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Cobra Kai Season 2 Episode 5 Recap – All In


Published 2 months ago

Cobra Kai Season 2 Episode 5 Recap - All In

[00:00:30] We get a glimpse of what life was for Eli. He told his mother not to involve the school about his getting bullied, but she didn’t listen. She reported what happened to Eli which got him bullied even more. Eli’s life was in a downward spiral all because of his lip. Eli cried himself to sleep, but it all changed when he turned into Hawk. As Hawk, he‘s badass. No one dares to mess with him. He took Johnny’s advice and literally changed his whole personality to fit in. Now he has the girl, but he has turned himself into a bully. Meanwhile, Demetri is in for the long haul. Daniel won’t take shortcuts in the process.

[00:02:30] Part of the Miyagi-Do process is the chores. It prepares a student for the physical and mental strain of defensive Karate. It keeps the mind and body calm and in sync. But most students don’t see the calm side of Karate. Everybody just wants the blood of the sport which is why Cobra Kai is the go-to dojo for everyone in the valley. Demetri isn’t the best student for Karate, but Daniel won’t turn him down. He needs help, so help is what he’ll get. All Daniel needs is patience. Meanwhile, class continues at Cobra Kai. Kreese and Johnny make a good team. They‘re showing a lot of offensive and defensive moves to the class.

[00:04:30] Kreese tells Johnny that at the end of the day, none of the lessons matter if Robby isn’t in his class. Johnny reminds Kreese that he has already tried to win Robby over, but he’s already given up on getting him to join Cobra Kai. The day‘s lesson is going all in, so Kreese tells him Johnny hasn’t gone all in yet. Meanwhile, someone posted a negative review online about Cobra Kai. One of the new students shows the post to Hawk. He isn’t pleased about the post and goes on to find out who posted it — Demetri. Hawk already told him not to do anything he would regret, and talking shit about Cobra Kai was one of them.

[00:06:30] Demetri resumes training with Daniel, but he doesn’t want to train. He went to Miyagi-Do to learn, but his heart isn’t in Karate. He just wants Eli back as his friend. Eli is his best friend, so losing him is the worst idea. Eli becoming Hawk also made things worse. He used to be a good kid, but he has become a jerk and a bully — the very thing they‘re avoiding all their life. Meanwhile, Johnny goes to Shannon’s place and discovers an eviction notice. He knocks on the door, but no one answers. He tries to ask a neighbor about Shannon and Robby, but no one wants to talk to him. Johnny tries to call Shannon, but the call goes straight to voicemail.

[00:09:30] Miyagi-Do is chilling at the mall. Demetri realizes it‘s Wednesday, so he rushes to the comic book store to grab a new issue of a comic he‘s reading. Meanwhile, Miguel is preparing a video that he edited for Sam. Tory gets curious about it, so he shows it to her. Miguel just asked the worst person for advice because Tory tells Miguel to just get over Sam, so she’ll want him back. Tory tells him to delete the video and throw his laptop. Miguel is desperate, but Tory says women hate desperate men. She tells Miguel to come with her so he can forget about Sam. Meanwhile, Johnny visits Daniel’s car dealerships looking for Robby.

[00:12:00] Johnny meets with one of Daniel’s associates — Anoush. He asks Anoush about Robby, but he refuses to tell him. Johnny suddenly roughs him up. Johnny discovers that Robby is living with Daniel. Meanwhile, Hawk takes some of the new students to rough up Demetri. He gets shocked that Hawk will actually hurt him. Demetri tries to bluff and tells Hawk that he knows Karate now. Hawk knows he‘s bluffing. He sweeps his legs to take him down. The comic book store manager hears the commotion, so Hawk and his gang get distracted, allowing Demetri to run out of the store. Hawk and the rest of the Cobra Kais chase him inside the mall. They corner Demetri at the food court, but Robby and Sam are there to save him.

[00:15:30] It‘s five against two, but the wheel technique is most effective when outnumbered. Sam and Robby pull the technique flawlessly and deliver a humiliating defeat for the Cobra Kais. Johnny comes home drunk. Carmen sees him, so she takes Johnny back to her place to care for him. Sam and Robby are celebrating the win, but Demetri is pretty bummed about it. Daniel goes over to assure him that everything will be okay. He tells Demetri to get up so they can resume their training.

[00:19:30] Moon confronts Hawk for beating up Demetri. She tells him she loves everything about him, but she’s not dating a bully. Moon breaks up with Hawk even if he tattooed her name on his chest. Hawk tries to stop her, but Moon gets into her car and drives off. Hawk returns inside the dojo and vents his anger on a punching bag. Kreese steps up as Hawk’s sensei because Johnny is too busy with his life issues. Hawk is angry because he lost to Miyagi-Do, but Kreese tells him the fight is only over if he says it‘s over.

[00:21:30] Carmen helps Johnny get sober. From Johnny’s point of view, Carmen knows Daniel is a jerk. Johnny tells Carmen that Daniel has been a thorn in his side since high school, and he just wants everything to stop. Carmen tells Johnny that rivalry only stops if someone rises above it. She tells Johnny that he has to be the better man. Meanwhile, Miguel is enjoying his time with Tory. They‘re in a playground where she shows him the best part. They‘re there so late that an airplane flies above their heads. Tory explains it‘s the last flight out of Burbank, and it always happens at 10:36 in the evening on the dot.

[00:23:00] The whole point of the date is for Miguel to forget about Sam. He‘s doing fine, but Miguel can’t just forget Sam in a few hours. He‘s still confused about what Johnny meant by going all in. Tory tells Miguel it means what it means and waits for him to make a move. Miguel understands Tory. He makes a move to kiss her. Tory kisses him back, and the two enjoy the night even further. Meanwhile, Sam is at home roasting marshmallows. Robby joins her, and the two almost kiss. Robby controls his feelings and tells Sam he can’t mess up.

[00:25:30] Sam understands and tells Robby not to worry about anything. That night, Hawk takes a bunch of new students to mess up the Miyagi-Do dojo. Robby arrives and finds the whole dojo is trashed. Daniel is devastated as Hawk took Mr. Miyagi’s Medal of Honor. Sam calls to Daniel and shows him what Hawk did to Mr. Miyagi’s car — spray-painted “Cobra Kai NEVER DIES” on the side. It‘s the same car Daniel chose in his youth. Mr. Miyagi lent it to him so he could go on a date. In his anger, Daniel gets in the car and drives off.

[00:27:30] Daniel goes over to Cobra Kai to confront Johnny. Johnny doesn’t know a thing about what happened, but Daniel doesn’t believe him. Daniel tells Johnny’s students that they can’t win at life if they’re stuck with him as a sensei. Johnny is about to strike Daniel, but he chooses to be the better man. He stands down. Majority of Johnny‘s students choose to leave to join Miyagi-Do. Johnny stands there and watches some of his students leave. The students have their own will, and most of them didn’t like the way of Cobra Kai.

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