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Castlevania Season 3 Episode 10 Recap – Abandon All Hope

BY Harris

Published 5 days ago

Castlevania Season 3 Episode 10 Recap - Abandon All Hope


Isaac explores the magician’s tower in search of something. He breaks through a barred door and finds shards of a magic mirror floating in the air. The mirror forms into one as he clasps his hand. He goes outside to command his troops to end the destruction, and marvels at his victory as thousands of bodies pile up.

Under the monastery, Trevor, Sypha, and Saint Germain face a portal that opens to hell. The Visitor frees itself from its chains and screams, luring demons to come out of the portal. Trevor asks Sypha if she’s up to it. She replies, “always”.

Heavily outnumbered, they fight against an army of cursed-looking demons. Some of them are armed with archaic weapons and wield magic. Saint Germain approaches the portal and tries to control it.

Monsters explode one-by-one through Trevor’s Morningstar and Sypha’s spell-slinging. The now badly deformed Visitor hunts for Trevor. Its recently consumed souls make it harder to kill.

Outside, the judge meets Sala who’s now running for his life. Sala stabs him in the stomach. The Judge tells him there’s a passageway outside of town near an apple tree, where he will find safety. The Judge claims to tell him this as a reward for besting him. Sala scrambles to find it.

Door to Hell

Trevor and Sypha are now wounded from their battles. Sypha finds a puddle and uses electric magic to kill her remaining foe. Meanwhile, Trevor is still struggling against the Visitor who regenerates each time it’s struck by the Morningstar.

Trevor takes out his other whip and stands his ground. He uses both weapons to lash at the monster repeatedly but he’s thrown back by a breath of fire.

Saint Germain struggles with the portal and curses at the Visitor. Its plan all along was to bring back Vlad Tepes from Hell. He can’t control the portal, but the Visitor can. Saint Germain casts a spell onto the Visitor, redirecting the portal to the place he’s been looking for. Once he finds it, he jumps inside while Trevor moves in to kill the monster. Saint Germain thanks them as he closes out the Corridor.

Sumi and Taka are about to stake Alucard, accusing him of concealing information from them. They plan to take the castle and discover its secrets. Alucard tries to persuade them but they won’t relent. Alucard rips their throats with his flying sword.

Trevor and Sypha escape out of the monastery where they find the dying judge. The judge tells them to go where Sala went and asks for them to burn down his house.

Living Hell

Sala runs to the apple tree, where he falls into a trap full of stakes.

Trevor and Sypha find Sala dead, but they get a suspicion that this pit has been been used a lot. Trevor goes inside the judge’s house to learn what else he’s done. Here they find shoes of young children, trophies of the judge’s victims. Sypha burns his house down with anger and asks to leave.

Lenore brings Hector to the Council of sisters. She gives them each a slave ring. This way, when Hector forges a night creature, they will also be loyal to the sisters by association. In return, decides to give Hector a decent living space and a good bed. Hector falls into hysterics as Lenore calls him her pet.

Trevor and Sypha leave Lindenfeld despondent. Trevor swears to lead their adventures from now on.

Outside Alucard’s castle, Sumi and Taka’s bodies are displayed on stakes, just as his father did before him.

Our Thoughts:

Wow, tough luck. All of our main protagonists suffered miserably this season while our villains enjoyed good endings. But this is pretty much par for the course with dark fantasy. This season is undeniably better than the previous ones. I rate this 4/5.

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