’s next dress. As she leaves, she bumps into Benedict, who asks if he can see her that night. Madame Delacroix tells him she has plenty of work to do, so she can’t. Anthony announces that he’s off to deal with their solicitor. Violet follows him out of the room and tells him that there are plenty of lovely young ladies he should get to know soon. Anthony tells her that the woman he will marry will be the Viscountess Bridgerton, who will be the lady of their household, responsible for launching his sisters and bearing his children, so he wants someone perfect. Violet sadly tells him that he will end up alone, with such expectations.

At Lady Danbury’s estate, Edwina welcomes a couple of callers, but both of them get annoyed by the presence of Kate, just as Lady Danbury is annoyed by Winston’s fact.

Prudence barges into Pen’s room, finds her letters to Colin, and teases her. Portia finds them, so Pen defends herself, saying that Colin is her friend, but Prudence quickly points out that he will never waste his ink on someone like her. Portia asks Pen if her books might be worth something because she has wanted to sell their possessions so they can have money. When Pen tells her that the books are not worth anything, she tells her that she should stop wasting her time writing letters to Colin.

A letter arrives for Lady Danbury. After reading it, she confronts Kate for not being honest with her. First, she points out that she knows Kate has been sneaking for a morning ride. Second, she asks her why she has not told her why they have come there. She reminds her that they live under her roof and rely on her money, so she should not try to outwit her. Lady Danbury says she vouched for them in front of the queen because she thought she was doing a favor for an old friend. She emphasizes that she has no interest in being a pawn in someone else’s game, so Kate should tell her everything.

Kate reveals that Edwina must marry an Englishman of nobility because the Sheffields need that as they have never recovered from her father’s lack of rank and title. They promised to give a sizable dowry to Edwina and to look after Lady Mary only if Edwina marries properly. She says that after her father died, she and Lady Mary tried their best to raise Edwina so that she would never find out about their struggles, but they ran out of money. She says they used their last money to go there so they could fulfill the Sheffields’ wish. Kate says that she cannot be the one to marry for the sake of family because she is not related to Lady Mary by blood; only Edwina is. She proudly tells Lady Danbury that she has spent the last eight years teaching Edwina everything she has to know so she can find a proper man.

Lady Danbury tells her that Edwina has the right to know about the Sheffields’ demands because it is, after all, her future. Kate tells her that if she knew about that, she would enter marriage to please them. She says Edwina deserves to find love without such a burden, so she begs Lady Danbury not to tell anyone, and lady Danbury seems convinced.

At the queen’s ball, the queen hints at her disappointment in Lady Mary’s abrupt disappearance from the town. Lady Danbury tells the queen that she thinks Lady Mary deserves recognition for having the courage to present her daughters before her even after what happened. She says that Edwina will undoubtedly make a match that will be the envy of the ton. The queen senses that Lady Danbury is pulling her strings, but Lady Danbury says that she thinks declaring Edwina the diamond of the season is her chance to shake up the season.

The Bridgertons arrive, and Anthony tells Benedict that when the queen announces who the diamond is, he will have a wife. Violet presents Eloise to the queen, and the queen tells her that after Daphne’s triumph last season, it is possible that good fortune runs in their family. Eloise tells her that the ball is very diamond-y, but she is more of an emerald person herself. The queen finds this amusing, and she laughs audibly, saying that her favorite necklace is an emerald one.

Eloise panics to please the queen because she thinks she might declare her the diamond. She finds Pen and asks her to leave so the queen will not find her, but Cressida and her friends come. Cressida assumes that Eloise is the diamond and tells her to refine her circle of friends and join her crew instead of spending time with a wallflower like Pen. “I would rather die,” Eloise tells Cressida before she and Pen walk away.

Eloise asks Pen how she manages to do it alone. Pen tells her that, unlike Eloise, she is a wallflower. But she also says that being a wallflower is not bad because she gets to know everything just by watching on the sidelines. Pen asks Eloise what she thinks of Lady Whistledown. She says that what the author writes reminds her of how trapped she is. Eloise tells Pen she can never live up to what Daphne has done the previous season. Pen tells her that she never thought like that because she is invisible. Still, she says that being invisible allows her to have any amusement she wants without the consequences of popularity.

The queen names Edwina, the season’s diamond, and Kate breathe a sigh of relief. Edwina approaches the queen, and multiple gentlemen follow behind, including Anthony. The queen sees him and introduces him to Edwina. He asks for a dance, and the queen permits.

While dancing, Anthony asks Edwina the same questions he asked the other ladies. Edwina manages to answer them effortlessly, and this impresses Anthony. He then asks where Edwina’s father is so he can speak with him, but Edwina tells him that she lost her father when she was still young. Anthony tells her that his father has died too. Edwina tells him he should talk to her sister instead because it is her blessing they need if they are to wed. Anthony gets taken aback when he sees that Edwina’s sister is Kate.

Kate pulls Edwina from Anthony just as Violet approaches him. Anthony tells Violet that Edwina is the one he will marry.

The Featheringtons arrive home from the ball and learn that the new Lord Featherington has arrived. He presents himself and tells them he has started caring for things. He says that Philippa’s dowry has been paid and that he has moved Portia’s belongings out of her room because that room is now his.

The latest Whistledown calls out the queen and her practice of naming a diamond to be an absurd practice that reduces a woman’s value to how well she dances instead of valuing her for her candor and character.

The queen reads this and decides to use Edwina to achieve her goal – reveal Lady Whistledown’s identity.

Our Thoughts

This new season premiere gives us a hint of what we will endure throughout its episodes – a forbidden romance between Anthony and Kate at Edwina’s expense. And although we may already know an affair like this pans out, we cannot help but get excited because we know how the previous season did a great job of keeping us engaged. Eloise’s debut is undoubtedly something to look forward to as well, but since we know that the books on which this series is based tackle the life of each Bridgerton sibling individually, we know that this installment will focus on Anthony alone.


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