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Cobra Kai Season 1 Episode 6 Recap – Quiver


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 1 Episode 6 Recap - Quiver

[00:00:30] Encino Hills, CA, 1979. A young Johnny takes a bike ride to the Cobra Kai dojo. He wasn’t a student of the dojo yet, but he dreamed of being one. His eyes were glistening as he took a peek inside the dojo. Johnny reminisces about his younger days as he looks out of his office. The dojo is filled with possible students. He can’t believe things are going in his favor. Even Eli and Demetri are at the dojo. Demetri is against learning Karate, but Eli tells him that Miguel kicked ass, so they also need to.

[00:02:30] Johnny emerges from his office and addresses everyone in attendance. He tells everyone they will start learning from him, but no one is listening. Johnny shouts at everyone inside the dojo and tells them to fall in line. The new recruits aren’t promising, but neither was Miguel when he started. Johnny hopes that with some help, he’ll turn everyone into Cobra Kai material. Meanwhile, Daniel continues with his training. Sam sees her picture spreading on social media. Someone edited her picture choking on hotdogs. Sam can’t let Daniel see her picture, so she closes her laptop as soon as Daniel passes by. Daniel tries inviting Sam over for sparring, but she refuses.

[00:05:30] Daniel goes around the house looking for someone to join him for Karate. He tries asking Amanda, but she also refuses and reminds Daniel what happened 10 years ago when she joined him. Daniel goes over to his son Anthony instead. He tries to get him off his video game so he can do Karate. Meanwhile, Robby starts his first day at Daniel’s car dealership. He applied for a job there to get back at Johnny for abandoning him.

[00:07:30] Johnny is doing well at the moment. He‘s teaching everyone Karate. The dojo is filled with students, but not everyone wants to learn. Demetri calls Johnny out for calling Eli “lip.” He tells Johnny not to make fun of people’s appearances. Johnny won’t let Demetri talk trash to him inside his dojo, so he approaches Demetri and tells him to hit him. Demetri does his best, but he can’t hit anyone properly. On the last punch, Johnny counters and throws Demetri to the floor. He tells everyone to take Demetri’s action as a lesson for talking back at him. Miguel tries to convince Demetri to continue taking Karate lessons, but he refuses. He tells Miguel he doesn’t need to learn Karate since everyone already fears him. Kyler sees Miguel and Demetri talking and immediately goes back the other way.

[00:10:00] Robby starts his first day at the Larusso Auto Group, but things aren’t going great. Daniel’s work buddies keep picking on him. They tell Robby to move one of the show cars in the showroom, so he starts the car. Upon hearing the car starting, Daniel rushes and tells him to get out. Daniel sees his buddies laughing and knows they played a prank on Robby. He follows Robby and tells him to stay because he isn’t getting fired. Daniel even teaches Robby how to punch. Daniel is looking for a sparring partner, and it seems he‘ll finally get one.

[00:15:30] Back at school, Sam continues to get bullied. People sneak things into her bag, such as a blow pop and bananas. Everyone thinks she’s a slut, but Miguel still likes her. Sam doesn’t have a group for science class, so Miguel doesn’t hesitate to take her in. Sam thanks Miguel for saving her the other day. Miguel responds that someone needs to take care of the bullies in school. He‘s no longer being bullied and discovers that Sam knows a few tricks about Karate. Miguel and Sam are now on the right track — a great start to a delayed relationship.

[00:18:00] After class, Miguel heads back to the dojo. Fewer students appeared because they didn’t want to learn Karate from an asshole like Johnny. Miguel’s age group isn’t as tough as Johnny’s. They are easily offended by racial slurs and name-calling. Most of the students decide to quit, so Johnny tries to hype up the remaining students. He tells everyone that they’re better than the quitters. He continues to call Eli as lip even if he tells him to stop. Johnny doesn’t know that the scar on Eli’s lip came from the surgery to correct his cleft lip. It isn’t his fault that he has the scar, but everyone keeps making fun of it, including Johnny. Johnny continues to insult Eli in front of everyone, so he just decides to quit as well.

[00:20:00] Amanda punishes Daniel’s work buddy, Louie. Louie is Daniel’s cousin, but they aren’t getting special privileges to be assholes in the office. She tells Louie to apologize to Robby and take over his job for the rest of the day. Louie tells Robby he can take the weekly report to Daniel’s house to make amends with him. Robby hesitates to believe Louie, but he tells him he’s no longer pulling a prank on him. Meanwhile, Miguel finally gets the courage to send Sam a message. They are starting to get along pretty quickly.

[00:21:30] That night, Johnny returns home and finds his old cassette player. He has a lot of memories with it, but it‘s mostly used to shut out his parents‘ arguing. Johnny doesn’t have fond memories of his father because he isn’t supportive of him. Johnny doesn’t realize that he also became his father because Robby doesn’t look up to him either. Meanwhile, Robby goes to Daniel’s house to deliver the weekly reports. He rings the doorbell, but no one answers the door. Robby goes around to see if anyone is there. He finds Daniel training inside his pool room. Robby enters and hands the envelope to him. Daniel checks the envelope and reveals that it‘s just another prank.

[00:25:00] The envelope contains an adult magazine. Robby is curious as to what type of Karate Daniel is doing. Daniel explains that the base of his training is kata: a balanced form of Karate that doesn’t involve a lot of offense. He offers to teach Robby a few things which he accepts.

[00:26:30] The next day, everyone returns to the dojo but three more students fail to show up. Johnny tells everyone he won’t apologize for mistreating them. He tells them he was once a scrawny-looking kid in his youth. He also didn’t have friends, but everything changed when he learned Karate. Johnny assures everyone that things will also change for them as soon as they accept and change who they are. Eli walks into the dojo with a whole new look. He suddenly has a Mohawk dyed blue. Eli is determined to get rid of his weak appearance which Johnny approves. He tells everyone they can be like Eli and eliminate their weaknesses.

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