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CASTLE Review: The Nose Knows All

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

CASTLE Review: The Nose Knows All

By Geannie Bastian

This week’s case involves a very special witness: Mia, who can smell a lot more than the rest of us. Including the killer. Oh, and that Beckett has the hots for Castle – and Hayley doesn’t.

Turns out Hayley is hunting a stolen Van Gogh that the killer stole, and Castle as to convince a reluctant Mia to leave her apartment in order to sniff out the killer. This leads to some interesting match ups, especially an interrogation featuring Hayley and Beckett, and a behind the scenes investigation by Castle and Mia.

The best parts of the unconventional match ups? Hayley and Beckett double teaming to take down bad guys is pretty awesome. And when Castle has to take Mia home for a special meal a la Martha to meet her needs? It turns out she’s a massive Martha Rogers fangirl.

Ryan and Esposito hit the spot this week too, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Castle Smells an Opportunity

Castle finds himself drawn to help Mia when he realizes that her sense of smell confirms that Beckett is still massively attracted to him. But he also ends up helping Mia, who he realizes is hiding from the world out of fear. Not unlike wife, it seems.

Beckett needs to come to the loft for the rest of the stuff that didn’t fit in her tiny bag when she left, which is pretty sad all around. Before she can get there for that purpose, the real owner of the stolen painting tries to hold Castle hostage. There’s plenty of worry here for her husband, with a rare use of Rick — and a hug.

Castle and Beckett end up getting the opportunity to go out, and try to figure out the last piece of the puzzle, since Mia’s nose was broken in the scuffle with the hostage taker at the loft. They theorize in sync like the team they are, and find evidence of the killer’s hair. It turns out, the victim’s own brother killed him for the money he could acquire from the painting.

With the killer caught, all that remains is the sad task of Beckett going to the loft to pick up some more clothes. But, what could have been a heartbreaking moment of finality was actually a pretty heartwarming moment of connection.

Beckett walks in with the voiceover of Mia in the background – along with some pretty awesome complementary music – informing Castle that of course Beckett still loves him, and that she has been manufacturing the sense of love and passion for years, but what the two of them have is the real deal. She spies Castle’s jacket, picks it up, and inhales deeply, with a smile.

When Castle returns home after talking to Mia, he finds his wife has left, but she left behind a gift on his bed. A well worn NYPD tee. Castle picked it up, and inhales her scent. He smiles. Beckett left something of herself behind. She’ll be back.

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