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Castlevania Season 3 Episode 9 Recap – The Harvest

BY Harris

Published 6 days ago

Castlevania Season 3 Episode 9 Recap - The Harvest


Evening approaches in Lindenfeld and families are having their supper. Suddenly the houses with the symbols carved into them combust into flames, burning everyone inside. Columns of flame shoot out into the sky from each house then coalesce and enter the monastery. Sypha calls it the harvest. The judge realizes they’re too late.

In Styria, Lenore takes Hector to bed and they make love.

Isaac finds the city that has its inhabitants enslaved by a magician. He takes his horde and charges inside, asking his night creatures to leave the bodies intact. Isaac weaves through them and stabs those who come in close, adding them to his numbers.

Back at the castle, Alucard cannot seem to sleep. Taka and Sumi enter his room and offer him a reward for being alone for far too long. They both undress and kiss him.

The Lindenfeld men-at-arms battle against the monks. Saint Germain panics at the sight of death, but Sypha is there to defend him. Inside the monastery, the flames are roaring along with the dead souls it’s collected. It pools underground before entering the body of the Visitor. The night creature screams and its body conflates and evolves. Behind prior Sala, a portal opens that lets creatures from other worlds enter.

Rain of Death

In Isaac’s battle, the enemy deploys armed slaves to fight against him. Desperate, the magician creates a wall of slaves to stop their advance. Suddenly, the enslaved start levitating. They form into a large floating mass of bodies defending the town’s lighthouse.

As Isaac advances, he’s met by falling bodies from up high to stop his charge. He responds by forging a body he comes across, creating a giant monster that picks up the mass of slaves. Isaac finds time to evade and makes his way towards the lighthouse, where a bright green magical glow emanates from the top.

At Lindenfeld, a swarm of demons rushes out of the monastery. They attack both the monks and the townsfolk. Trevor, Sypha, and Saint Germain try to run inside but a winged creature carrying a trident stops their advance. Sypha fights one of them in the air and slices its body into two. Trevor tricks the other with his Morningstar technique before bashing its head into dust.

The way is blocked by a thick column of smoke, but Sypha breaks the floor to fall through.

Isaac finally reaches the top floor of the lighthouse, meeting the sole magician responsible for the lifeless army downstairs. The magician laughs and catches him with the enslaving spell. Isaac tries to break free by breaking its crown of thorns with his dagger. The spell shatters and he stabs the magician in the chest.

Fiery Night

As the old man dies, every one of his enslaved army free falls to the ground. Isaac smiles at his victory.

Things get steamy between Taka, Sumi, and Alucard. Blinded by ecstasy, the two trap Alucard via a magical device that strangles his wrists and entire body.

Similarly, Lenore asks Hector for his loyalty. Hector agrees, at the same instant Lenore slips a magic ring on his finger, turning him into a slave.

Trevor, Sypha, and Saint Germain break through the monastery underground to find the Visitor and Sala, along with an Infinite Corridor. The souls of the dead were used as a catalyst and were used to open it up. Here, they witness the fiery landscape of Hell. Further along, they find an old ruined house, with Dracula and Lisa hugging inside.

Our Thoughts:

This fiery episode is a sensory overload with jump cuts and edits that are very interesting. This season has done a great deal of mixing weird horror into the Castlevania canon. I rate it a 4/5.

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