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CASTLE “PhDead” Review: Castle Refuses to be Frozen Out

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago


By Geannie Bastian

Castle and Beckett are adjusting to their separation period, along with the fans, in true style.

Castle has toys, Beckett has a punching bag, and they’ve both got a murder to solve. Together. Whether Beckett likes it or not.

A murder with a college aged, inmate jumpsuit wearing victim who has been impaled, Olaf style. Which is cool, because when it comes to Beckett’s secret case to find Bigger Bad, aka Braken’s CIA partner, pretty much everyone, including the elusive Mr. Smith wants her to Let It Go.

Beckett decides she’s going to be the kind of Captain who loves her field work, while Castle decides to go undercover as a professor to impress his wife and win her back.

And then there are the college kids – in fake jail.

Professor Castle, PI Seeks Captain Beckett

With the help of one of his newest coping toys, Castle, unsure why Beckett is asking for space is determined to win her back, one case at a time. And since Ryan and Espo have exactly zero luck breaking into the college scene, professor Castle and undercover student Alexis are all in.

Beckett said she didn’t want Castle on the case, but you wouldn’t know it when she finds her fully trashed husband playing beer pong at a frat party while on a “surveillance mission” – She’s amused and rather adoring as she sinks his shot and orders her favorite lightweight to drink. And then goes home.

But Castle still wants his girl, so he’s on the case. When he makes a citizen’s arrest of the ringleader of an underground college prison experiment, Captain Beckett might be irritated, but she stands by her man. “If he says you’re a suspect, you’re far from innocent,” she tells the woman. And when his interference makes thing go wrong, she reminds him they’d never be this far without him, complete with an adoring face caress.

Next step in operation solve case, win Kate: get her alone in a locked cell. This is a good call on Professor PI’s part. They get in a little preliminary marriage talk – Kate says it’s all on her – some in sync theory building, and some longing near kisses as they escape with a case breaking clue – the dead student inmate from the experiment had a killer escape partner.

Is his plan working? Beckett’s showing and stating her love for Castle at every opportunity, but still struggles with the inability to walk away from her case, visibly at times. And because she’s too afraid to tell Castle the what and the why, for fear of his life? He’s not sure.


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