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Castlevania Season 3 Episode 6 Recap – The Good Dream

BY Harris

Published 7 months ago

Castlevania Season 3 Episode 6 Recap - The Good Dream

The Key

Lenore applauds Hector as he finally dresses and stands up. She invites him to go for a walk in the starlight under the condition of tying to a leash. Despite his initial apprehension, he agrees.

They go outside and see the castle grounds. Hector complains about the cold. Lenore tells him to relax and enjoy the night while she keeps tugging on his chain. They marvel over the view of Styria. Lenore tells her it’s not so bad, but the leash reminds Hector of how Carmilla forcefully dragged him there. She tells him Carmilla is more logical than Dracula, and that she could have easily killed him if she wanted.

Lenore pries into his feelings, telling Hector that Carmilla was only there to convince him that Dracula was insane.

On a different tower, Striga and Carmilla are eavesdropping on their conversation. Striga tells her that Hector didn’t need to get beaten, seeing as he’s key to their plans. Striga has concerns about their army. Where would they find fresh bodies to make night creatures without running out of human stock? In any case, they’ll need Lenore to succeed first.

Lenore leads Hector back, but in a different cell with a desk and a bed. He allows her to unleash him. Unlike before, their faces get close without any violence. She tells him he’s a good boy and asks if she can visit again the next day.


Trevor and Sypha ponder on what Saint Germain is up to. Trevor feels a kinship with the man, as he had felt the same loneliness and suffering before. Sypha thinks they should help him as it’s the right thing to do. Trevor grumbles about being mixed up in some other person’s story, but she tells him it’s all part of their story. Outside their home, a priory monk scribbles a symbol on the wall.

Saint Germain mumbles in his sleep, troubled by dreams. In it he falls into a dimension full of lights and eerie sounds. Its a gateway that opens into various different worlds. Germain calls out to his friend. He finds a woman’s silhouette in an upside-down world and reaches out with his hand. All he receives is the glowing lithomancy stone.

Germain wakes up panting inside a stable. He opens up his notes and writes about his experience, mumbling about the many dreams that haunt him. He vows to not stop searching until he’s done with his mission and is able to have a good dream again.

A Good Dream

On a faraway land, Isaac camps with his night creatures. He calls one of his creations who can speak and interrogates him about his life before he was sent to Hell. The night creature remembers it as a dream, with little details but not a whole picture. He remembered he was a scholar from Athens who studied philosophy a long time ago.

The creature lived as a man during a time when Athens changed religions and laws. He studied philosophy as a way to interpret the laws of the universe and find their place way through it all, but the changing laws determined what he did as a crime.

Isaac asks him who declared the crime. The creature implicated the Christians who hunted them down like prey into traps. Isaac finds holes in his story, but the creature insists he was judged wrongly and became a sinner only to defend himself. He says he woke up in hell because the world was insane but he thanks Isaac for his second life. The creature vows to make wonderful dreams out of it.

Our Thoughts:

This episode is a mid-point lull with not a lot of exciting things going on. I’m still hopeful that everything pays off. I rate this a 2.8/5

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