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Castlevania Season 2 Episode 2 Recap – Old Homes

BY Harris

Published 2 months ago

Castlevania Season 2 Episode 2 Recap - Old Homes

Belmont’s Hold

Belmont and Sypha go back to their shack in Gresit to meet Alucard. They ask him what their next step is. Sypha tells Trevor how nice Alucard is compared to him. She asks if the castle can travel.

She explains that Dracula’s castle appears in a location by magic. Sypha wants to trap it, so Trevor suggests they head to the old Belmont estate. The house is ruined, but underneath it is Belmont’s Hold that keeps knowledge and tools from generations of hunters. There could be a solution under there. Trevor can’t read the books or interpret their magical stores, but perhaps the others can.

While Sypha goes to look for a wagon, both men share relief in not killing each other. They’re both underequipped, and what’s in that hold could help them in their quest.

Back in his castle, Dracula finds his generals arguing about their strategy. He tells them to cease, but they do not hear him. The doors open, and a woman comes in, pulling everyone’s attention. She is Carmilla of Styria, who requested to join the council some time ago. She points out that Dracula’s army is losing ground and his generals are in disarray; perhaps she can help them with her insights.

Carmilla asks Dracula why Lisa was never turned into a vampire and why they are going to war over it. Seething, Dracula asks to speak with her alone.


Carmilla later admits that she wanted to cause a stir with her entrance. She merely tried to help him address what his generals have been asking for so long. Dracula keeps calm and sends her to Hector and Isaac.

At camp, Sypha asks Alucard how he can survive the daylight. He’s half-human, born from a mortal mother. Alucard tells them how his parents met. Trevor seems skeptical, but he tells them that Dracula is a scientist, philosopher, and scholar who knows a lot about the world. But now, he’s gone mad beyond hope. Dracula could have improved many lives if not for the inquisition. Alucard tells them of his father’s plan to shroud the world into an endless night without humans.

Belmont hears a sound; demons have come to attack.

The three use their methods to defeat the forged demons. The men fight on the ground while Sypha hurls fireballs. The demons all perish, save for an injured one who flies away.


In the castle, Isaac remembers the atrocities he’s faced because of his old master. He lashes himself to remember his old punishments and make his eyes remember the many horrors of this world. Godbrand brings him the corpse of the last surviving demon. Isaac praises the demon’s loyalty before dissecting its body. He believes Dracula will bring a pure world with only loyalty and love.

He goes back to the war council to report his findings. The generals argue that the last attack should have been directed at Braila instead of Arges. Dracula suggests they approach towns that have running water with caution. The War Council squabbles further amongst themselves, with Carmilla and Godbrand instigating.

Isaac and Hector argue about the pros and cons of attacking each region. Isaac then reveals that from the demon’s memories, Alucard and a Belmont probably worked together to save Gresit. Camilla then alarms the generals that if there’s a Belmont left alive, they should attack the Belmont’s ancestral home. For there are things inside that could be used to defeat them.

Our Thoughts:

This is a solid episode that moves everything forward. I’ll judge it appropriately for the visuals, but the story remains top-notch. I rate it a 3.5/5.

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