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Castle Faces His Greatest Mystery in “The GDS”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago

Castle Faces His Greatest Mystery in

By Geannie Bastian

So this is finally when we find out what happened to the rest of Castle’s missing time. When he is not running around trying to win membership in the The Greatest Detective Society that is.

Just as Castle arrives in LA to discover what happened to him there in the weeks he was missing, he receives a mysterious letter from the society, claiming that his assistance is needed with a recent murder. It turns out that a member was murdered, and now the society wants Castle to compete another detective for membership. The leader, Mason Wood, must have some sort of premonition skills or something, because even assuming he’s been keeping an eye on Castle, it’s pretty remarkable they knew Castle would be conveniently in LA right at the time a member of the society happened to be murdered.

Hijinks ensue, as Castle competes with a fellow detective, and the two try to one up each other to solve the murder. Castle, with the help of Hayley and Alexis, as well as the boys back in New York, manages to solve the case and connect it to the filmmaker who screwed up the Heat Wave movie. He’s asked to join the GDS – but informs them he already works with the greatest detective and he can’t wait to get home to her. Aww.

But what about the missing time?! Well, Rick Castle, distracted PI got that too.

Note to Self, Now Where Was I?

It turns out the missing source of Intel on Castle’s missing memories is Hayley. It seems that some time back, she worked a little freelance for MI6. And she came across an operative named Jackson Hunt. When Castle’s little CIA kidnapping-turned-mission ended, he didn’t go home as planned. Instead, he went rogue and turned up in LA.

Hunt called Hayley and asked her to keep an eye on Castle who was sticking his nose where it didn’t belong. She put a GPS in his watch, but when he left in behind as payment for a meal, she lost him. When he turned up again, he had been shot. He wouldn’t tell her what had happened, but told her he was going to have his memory of it erased, and begged her never to tell him anything of this if they ever met again. Hayley advises him to let it go.

But, Castle being Castle, he can’t. After the work of the case is done, he tells Hayley this, and she says there is one more thing. He told her if he ever came to her and had to know, there was something stored in the dark web, behind a password for which the clue was a story he wrote at 17.

When Castle unlocks the file, he finds a video message, from himself. Castle had discovered LokStat, presumably during his time with the CIA, and decided to track him when he discovered the connection to Bracken. He got shot, and barely escaped. But his past self was adamant: Kate could never know, or she would die. That’s why he had his memory erased. Castle now fears it was his digging that set everything in motion.

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