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Castlevania Season 4 Episode 5 Recap – Back in the World

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

Castlevania Season 4 Episode 5 Recap - Back in the World


Alucard, Greta, and Saint Germain escort the villagers as they move towards Dracula’s castle. They opt to travel at night in an attempt to evade notice from their vampire foes.

Greta has known the smell of magic since her younger years. She smells sweet and spicy for Alucard and senses something rotten on Saint Germain. Germain insists that he’s a scholar that merely hasn’t had a bath.

Greta circles back to guard the rear. Suddenly Alucard senses an incoming attack. He scouts high above the treetop and finds it littered with corpses strewn across spider webs. Alucard dashes in to attack the arachnid Night creature while Greta calls the rest to rush forward.

Hector gets presented with a corpse that has an arrow stuck in its flesh. After complaining to the guards he starts the forging process and manages to create his first Night creature in a long time. Lenore finds the whole process blasphemous and disgusting but insists on watching him work.

Hector correctly guesses that something is wrong with her. Lenore complains that Carmilla’s schemes have gotten out of hand. Styria has lasted so long because they didn’t overreach. Now she feels a bit lost with nothing left to do. She reveals that Carmilla plans to go for world domination, not just for their personal pen from Styria to Braila. Carmilla feels betrayed and lied to. Hector says that it’s the same as how Dracula misled him.


Alucard’s group encounters more Night creatures. Greta comes in to help and rallies the other men to fight. In between walking and fighting, Greta explains her childhood and how people from all over had been congregating in Danesti since she was young. Alucard explains what happened with Sumi and Taka, and why their corpses are displayed on stakes outside the castle. Greta tells him of the time she, too, had a boyfriend and girlfriend once, but things didn’t turn out so well. The two connect with their shared strangeness.

Saint Germain grumbles that Dragan is overdoing his attacks. The vampire is gonna get them all killed. After many battles and losses, they finally reach Dracula’s castle in time for sunrise. Saint Germain looks at it in awe but Greta argues that it looks ugly, sad, and cold. Alucard says it’s his childhood home.

Saint Germain also sees the Belmont hold nearby and thinks this is the most important place in the world. Alucard welcomes them to his home.


Sypha admits to Trevor that she has been caught up in their adventures so much and has lost sight of what’s important. She’s worried about the mess that’s happening in Targoviste. The people are not coming together to help themselves, instead it seems like they’ve forgotten how to live.

She finds Zamfir and scolds her for trying to take food from a lowly villager. As Speaker, she tries to organize the people to make a self shelter for them to live in. Trevor hangs back and laughs, he suspects there’s a catacomb network down below which explains how the Underground Court hasn’t been attacked by vampires yet.

He also suspects that the vampires must be using them too. As if on cue, a night creature emerges from one of the passageways and goes for Zamfir. It stabs her with a magical stone before Sypha could wrestle the enemy away and kill it.

Back in his magical city, Isaac starts amassing his Night Creatures. He declares that his plan has evolved into conquest. He directs the mirror towards Carmilla’s castle and instructs the creatures to kill everyone they see, except for Hector who he intends to kill himself.

Our Thoughts

The show has got me glued, now excuse me while I watch Isaac’s attack on Carmilla’s castle. 4/5.

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