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CASTLE Review: There’s Pure Magic in Castle’s “Death Wish”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

CASTLE Review: There's Pure Magic in Castle's

By Geannie Bastian

If you’ve been wishing for some fun, classic Castle goodness, you didn’t need a magic lamp this week, because “Death Wish” delivered. The case of the week involved the death of a man selling black market antiquities from an archaeological dig in Turkey. Castle of course becomes immediately convinced that mystical powers are in play. Specifically, the genie from Aladdin’s lamp.

There was much teasing from the guys and Beckett on this particular score, even though Castle kept seeing a mysterious blonde woman who came and went, concealing her identity, but offering him bits of clues along the way. Clearly, he assumes, this woman is the genie that has been freed from the lamp by the death of her master. And she wants him to be the new master.

The team ends up finding a much less mystical killer in the form of a former teacher of the victims, who wanted the notoriety and presumably the profit that came from the find of king Solomon’s tomb. In typical Castle fashion, however, when a representative of Turkey shows up to thank the team for their work in helping to secure the safety of his country’s treasures, he takes with him the mysterious blonde woman, a securities expert named Genevieve, who he refers to as Genie. She turns back to Castle with a smile and a wink as she leaves, allowing just a hint of “what if” to hang in the air.

Caskett Magic, No Lamp Required

One of the really enjoyable facets of this particular episode was that it gave us plenty of opportunities to enjoy Castle and Beckett just having some fun with each other. Right from their first scene they seem to just wholeheartedly enjoy being back in a somewhat normal state of their marriage. Their little breakfast time romp got interrupted before a body even dropped though, Martha sweeping in to see if she can get a celebrity endorsement for her book – from Oprah, who of course she assumes Castle must have connections to. (He doesn’t!)

But even on the case, they find time to hang in Beckett’s office, with Kate, despite her halfhearted annoyance at her husband’s insistence that the case is the work of a magical evil genie, is his biggest unexpected cheerleader. Early on, before the specific genie theory has presented itself, Beckett chimes in to soothe his concerns that the case might be mundane after all by coming up with suggestions even Castle finds ridiculous.

They get a little private time later, although Castle has to be distracted from thoughts of his genie – not that it’s hard, of course! Later, she insists that the guys take Castle with them when they go looking for the missing lamp, and even throws in that he better get first dibs on rubbing it —  though, she wasn’t sure why she said that either.

All the playfulness takes a sweet and slightly serious turn later on in the episode, when, over concerns about Ryan and Jenny’s difficult arrival of their baby, Kate asks Castle to wish for Jenny and the baby’s health – just in case. He does, of course, but later says he doesn’t need any genies wishes, because he already has everything he could wish for. Heart eyes all around.

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