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Cobra Kai Season 2 Episode 10 Recap – No Mercy


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 2 Episode 10 Recap - No Mercy

[00:00:30] Amanda and Daniel wake up after a great night. They finished things with a bang as their clothes were still scattered on the floor. Amanda asks Daniel if the kids heard their moans and screams last night, so they go to check on them. Sam isn’t in her room that morning, which got them worried. Amanda and Daniel check Sam’s laptop and found Aisha’s messages. They discover that Sam was drinking last night, and the cops came over to the party. Daniel tracks down Sam’s phone, which leads them to Reseda. They don’t know what Sam is doing in Reseda, but Daniel goes to find out.

[00:02:00] Sam is still sleeping, so Robby checks out the boxes in Johnny’s room. He finds all the old drawings he sent to Johnny when he was a kid. He feels like an idiot for holding a grudge against his father the whole time. Robby goes out of the room to thank Johnny for letting them stay the night. Johnny had no problems letting them stay, but he must tell Daniel what happened. Robby tells Johnny he’ll take the blame for everything, so he doesn’t need to tell Daniel about anything. They‘re still talking when Daniel arrives at the apartment. He sees Johnny’s car and immediately knocks on his door.

[00:03:30] Johnny tells Robby to hide while he sorts things out with Daniel. Daniel wants Johnny to open the door, but he refuses to let him inside until he cools off so they can talk about what happened, but Daniel doesn’t listen. Daniel kicks the door open, and a fight ensues. The shouts outside the room awaken Sam, so she quickly gets up to stop the fight; Robby does the same. Robby tells Daniel it‘s his fault, but Daniel isn’t listening. He takes Sam home and tells Robby that giving him a second chance is a mistake. Everything is going great between Daniel and Johnny, but they’re again back to square one.

[00:05:00] School is starting. Everyone is back except for Tory. Miguel tried to reach out, but she wasn’t responding. He‘s worried Tory got in trouble with the cops. Aisha assures Miguel that everything is fine, but things aren’t looking fine. Tory has something up her sleeve. Daniel drives Sam to school because she’s grounded again. He reminds Sam to focus on her studies and stay away from Robby. She tries to tell Daniel that what happened last night was her fault, not Robby’s. Daniel still didn’t listen to her. He tells Sam that his focus is on his family, not Robby or Johnny.

[00:07:30] Johnny drives Robby to school that day. Robby isn’t nervous about his first day, but he‘s sad about what happened between him, Daniel, and Sam. Robby feels indebted to Daniel because he‘s so good to him. He wants to make amends and tells Johnny they could learn something from each other — Daniel and him. Robby enters school and finds Sam. He apologizes for what happened and tells Sam they must stop lying. He tells the truth about the medal and explains his reason for hiding the truth. Sam is also about to tell Robby the truth, but the school bell rings, so Robby leaves for his first class.

[00:09:30] It‘s a typical day at school. Miguel tells Hawk what happened between him and Sam last night. Hawk tells Miguel it‘s great, but Miguel doesn’t feel the same. He feels bad for kissing Sam because he‘s already with Tory. Hawk tells Miguel he shouldn’t limit himself to one girl. A guy walks up to Hawk and tells him it’s okay if he still wets his bed. Hawk tells the guy to leave while everyone in the class laughs at him. He thought he would’ve gotten rid of his bad reputation in time for school, but Demetri messed things up.

[00:11:30] Everyone is in their respective classes listening to the morning announcement when someone enters the office and gets the microphone from the announcer — Tory. She calls out to Sam and tells her she’s coming for her after what she did with Miguel. No one knows what‘s happening, but Tory and Sam face off just after her announcement. Robby and Miguel rush toward Sam and Tory to stop the fight. Tory confronts Sam for kissing Miguel. Robby hears what happened and gets surprised, but Sam can’t react because she sees his reaction to what Tory said. Tory throws the first punch. The fight begins.

[00:13:00] Sam tries to leave, but the other Cobra Kais aren’t going to let her. Robby stops the fight briefly, but Miguel sees him holding Tory’s neck and thinks he‘s fighting her. Miguel enters the fight, making everything worse. Multiple people try to stop the main fight, but it only creates another fight between another group. Demetri sees the fight and calls a teacher. After a few minutes, it‘s Miyagi-Do students versus Cobra Kai students — a full-on brawl on the first day of school. The fight breaks off to the school‘s main hall, so everyone leaves their classes to see the fight.

