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Castlevania Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – The River

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Castlevania Season 2 Episode 6 Recap - The River

Band Together

A demon bangs through the sealed trapdoor of Belmont’s trove. A horde of night creatures arrives under Carmilla and Hector’s orders.

Alucard scrambles to work with the distance mirror, but they need Trevor to act. After a while, Trevor tells him to check the enemy outside, but they seem to be running out of time. The two bicker about their next step until they realize they only have each other.

Alucard decides to find the location of Dracula’s castle instead. Sypha needs to finish the spell while Trevor defends against the demons knocking on his doorstep.

Trevor scrambles on his way out. He tries to bar the door but immediately fails. Alucard manages to find the castle’s location through the mirror.

Dracula grumbles as he moves the castle to Braila. He can’t take the squabbling any longer. Alucard sees all of this happen.


A giant bull-like beast descends upon the staircase of Belmont’s hold. Trevor defeats it with his morning star and sword, but there are still more funneling through.

Dracula’s army descends to attack Braila. Hector takes the reanimated bishop and leads it to the river. Carmilla commands the bishop to sanctify the water, burning his demonic corpse.

Meanwhile, Carmilla’s forces have arrived to meet Dracula’s own. They topple the bridge, dropping much of Dracula’s army and drowning them in holy water.

Back in his hold, Trevor faces the swarm of demons. He’s particularly alarmed by the Firedrake, so he targets it first. The demon explodes from the whip, burning the others along with it. But it also blasts them through the lower floors. As he defeats the demons, Trevor cries that the Belmonts are still alive and fighting.

A crow demon fights him next through the hanging corridors. After defeating it, a bat-like creature goes next, luring him further down.

Back in Braila, Camilla’s forces form a bridge to Dracula’s castle. She takes Hector and claims him as her own now that he’s betrayed Dracula, and Hector reluctantly follows.

Sypha scrambles through a stack of books and translations for an answer to her problem when the bat demon falls in front of her. Trevor comes in and knocks it away while she runs towards Alucard.

The Spell

Sypha asks him to watch the castle as she attempts to drag it towards the Belmont estate. She takes control of the castle’s mechanism remotely and harnesses it.

Carmilla’s forces prepare the battering rams to open the gates while the generals warn Isaac of their approach. What’s left of Dracula’s forces wait inside for their invaders.

The doors are breached, and a battle between the two factions ensues. Isaac tells Dracula about the situation, and he recognizes their colors as Styria’s forces. Carmilla is on the move, and Dracula joins the fight.

Its mechanisms spark and sizzle inside the castle, resisting Sypha’s spell. A demon closes in on them, but Trevor manages to stop it.

Finally, Dracula notices the effects of Sypha’s spell. The castle flickers in and out of existence around Braila, and it lands on top of the river, causing the lower floors of Dracula’s castle to flood with holy water. Carmilla and Hector manage to escape, but they’re left behind as the castle disappears, leaving a massive blast of water to rain on them.

Sypha’s spell was successful. Alucard can’t believe she landed the castle right above them. The ceiling crumbles, and they run for safety. Alucard gets a renewed look of determination.

Our Thoughts:

Some plot points feel too convenient in this episode, but I feel like it speeds up the story after a huge time spent in character development through the first half. I feel two ways about it, but I’ll reserve judgment until the payoff. I rate this a 3.5/5.

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