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Cobra Kai Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – All Valley


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 1 Episode 7 Recap - All Valley

[00:00:30] Robby did all the chores for Daniel, just like how he trained under Mr. Miyagi. Robby raised the flag, mopped the floors, washed the windows, and buffed the cars. After buffing the cars, Robby tells Daniel that he’s done. Daniel is amazed but asks Robby if he’s done with both parking lots. Robby gets shocked that he still needs to buff another set of cars on the other lot. He’s done doing Daniel’s chores. He quits the job and tells Daniel that he promised to teach him Karate. Amanda tells Daniel that he’s having too much fun with Robby. That night, Daniel finally teaches Robby that he was learning Karate all week. They started a little sparring session with all of Robby’s chores. Robby is amazed that he blocks all of Daniel’s attacks.

[00:02:30] Back at the dojo, everyone also learns Karate from Johnny — the Cobra Kai way. Johnny discovers that the majority of his students are flinchers. Most of them haven’t gotten into a real fight all their lives. Johnny tells Aisha to line the students up so they can take a punch in their faces. Johnny explains that it will remove the flinching from them and help them become better fighters. After training, Miguel approaches Johnny for love advice. He wants to ask Sam out without getting rejected. Johnny tells Miguel he’s a Cobra Kai, and they never accept defeat. Miguel sees the magazine that Johnny is reading. He sees a flyer about the All Valley Karate Championships. Miguel wants to enter the championships, but Johnny tells him they’re not ready.

[00:05:00] Robby is on his lunch break when his friends go to see him. They want Robby’s help to break into the Larusso Auto Group. Robby doesn’t want to steal cars, but they’re just thinking of stealing car parts. Robby doesn’t want to involve himself in breaking into Daniel’s auto shop. The guys tell Robby that he’ll not be involved. They just need the security code so they can enter the shop. Robby explains that he doesn’t have the security code. They tell him to figure something out and threaten to hurt him if he doesn’t.

[00:06:30] Miguel patiently waits for Sam to ask her out. His greatest fear comes true as Sam declines his invitation. She tells Miguel that she doesn’t want to go out with anyone after what happened with Kyler. Miguel accepts defeat but remembers Johnny’s advice: Cobra Kais never accept defeat. Miguel asks Sam if they could just hang out; it wouldn’t be a date. Sam accepts and tells Miguel to pick her up at 8 p.m. Miguel doesn’t have a car, so Sam offers to pick him up instead. Meanwhile, Robby is taking pictures of a car parked near the employee entrance. Amanda walks by and tells Robby that he can take pictures of other cars better than a Honda.

[00:08:30] Robby tells Amanda he’s taking pictures of the Honda for the insurance adjuster. Amanda commends Robby for his hard work. She jokes about promoting Robby, but she doesn’t know that Robby is just waiting for someone to enter the employee entrance. Robby records a video using his front camera and finally has the auto shop’s security code. Back at the dojo, Miguel asks for tips on where to take Sam for a date while Johnny asks if he can still register his dojo for the Karate tournament.

[00:09:30] Eli suggests that Miguel could take Sam to get a tattoo. He removes his gi and shows everyone the new tattoo on his back — a hawk with a blue Mohawk. Aisha asks Eli if his parents know about the tattoo. He says they don’t know and begs everyone not to tell them about it. Miguel appreciates the suggestion, but he can’t take Sam to get a tattoo. Aisha doesn’t want to help Miguel because she’s no longer friends with Sam. Miguel tells Aisha that she’s friends with him and he needs her help. Aisha tells Miguel that Sam likes chocolates and astronomy. Miguel thanks Aisha for the help, but before he can continue the conversation, he hears Johnny arguing with someone over the phone. It’s the tournament organizers. Johnny tells Miguel that Cobra Kai has a lifetime ban from the tournament.

[00:10:30] Miguel tells Johnny that he can’t accept defeat. Johnny tells Miguel that love advice is different from real-world problems. Miguel convinces Johnny to fight the power, so he leaves the dojo and tells Miguel that he will confront the organizers. Miguel says he needs to figure out a smart way of confronting the problem instead of beating up the organizers. Meanwhile, Amanda asks Daniel where Robby is. Daniel says Robby is helping out with his bonsais. He tells Amanda that Robby is a good kid and is just teaching him a few things to help him.

[00:11:30] Daniel tells Robby that Mr. Miyagi taught him how to take care of bonsais. Robby doesn’t know how to cut the bonsai properly, so Daniel teaches him how. Robby understood that there’s some metaphor behind the bonsais. Daniel explains that Robby is the bonsai. He knows himself, so he only needs to visualize what he wants for his future and make it happen, just like how he visualizes what the bonsai will look like before he cuts it. Daniel has become a father figure to Robby, but he’s about to betray him because of his friends. Trey sends a message to Robby and tells him to meet them tonight. They are about to break into the auto shop.

[00:13:00] Johnny prepares for his meeting with the tournament organizers. Miguel goes over to his apartment to check on him before the meeting. Miguel reminds Johnny not to punch anyone if the meeting doesn’t go his way. He tells Johnny where he plans to take Sam on their first date. Johnny disapproves of Miguel’s itinerary. He tells Miguel to take Sam to a mini golf course instead. Miguel and Sam go to the golf course. Sam really likes it there. They play the whole course and go to the arcade next. Sam and Miguel are really having a great time.

[00:16:30] The tournament organizers are holding a meeting. Johnny arrives to appeal for Cobra Kai’s lifetime ban. No one knows why Cobra Kai is banned for life, but he gets his answer as Daniel arrives to attend the meeting. He’s part of the tournament’s board of directors, which is why Cobra Kai is banned for life. Meanwhile, Robby meets up with his friends outside the auto shop. They ask him for the code, but he refuses to give it. They tell Robby not to let them down, but he decides it‘s time he stands up on his own.

[00:18:30] Trey and his friend team up against Robby, but he already knows Karate. He defends well but ends up getting trapped in a corner. They‘re about to beat him when Robby points to the security camera. They decide to leave before the cops show up. Meanwhile, the fun continues as Sam and Miguel talk about the LaRusso family‘s season tickets to the Lakers. Miguel sarcastically says he also has season tickets and takes underprivileged Encino kids to the games so they can watch.

[00:21:00] The committee talks about whether they will reinstate Cobra Kai or not. Daniel tells everyone that reinstating Cobra Kai is the worst decision, but Johnny makes his stand regarding his current version of Cobra Kai. He admits that the ‘80s version of the dojo didn’t play by the rules, but things have changed under his rule. Daniel and another member of the committee voted no to reinstating Cobra Kai. One of the committee members decides to call a vote to make things fair. Johnny leaves the room as Daniel fills everyone up on why they shouldn’t reinstate Cobra Kai.

[00:25:00] Miguel and Sam’s date ends with a conversation about Karate. Miguel brags that he’s the best student in Cobra Kai, but Sam doesn’t believe him. Sam is better than Miguel as she flips him off his feet and takes him down. Miguel is beyond impressed. Sam tells him to call her “Sensei Sam.” Sam admits she had a good time and kisses him. After the date, Miguel rushes back to the dojo to tell Johnny that he had crushed his date. Johnny is also happy because he crushed the committee meeting. They‘re both successful in their endeavors for that night. Cobra Kai is entering the championship while Miguel gets a girlfriend. Johnny pulls out a bottle of whiskey and holds a toast to Cobra Kai.

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