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Castlevania Season 3 Episode 2 Recap – The Reparation of My Heart

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Castlevania Season 3 Episode 2 Recap - The Reparation of My Heart


In the desert city of Tunis, a horde of night creatures attacks the streets causing chaos and confusion. Issac enters a building full of books and magical equipment. The old purveyor recognizes him as a Forgemaster from the scent of Hell. Isaac wants to find a Carpasian transmission mirror.

The old man says it’s already been sold to someone else, but he shows him a box containing a distance mirror.

The box opens to several shards of glass. Isaac uses it to find the location of Hector, who is naked and huddled in his cell. He laughs but feels relieved that the man is alive. Isaac asks for the owner of the castle and sees Carmilla in Styria.

The old man gifts him the mirror, saying he fully expects to go to Hell one day and it would be good to find a friend there.

Outside, the guards threaten to kill him if they do not leave. Isaac grumbles as he commands his creatures to attack.

He then walks to the port to meet a ship captain eager for work. Isaac tells him he’ll kill him and his men and take the boat. The captain merely laughs, stating that it would be hard to sail to Genoa without the skill and crew.

The nameless captain bargains for coins and for the safety of his men. An amused Isaac agrees and they shake on it.

The Future

Back in Styria, Carmilla takes her future plans to her sisters. They make fun of her for her eagerness but they follow. Carmilla sees disarray from Styria to Braila, she wants to create a front in that area and expand her territory. In turn, creating a livestock pen for humans.

The others think their troops are not enough, but Carmilla is hedging on the Forgemaster Hector’s abilities. Her sisters think the plan is crazy, but it’s a good idea. Morana thinks the man is hapless and drained, too tired, and likely not interested in helping them after what Carmilla had done. Lenore volunteers to take care of it.

Sypha and Trevor wake up to a nice bed in Lindenfeld. Trevor is about to buy breakfast when Mr. Saint Germain meets him and recognizes him as a Belmont from his family crest. He claims to know his family and their role in the country, praising him for his grand entrance.

Germain asks Trevor what he’s doing here, but Trevor skirts off after taking his bread. Saint Germain then greets the priory members who were spying on them. The monks asks him why he’s interested in joining the priory, Germain offers to be a scribe in exchange for his knowledge of Dracula. The monks allow him limited access.


Back in his castle, Alucard is out collecting water when he hears the sound of footsteps along with the pulling of a bowstring. He throws a rock towards the trees hitting the bowman and lunges forth to subdue another. The two hunters claim they only wanted to talk, as used a bow as merely an insurance.

Their names are Sumi and Taka, vampire hunters from Japan. They came to hunt Cho, one of Dracula’s war generals. They tracked Cho to the castle only to find only Alucard living there. The two ask Alucard to teach them to hunt the remaining vampires in Japan.

Alucard takes them to the Belmont’s Hold and tells that them the training will be difficult. The two promise to work with him until the end. Alucard agrees, as his mother would have

Our Thoughts:

I like how well the ensemble cast is treated in this series and how many viewpoints there are. It’s more organized than even the big-budget shows out there. Props to the production team for always improving after each season. I rate this a 3.5/5.

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