[00:15:30] A teacher arrives, but he can’t do anything to stop the fights across corridors. Stingray is there for an interview. He‘s applying as a school guard, so it‘s time to demonstrate his skills. He helps out the Cobra Kai students, which earns him some points with Hawk. Demetri arrives with one of the teachers, but he doesn’t want to interfere. He doesn’t know Karate and says the school doesn’t pay him enough to get into fights with students. Hawk sees Demetri and starts chasing after him. Demetri knows he can’t fight with Hawk, so he just runs away.

[00:17:00] The minor fights are ending. The Miyagi-Do students emerge victorious, including Demetri. He blocks Hawk’s attacks and kicks him into a trophy case. All that’s left are the main fights: Sam versus Tory and Robby versus Miguel. Sam is winning, but Tory brings out her spiked knuckles. Sam is having a hard time with all of Tory’s dirty moves. Tory says they aren’t in a tournament, so there are no rules. Sam still wins the fight, even with Tory’s knuckles.

[00:19:00] Miguel and Robby argue about who Sam likes. Miguel knows Sam likes him better than Robby. Robby is about to finish the fight when Miguel counters him and brings him down. Miguel is about to break Robby’s arm, but he remembers what Johnny taught him. He releases his arm and apologizes for what happened. Robby doesn’t accept the apology and shows no mercy. He kicks Miguel off the second floor, so Miguel lands on the staircase railing. Miguel gets unconscious, and everyone thinks he’s dead. Robby flees the scene as the cops arrive.

[00:21:30] Hawk checks on Miguel, but the cops stop him. The officer checks if Miguel still has a pulse and calls for backup. Meanwhile, the school starts calling the parents after the fight. Daniel is looking through his stuff when Amanda comes running to tell him what happened. Johnny is hanging the TV in his apartment. His phone is still asking for an update, so he can’t see the messages sent to him. He hears a scream coming from Carmen’s apartment, so he rushes to find out what happened.

[00:23:00] Carmen and Johnny go to the hospital to see Miguel. He‘s in bad shape. The doctors tell them to stand by for 24 hours and wait for lab results. Johnny apologizes to Carmen, but she blames him for what happened to Miguel. She tells Johnny she never wants to see him again and leaves. Daniel and Amanda are with Sam. She‘s also in the hospital for multiple lacerations. Amanda wants Tory to get expelled, but Sam doesn’t care about Tory. She blames herself for what happened to Miguel and wants him to be okay.

[00:24:30] Johnny can’t leave Miguel’s room. He hears the voicemail Miguel left him that morning, and it just crushes his heart. Miguel called him to get advice on the whole Tory and Sam issue. Carmen was working that night, so he invited Johnny to get some burgers so they could talk. The burgers would have to wait as Miguel fights for his life in the hospital. Johnny is on his way out when he bumps into Daniel. They ride the same elevator but don’t say a word to each other. Daniel really wants to start a fight with Johnny, but he holds his anger and just walks away. Johnny feels the same, but he knows it isn’t the time to fight.

[00:25:30] Johnny goes back to the dojo. He takes out his keys but sees that the door is already open. He walks to the back room and hears some people training. Johnny enters the room and discovers Kreese is having a class of his own. Most of the Cobra Kai students joined Kreese because they felt that Johnny was too weak to be their sensei. Miguel showed mercy against Robby, and it led to his downfall. Hawk explains that if Miguel dies, it‘s because he showed mercy, and it‘s Johnny’s fault. Johnny tells Kreese to leave, but he already went behind his back and talked to Armand.

[00:27:30] Johnny didn’t have any written agreement with Armand, so Kreese took advantage of it. He stole Cobra Kai back from Johnny, and now he can’t do anything to stop Kreese. Johnny accepts defeat and tells Kreese he can have Cobra Kai back. Johnny leaves the dojo as Kreese resumes teaching his students. Meanwhile, Daniel arrives at the hospital. Sam’s injuries are getting worse. The doctors think she has a broken rib which calls for Amanda to tell Daniel to stop Karate. Daniel doesn’t want to stop Karate because they still have a fight to take with Cobra Kai, but she‘s done with it. She blames Karate for what happened to Sam and doesn’t want Sam to lose her life because of it.

[00:29:30] Johnny is back to square one. He lost everything that night, so he goes to the beach to think about his next move. He promised Miguel he won‘t let him down, but now he’s in the hospital. Johnny also remembers the promise he made to Carmen, which makes everything more painful. Johnny receives a notification, but he‘s too emotional to read it. He throws his phone away. He‘s done with Karate and Cobra Kai. Johnny leaves his car at the beach and just walks away. The notification says Ali sent him a friend request on Facebook. 

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