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CASTLE: Dates, Divas, Dancing & Druglords in “Much Ado About Murder”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago


By Geannie Bastian

This week on Castle, a popular but mediocre movie actor is murdered while rehearsing for a stage production of Hamlet. But to uncover why he was killed, the team had to unravel why he was even doing that play in the first place.

It seems that he had some tax problems, which meant certain bankruptcy unless he could get some fast cash. Not an unusual method for murder on shows like this, nor is getting involved with drug dealers when things get tough. But getting involved with the sibling rivalry between a drug dealer and his would-be successor? When also attempting to make the dealers biopic? That’s new.

Basically out actor wants to make the movie about the drug lord. The drug lords brother wants his brother’s job, and oh yes his brother’s wife. So he uses our actor and his desire for the biopic to find his brother so he can kill him. In exchange for which he will give the rights to the movie to our actor. Smooth plan.

Except it turns out our drug lord is a thespian. So, naturally he wants to see some quality. Which prompts our actor to take on Hamlet. A role he got by promising favors to an old acting school classmate – namely a gig directing the drug lord biopic. Until he had the chance to do the directing himself, and she offed him with a feather pen. For flair.

Date Night With a Druglord

When Richard Castle got up in the morning what he expected to be worrying about was his next date night with his wife. Apparently they have a new weekly tradition going, and it’s her turn to plan. And by plan, he means plan big. Because apparently, they do themed date nights, these dorks.

But Kate sort of forgot to do the planning thing and then there was a murder and the next thing you know date night is dinner with mom. Which, actually is probably the kindest something to do since Martha woke up this morning in the bed of our murder victim. Because apparently when you’re someone’s acting coach and they don’t show up for class, why not crawl into their bed? Totally normal, at least for Martha.

Not to be outdone, Castle couldn’t go to that date night either because he was busy getting kidnapped for the millionth time. This time it’s our drug lord who’s to blame. Apparently, he has decided that Richard Castle is the only one who can do justice to the script for his biopic. It’s not exactly like our intrepid writer wouldn’t take $5 million to write this guy’s life story, but sticking around for six months to a year? Not cool. Then again, being sent home a piece of the time also not cool.

Luckily this time, Captain Beckett is prepared for her disappearing husband – she tracks him, then sends in the DEA helicopters because, really she is over this disappearing thing. Only maybe next time she should tell them not to start full-on firing until Castle’s in a safe place. With all those bullets flying around, Richard Castle gave new meaning to the idea of slug repellent. However, he seemed to come out without too many extra holes in his dress dress shirt, cracked the case, and added a new firefly to his collection.

Fortunately, he got home in time to have a quiet night with his wife, only to be interrupted by a boxful of documents from his would-be subject who would still like him to write that script, even though the drug lord is now in prison. Date night came to something of an early end, but then again – 5 million bucks will buy a lot of future Chinese takeout.

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