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Cobra Kai Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Cobra Kai Never Dies


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 1 Episode 4 Recap - Cobra Kai Never Dies

[00:00:30] Robby is working in a tech store. A client comes in and gives his laptop because it isn’t working. Robby explains it will take some time to fix it, so the guy leaves the laptop and goes to a nearby coffee shop to wait. But Robby isn’t really an employee at the tech store. He‘s just borrowing the uniform from his friend to steal the laptop and sell it online. They already have a few people interested in buying the laptop at a fixed price, no questions asked. The guys tell Robby to have everyone pay half and just give the laptop to the first buyer who shows up. Robby has a bad group of friends.

[00:02:00] Yet Robby isn’t really a bad kid. He knows getting other people’s money and not giving the laptop is just beyond evil, but he doesn’t have a choice. While they‘re about to leave, Robby sees a flyer from the Cobra Kai dojo. They made fun of the flyer, but Robby has other plans. He tells them that the man on the flyer is his father. Meanwhile, Johnny brings Miguel home. He has a broken nose, so his mother tells him not to see Miguel ever again. Johnny apologizes to Miguel’s mother and leaves. He hears Miguel shouting Cobra Kai never dies just as the door closes.

[00:03:00] Johnny is drunk, and he sees Daniel’s billboard. He also sees a man spray-painting a wall nearby. He trades a few beer cans for the spray paint. The next day, Daniel makes pancakes but Sam ignores him. He tries to get Sam to talk to him, but she just leaves for school. On his way to work, Amanda calls him. She wants him to be prepared for their billboard. Daniel sees the billboard and is shocked to see a dick painted on his face. Daniel is furious as he talks to the police. He wants the culprit to end up in jail, but he doesn’t know it‘s Johnny who painted the dick on his face.

[00:05:00] Amanda assures him no one will see the billboard, but everyone in the office is already talking about it. Daniel plans to paint over the billboard to solve the problem as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Miguel gets a lecture from Carmen. She tells him that Johnny is a bad influence, but Miguel’s grandmother sides with him. She’s happy that Miguel has found something he likes to do. She tells her daughter that Miguel just needs more practice. Carmen isn’t pleased and tells him never to see Johnny again. Miguel defends Johnny’s name and tells his mother that he’s a great man and mentor.

[00:06:30] Johnny wakes up on the floor of his apartment. He gets a call from the vice principal of Robby’s school. She discovered that Robby was using him as an alibi to get out of school. Ms. Jenkins tells Johnny that Robby needs to return to school that week, or he will get expelled. Johnny gets up and leaves to find his son. On his way out, he sees Miguel waiting for him. He still wants to train with Cobra Kai, but Johnny tells him he’s closing the dojo for good. Meanwhile, Aisha has become the laughingstock of the whole school. Sam checks on her and assures her that everyone will soon forget about her viral video. Aisha tells Sam that people might forget, but she won’t.

[00:08:30] Daniel receives a delivery of 100 sausages to his office from Tom Cole. The message reads that Daniel likes his sausages long and thick. Daniel calls his guys to check how the billboard is looking. They‘re already painting it over, but they started from the sides instead of the middle. Daniel gets furious and tells his men to just paint over his picture first. Meanwhile, Johnny confronts Robby. He tells Robby that he needs to return to school, but Robby no longer wants to attend school. Johnny does his best to be Robby’s father, but Robby no longer considers him as one.

[00:12:00] Miguel and his friends are talking about Karate. Miguel doesn’t want to give up, but he has no choice since Johnny is closing the dojo for good. Kyler approaches Miguel and his friends at the library and bullies them. Demetri and Eli just wanted to leave, but Kyler and Brucks won’t let them. Miguel tries to stand up for themselves, but he’s still nursing his injuries. Kyler throws Demetri’s bag in the trash can and continues to mock them as they leave the library. Kyler doesn’t know that Sam witnessed his bullying.

[00:13:30] Carmen picks Miguel up after school so they can go to the movies. Miguel tells his mother that he just wants to go home. Meanwhile, Daniel and his wife meet with a marketing team to boost their sales. Daniel discovers that his competitor, Tom Cole, is making fun of his advertisement. Daniel leaves to confront Tom Cole. Meanwhile, Johnny finds his ex-wife, Shannon, at a bar, looking to get a free meal from a rich guy who just wants to sleep with her. Johnny tells Shannon that she should be looking out for their son. Shannon tells Johnny that it‘s nice of him to suddenly care for their son, but she reminds him that he chose to leave them from day one. Shannon tells Johnny that he’s too late to become a father to Robby.

[00:18:00] Daniel goes to Tom’s auto dealership to confront him. He tries to deal with Tom like an adult, but all Tom cares about is the competition. Daniel does his best to contain his temper, but Tom continues joking about the billboard, so Daniel kicks the milk tea out of Tom’s hands. Everyone gets shocked to see that Daniel really knows Karate. They thought he‘s just using it as a stunt to sell cars.

[00:20:00] Sam and Kyler are at the movies. Kyler tries to kiss Sam, but she brings up what happened between Kyler and Miguel at the library. Kyler tells Sam that they‘re just messing around and that they’re all friends. Kyler puts his hands between Sam’s thighs, but she stops him, stands up, and leaves. Meanwhile, while Johnny is eating at a diner, he sees a father and son bonding over ice cream. Johnny knows what needs to be done. That night, he goes to Miguel’s apartment to talk to Carmen.

[00:22:00] Carmen opens the door, so Johnny begs her not to close the door. Johnny assures Carmen that he won’t fail Miguel again. He begs her to let Miguel return to his dojo. Miguel’s grandmother hears Johnny’s apology and tells Carmen that Johnny is a good man after all. The next day, Sam finally speaks to Daniel. She realizes that her father is right — Kyler is a douchebag. Daniel asks Sam if she wants to invite Kyler for a swim the next day. Sam says she’s no longer seeing Kyler, which brings a smile to Daniel’s face.

[00:24:00] Johnny is packing his stuff when he hears someone enter his dojo — Miguel. Carmen allowed him to train in Karate with Johnny. Johnny is glad to hear the good news and tells Miguel he needs to take his training to the next level. He knows Miguel got his ass kicked by Kyler and his friends. Johnny wants to teach Miguel some defense which in Cobra Kai‘s philosophy is more offense.

[00:25:30] Things are looking great for Daniel. He got back at Tom for disrespecting his advertisement. Daniel also got his billboard back but didn’t expect to find the news coming to him. He arrives at the auto dealership, and his work buddies give him some of Johnny’s flyers. They tell him they found the flyers on the billboard when they painted it over. Daniel is surprised that Johnny did the painting. Daniel’s work buddies want revenge for the disgrace they put Daniel in.

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