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CASTLE’S World is Full of True Lies in “What Lies Beneath”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 7 years ago

CASTLE'S World is Full of True Lies in

By Geannie Bastian

The truth is this week’s case was all about lies. A con man, whose entire life is set up on a web of lies, stumbles upon a lie he can’t possibly live with – paging Beckett subtext – when he discovers that money is being skimmed off of important government social programs to line an individual’s pocket. And he got killed for it. No wait, I lied.

Actually, he got killed for committing the fraud of pretending to be Castle’s favorite author. Sort of the male Harper Lee with an unknown identity, this writer has written only one book, but apparently everyone loves it. And he’s writing another book – no, that was a lie. And no one knows who his pseudonym PJ Moffett, stands for.

Except perhaps his wife. Only it turns out, not his wife because he wasn’t PJ Moffett. And he wasn’t writing another book. Something his devoted wife – well devoted to the concept of his riches that is – couldn’t deal with, so she offed him. Because he was poor, and not a best-selling author like he claimed to be.

Lying – Down on the Job

And speaking of best-selling authors, Castle is desperately trying to move forward with this plan of reminding his wife why they are in fact so awesome together. Which is how he unknowingly took this week’s murderer on as a client!

He had believed that the story that the con man in question was his favorite author, and agreed to help his wife find the killer. Of course after she was arrested there was a rather witty line about prompt payment of his fee.

Not that he really had to go all that far for some Beckett time this week. She’s clearly missing her husband, and even calls to razz on him a little bit when he gets bested by a fake blind priest in the course of his investigation.

Funny line of the week: “Bye, Speedy. Don’t forget to stretch before bed.”

And not long after that it turns out they need Castle’s connections to City Hall, trying to find out more about the skimming operation our faux author uncovered on his day job.

Speaking of day jobs, while Beckett is doing hers, she’s also using whatever resources she can get her hands on to uncover the plot behind LockStat. Mostly this involves tracing down heroin and trying to connect it to Vulcan Simmons. Also, it apparently involves sleeping on her office couch.

That’s okay. Castle’s sleeping on his office couch too, probably for less exhausted and more sad-empty-bed reasons. Poor puppy.

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