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Castlevania Season 4 Episode 1 Recap – Murder Wakes It Up

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Castlevania Season 4 Episode 1 Recap - Murder Wakes It Up

Six Week Ordeal

Trevor and Sypha leave the ruined town of Lindenberg, depressed at how everything seemed to have gone wrong. A week later they are embroiled in a battle against a necromancer and his army of undead. In the next, they kill a band of overgrown night creatures while they were worshipping a portrait of Dracula. A week after that, they save some villagers from a demon trying to resurrect him. After that, they fight a band of ambushing goblins.

Tensions flare up between the two from their continued misfortune, so much so that Sypha learns to swear incessantly. The next week they save villagers from a human sacrificing ritual and murder all of the cultists. Belmont almost passes out from a henchman’s grip but saves himself by gouging out the enemy’s eyes.

They inspect the shrine and find that they were offering to the Grim Reaper–Death. Belmont explains that it’s not really Death, just someone who eats death. It’s another ritual in an attempt to bring Dracula back. The world must have gone crazy. They trace the flagstone structure’s origins and follow where it leads them. They end up in Targoviste, where Dracula’s campaign once began and where Lisa Tepes was executed.


There are plenty of dead and wounded in the ruined city. Sypha and Trevor find themselves in another battle with two armed and armor-clad foes. Sypha turns one into a pin cushion by spiking them with spears while Belmont manages to outduel the other, plunging a dagger into his stomach. Their battles are getting harder.

Inside the armory, they find magical weapons and tools. Sypha regrets that they could have saved more lives had they arrived sooner. She wants some words of comfort from Trevor but after the ordeal, they’ve suffered through six weeks, the monster hunter can all but sigh. They retreat and think things through. Trevor complains that even though they’ve already killed Dracula, they still have to track down those who want to bring him back.

Two vampires watch their movements from one of the bell towers. They notice the Belmont crest and Sypha’s identity as a Speaker Magician. The vampire named Varney doesn’t want to deal with them. All he wanted was to offer up the city to Dracula once more. His companion remains cautious so he orders him off while he handles things. Varney plans to have Trevor and Sypha for dinner.

Save Our Souls

Back in Dracula’s castle, there are more dead corpses displayed outside the doors. Carrion and flies flock to chew on their flesh. Alucard emerges in a drunken stupor to take a piss at one of them. Suddenly a horse arrives carrying a gravely wounded passenger. The half-vampire growls before investigating.

The man has a message tied up in his hand addressed to him. It comes from the people of nearby Danesti, who call for his aid in fighting night creatures and terrible demons. Their defenses are weakening and their numbers dwindle. The final message reads “Save our Souls” and there’s a map at the back. He lays down the corpse, admiring his heroism in bringing the message.

Alucard gives the man a proper burial in a nearby tree, a contrast to all the dead on spikes lining his doorstep. He gives the horse some water and lets it graze on his lawn. He grumbles that he’s turning into Belmont–miserable and always tied to someone else’s troubles.

Our Thoughts

The first sequence in this episode was amazing and really shows how well the production has improved over the four seasons. Our characters are as strong and established as ever, so I anticipate great things moving forward. 3.5/5

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