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Cobra Kai Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – Fire and Ice


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 2 Episode 3 Recap - Fire and Ice

[00:00:30] Johnny goes to the pawnshop to return his laptop. His students told him to get an Apple, but he says the pawnshop guy sold him lemons. The guy at the pawnshop shows him how to open the laptop. Johnny feels ridiculous because he doesn’t know how to turn the laptop on. He takes the laptop back to his dojo and connects to the Wi-Fi for the first time. Johnny starts searching for pictures of hot women and finds his way over to YouTube where he starts watching free movies. Johnny’s movie is interrupted by an ad featuring Daniel. Johnny watches the ad and learns that Daniel has opened the Miyagi-Do dojo and accepts students for free.

[00:03:00] The Cobra Kais are enjoying their day off. They are at the beach playing volleyball. Demetri enjoys the free attention he’s getting by just tagging along. Everyone thinks he’s part of the dojo. Hawk tells him things will be better if he enlists and learns Karate. Demetri refuses because he‘s already gaining the benefits without the pain. Meanwhile, Miguel tells Hawk about Johnny’s relationship with Robby.

[00:04:30] Daniel brings Amanda some lunch. She isn’t talking to him because she discovered that Daniel used their budget to launch his advertisement for Miyagi-Do. Daniel apologizes to Amanda for not telling her the truth. She eventually forgives Daniel while he explains that the dojo needs the ad to compete against Cobra Kai. People aren’t forgiving of Daniel’s advertisement. He got a lot of negative attention online. People called him “LaRacist,” so his friend tells him there are always haters online. He assures Daniel that the ad is great, so he’s bound to get students because of it.

[00:06:30] Hawk did a deep dive online and confirmed that Robby is Johnny’s son. Hawk is convinced that Johnny punished them because they beat his son in the tournament, and he didn’t think it was fair. Miguel is confused. He doesn’t know why Johnny keeps it a secret from everyone. Aisha tells them about Daniel dissing Cobra Kai in an ad. Meanwhile, Johnny shows Kreese the commercial. Johnny is offended by the commercial because Daniel talks ill of their dojo. He also can’t compete with Miyagi-Do if the Karate lessons are free. Kreese says they must take care of Miyagi-Do. Johnny assures him he knows what to do.

[00:07:30] Sam and Robby continue training. Robby thanks Sam for looking out for him. He‘s at the lowest point of his life last time, and now he’s doing great. Robby is living with Daniel until Shannon returns. Without a parental figure in his life, Robby thought he was done. Sam tells him friends look out for each other. Robby says not all friends, but he‘s happy that Sam is one of his friends. Daniel comes out of the house to check their progress. Two guys enter the dojo looking for free Karate lessons. Daniel tells the guys to paint the fences, but they don’t want to. They think it‘s just a scam to get kids to do chores. Daniel tells them the chores are part of the training process, but they don’t believe him.

[00:09:00] Daniel can’t believe people aren’t ready for hard work. All they want is the Karate, not the process. Meanwhile, Johnny enlists the help of Aisha to get his own commercial. Johnny addresses everyone in the valley about free Karate. He tells them that nothing in life is free. The commercial shows everyone that Cobra Kai is the best option to learn Karate — no meditation and self-defense crap, just good old American Karate. Johnny tells everyone it‘s time to learn self-offense. After shooting the commercial, Hawk and Miguel confront Johnny about Robby.

[00:10:30] Miguel and Hawk thought the punishment was because of Robby. Johnny says he didn’t punish them because of him. He admits Robby is his son, but it‘s none of their business. Johnny tells them to clean the dojo mats for an entire week. Hawk isn’t thrilled about it, but he can’t do anything about it. Miguel is supposed to ask Johnny something, but he decides not to.

[00:11:30] Amanda and Daniel are preparing for the Valley Fest. It always brings more customers to their car dealership and auto shop. This time Daniel wants to use the festival to get students for Miyagi-Do. He wants to demonstrate with Robby and Sam at the festival to get more students to the dojo. Amanda doesn’t think highly of it at first, but she knows the business will boom if they see Daniel in his gi. Meanwhile, Kreese tells Johnny that he must ensure his relationship with Miguel. He tells Johnny that he can’t lose Miguel to Daniel like he did with Robby. Johnny will give anything to teach Robby Karate, but he knows it won‘t happen. He realizes he can’t lose Miguel.

[00:14:00] Johnny isn’t going to let that happen, so he goes to the apartment and asks Miguel to come with him for a ride. Johnny invites Miguel to get to know him more. He explains he wasn’t there for Robby when he needed him. Johnny had just lost his mother when Robby was born, so he was afraid of the responsibility. Johnny assures Miguel that he will always be there for him and have his best interests at heart. They‘re still talking when Miguel receives a message from Aisha. Miyagi-Do is doing a demonstration at Valley Fest. Cobra Kai plans to crash the party.

[00:17:00] Valley Fest is in full swing. Robby and Sam are practicing for their demonstration. Sam suggests she should do something for the finale, but Daniel assures them he has it covered. Daniel plans on breaking some ice blocks for the finale. That night, Miyagi-Do gets some love from the crowd at Valley Fest. After a short demonstration, Daniel brings out the ice blocks for the finale. But Cobra Kai steals the show before he can get to the finale. Kreese and Johnny are backstage working with the light and sound manager to make everything pop. There are explosions, bright lights, and hard rock music to hype the crowd.

[00:21:00] Miyagi-Do doesn’t stand a chance as the crowd really loves the Cobra Kai way. Before they leave, Johnny brings out some cement blocks and set fire to them. He takes a deep breath and shatters the blocks in front of the crowd. They finished things by giving out free merchandise — no one can say no to freebies. The crowd chants Cobra Kai as everyone lines up and bows to them. Daniel can’t do anything but walk away in defeat. It was 1-0 in favor of Cobra Kai.

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