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CASTLE “XY” Review: Where in the World is Captain Beckett?

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 8 years ago


By Geannie Bastian

Fans knew there were big changes in store for Castle, what with new head writers and two new recurring characters. Add to that that that Penny Johnson Gerald out as Captian Gates in favor of newly promoted Captain Beckett, and that's a lot of shake ups going on.

Despite that, the episode starts out with some pretty familiar elements. There's a stabbing and a (pretty cold) killer. Then a super cute scene at the loft as Beckett gets ready for her first day, complete with a cupcake and a diamond bracelet from Castle as a promotion gift. We barely have time to notice that it's weird when their celebration gets interrupted by a telemarketer before we're whisked to some silliness from Ryan and Esposito playing for dibs on Beckett's old desk.

Now, there are some changes there too, because Ryan is stressed-out about about his new baby to be, and when his shot at a promotion – and some extra money – might come up. And instead of going to work with Beckett, Castle's headed to his newly tricked out PI office, where he learns Alexis has installed herself as his new intern/partner. Because, when Castles want to partner up with investigators, that's how they roll. Plus, she's solved all his cases, so Castle is pretty stoked when the boys call with a case. Which really, gives us a pretty basic Castle setup, right? Wrong.

Because the scene the boys go to isn't the murder we saw at the top of the episode. Plus, things get really weird when Castle finds Beckett's shiny new bracelet at the crime scene in a puddle of blood. And no Beckett, which is concerning. Plus she's not where she said she'd be. What the heck is going on?

Get ready to ask that a lot.

To Be Continued…

So, what we have is a whole lot of action and very few answers. Because the Castle writers are cruel and we have a two part premiere. But what a ride. We don’t know what Beckett’s up to, and we won’t until we get her side of the story next week. But we know it’s serious. Hit squads and dead special agents serious. The preview for part two tells us the Beckett is acting to protect Castle. But from what?

Castle isn’t happy about being kept in the dark, and Beckett’s disappearance is sure to rankle some fans. But it makes sense to me. Because this thing is crazy, and whatever it is? Even Bracken thinks Beckett is in over her head, never mind Castle, an untrained writer. Plus, Alexis isn’t the only one who thought she’d never see Castle again when he vanished last year. So, Beckett might have more than one reason to be overprotective of her husband when confronted with an insane number of trained killers.

Still, that probably won’t sit well with Castle. Because his wife lied about where she was going. To his face. But will he remember he did the same when Alexis went missing? Or that he kept Bracken-related secrets to keep Kate safe? Expect tension at play, since new writers Winter and Hawley promised more character driven conflict. But, they also promised that the love story of Castle and Beckett was the central part of the show. Just be prepared for some bumps in that road.

The action heavy episode had me on the edge of my seat, and re-watching my DVR immediately. And judging by my social media accounts I wasn’t alone. It was high-stakes but still knew when to be funny. It was Castle. If the new team can keep up this kind of writing and energy, it should be a good year for fans.

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