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CASTLE’S Latest Victim is Dead Again. And Again. And Again.

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago


By Geannie Bastian

Castle’s latest victim is dead again… And again… And again

This week’s case had a particularly special distinction. It’s one of the few cases on the show that didn’t include a murder. But, not for lack of trying. That would-be a victim was a safety inspector named Alan Masters. First he was poisoned, and declared dead. Until he woke up, making Lanie question everything about her skills with the dead.

But then, just as Castle was finally out of potential superhero references, and the victim’s patience was wearing thin, he was electrocuted in his own bed. This time, our intrepid ME declared him REALLY dead. At least until you popped up to ask “Who’s cooking barbecue?” Awkward.

Finally, things started coming together and we learned that our extremely lucky safety inspector was accidentally on the trail of a drug ring with ties to the mob that was making synthetic heroin with especially addictive properties. The bad news for Alan was that the ringleader of the operation was the girl he had his eye on, who was actually the mobster’s girlfriend. Who shot him in the head. But then he woke up – with a headache.

Jonathan Silverman was great as the extremely lucky Alan. No diagnosis for his seemingly extraordinary gifts, although Dr. Parrish appeared to be pursuing further investigation. In private.

Beckett gets an Unexpected LokSat Lead

After months of trying, it seemed that Vikram had finally come up with a clue to the mysterious LokSat. He caught the mystery man’s lawyer, Caleb Brown, traveling under an assumed name, and getting into a car with one of the LokStat hit men, Brooks, also known as the guy with the bag of spiders.

But, since Caleb works as a public defender, Beckett reminds Vikram that just the sight of him getting into a car with a bad guy is not necessarily enough. They have to look for more and tread very carefully. Unfortunately, Brown set a few digital traps, and shows up at the precinct to tell the Captain he is on to her.

Not to be outdone however, Beckett quickly reminds Brown that he’s as dead as she is if his boss realizes that the lawyer was so easily traced. So, with that threat in the air, she tries a different tack and asks him why, as a former Peace Corps volunteer, a public defender, a genuinely good guy, he works for a guy like this. Because he feels trapped, of course. Beckett offers him a deal, they can work together to take LokSat down.

Just when Castle and Beckett have decided that Brown is an about to take them up on the offer, and are contemplating that perhaps it’s time to move on, live a normal life, and travel the world, Brown turns up. And in fact turns up in the loft, drinking Castle’s best scotch.

He explains to them that he originally worked for Bracken, and then after his bosses death he found a cellphone on his doorstep with instructions to go to a specific location at a specific time in order to receive a one sided phone call. Because he now worked for LokSat. He hands over the phone to Beckett telling her to use it to take LokSat down. He is going to go back to his life and hoping for the best.

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