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Castlevania Season 3 Episode 5 Recap – A Seat of Civilisation and Refinement

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Castlevania Season 3 Episode 5 Recap - A Seat of Civilisation and Refinement


Trevor walks outside the town walls and moves deep into the woods. Here he finds a small pond to talk to his reflection. He asks himself what he’s doing with his life out here in the ‘armpit of the world’. He questions his actions and how he’s changed in such a drastic way ever since he met Sypha.

The judge appears behind him and interrupts his musings, claiming that this is also his place for peace and quiet thinking. He tells Trevor about the Belmont tales he heard when he was younger. The judge talks about his time growing up in Lindenfeld and they go back and forth about the past experiences that led them here.

He asks him how long they had been traveling. Trevor says they failed to find the Speaker caravan and just went their own way. They talk about Saint Germain and wonder what he’s doing here. The judge spots an odd sign in the town walls and wonders where it came from.

Saint Germain continues his research of the priory books, all the while observing the monk’s movements. When he’s left alone he takes out a gem from his pouch. It shimmers and leads him to a dark passageway underneath the church with a red sign painted above. As soon as he takes a step, Sala meets him and asks him to go away.


Saint Germain walks out to the town square perplexed when Sypha meets him. She asks him how he’s able to enter the priory and tells him she knows he’s a magician. Germain wants to keep it quiet but Sypha threatens him.

They start over with introductions and Sypha asks him what’s inside. The man tells her he’s looking for an occult object inside the priory. He senses something else inside that stinks of a night creature. Sypha sees a symbol written on the house walls which alarms both of them. It’s the alchemical symbol for lead and transformation. They wonder what it means.

After further discussion, Trevor arrives and tells them it’s the second symbol he’s seen today. Saint Germain apologizes to Trevor for their past squabble and asks to leave. But Trevor forcefully drags the old man to a tavern to talk.

Alucard trains with Taka and Sumi with the blade as they fight two against one. Alucard fights them in the same way as a vampire might, showing them his fangs and keeping them afar with his blade. The two fight back with shady tactics and subdue Alucard. They laugh and joke together, bonding just like he did with Trevor and Sypha. He offers to cook them food and promises to show them the armory and some magic right after.

The Corridors

Saint Germain asks Sypha if she’s really drinking. She says it’s her way of getting used to Trevor. Germain tells them a story about his drunken adventures when Trevor interrupts him and asks about the priory.

He mumbles and tells him he doesn’t trust easily, but the reputation of the Speakers and the Belmonts help. He asks them if they know the Infinite Corridor. They do.

Sypha heard that it’s a portal to other worlds, while some say it’s a portal to Hell. Belmont remembers it was mentioned by an ancestor of his. Germain tells them they’re correct. It’s a door to other worlds, and hell is quite possibly one of them. He once lost someone dear to him in the Corridor and he intends to find a way back in. Germain shows them his shining gem, signifying that there’s a portal underneath the priory.

Germain asks them to say out of his way since all he wants is the corridor. Trevor tells them that a night creature is in there, and the old man realizes what he’s in for.

Our Thoughts:

This is a solid episode that digs deeper into the priory’s secrets, but I have to wonder if it’s relevant to what’s going on with Styria and Isaac. I rate this a 3/5.

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