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Castlevania Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – Shadow Battles

BY Harris

Published 4 weeks ago

Castlevania Season 2 Episode 3 Recap - Shadow Battles

Forge master

We get a flashback of Hector’s younger days when he finds his pet dog dead and swarming with flies. He takes two coins from his pocket and flicks them together, causing sparks to fly towards the carcass. The dog whimpers back to life, and it follows him home, but when they arrive, they’re met with a scream.

Back in the present, Hector finishes another one of his forged demons. The monster lunges at him, but it calms down and walks away after a few seconds.

Carmilla waits at the door, praising his new creation. Hector has been the first human forge master. Before his time, creatures of the night were kept in hiding or were only created by chaotic magic. Now he can replenish Dracula’s forces with his work.

She asks him if he’s worried about Dracula. Hector admits to it, saying Dracula isn’t the man he once was.

Carmilla proposes they can do something without his permission, and that is to attack the Belmont hold. They need to make sure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Hector agrees, but he wants Dracula’s approval first.

She asks how Dracula found him. He met Hector during his travels just a year ago and sought him out for his work. Hector created the horde after Lisa’s death, but Hector doesn’t want extinction for humans. His terms were to have a merciful end to the human race, Dracula agrees.

She asks Hector if he can create other loyal creatures and convince Dracula to attack Braila.

Back Home

Belmont points to a tree, showing Sypha where he played as a child. The wagon is nearing the estate.

They arrive at a ruined and abandoned mansion full of rubble and wild fauna. Trevor was in his teens when his family was taken, and Alucard is surprised that he has more of a childhood than him. Trevor examines the floor and clears all the rocks to reveal a trapdoor.

Alucard can’t lift it. Sypha checks its inscriptions and tries a magic spell, which causes it to open. Alucard finds their use of occult magic quite ironic.

As they move through winding staircases, Trevor explains how his ancestors moved from France searching for demon-hunter work.  They arrive at an underground base full of books, treasures, and artifacts from generations of Belmont history.

Sypha is fully impressed, but Alucard laughs at how disorganized everything seems, suspecting the Belmots to be crazy hoarders. Trevor tells them there’s an index somewhere at the bottom, archiving what generations have found since the days of Leon Belmont.

Sypha asks him what Leon was doing in Wallachia, but from the skulls on the shelf, Alucard guesses they were after Dracula.

Trevor stumbles upon an ornate chest in a corner by a stack of worn books.

He opens it while Sypha scans the index. The chest glows as he unlocks it to see a weapon inside. Trevor can’t believe it, and it’s the morning star–a mace connected by a chain.

Sypha loves the whole trove, but Alucard sees it as a museum dedicated to hunting vampires.


Godbrand comes into Dracula’s chambers. He asks him what they’re going to eat if Dracula manages to kill all humans. Dracula tells him he won’t go hungry soon. Godbrand complains that he doesn’t want pig blood and wants assurances.

Dracula doesn’t want the issue pressed any longer and threatens to kill Godbrand. The vampire leaves without a word, leaving Dracula to brood.

Godbrand tells Carmilla that the old man has lost his mind, and he suspects that Dracula hasn’t fed for a while. Carmilla wonders what the reason is; Godbrand thinks Dracula is setting himself off to die. She seizes Godbrand and tells him she won’t let a mad old man control her life again.

Our Thoughts:

Interesting developments so far, and the lore hasn’t stumbled quite a bit. Our antagonists seem just as flawed as our leads despite how powerful they are. I rate this a 4 out of 5.

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