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Cobra Kai Season 2 Episode 6 Recap – Take a Right


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 2 Episode 6 Recap - Take a Right

[00:00:30] Miyagi-Do dojo was once Mr. Miyagi’s home, but now it‘s trashed beyond recognition. Toilet rolls are hanging from the trees. The lamps are broken, and the bonsais are destroyed. Daniel knows he must start over. He picks up the mess and puts it into trash bags. Meanwhile, the Cobra Kais are being punished. Johnny wants to know who trashed the Miyagi-Do dojo, but no one owns up to their mistake. Everyone is tired, but Hawk won’t break. He continues with the drills and keeps his mouth shut. Johnny receives a call from an old friend — bad news.

[00:03:00] While Johnny is on a call, Kreese calls for a two-minute break. Hawk approaches him and tells Kreese he plans to tell Johnny the truth. Kreese tells Hawk not to say a word and assures him he’ll handle things. Hawk follows Kreese’s advice. Johnny needs to deal with the bad news he just received, so he leaves the Cobra Kai dojo in Kreese’s hands. Johnny tells Kreese to do whatever it takes to find the culprit.

[00:04:30] Some of the kids who left Cobra Kai arrive at Miyagi-Do. Robby recognizes them as the ones who tried to beat up Demetri. He tells Daniel to be careful about trusting Cobra Kais. Chris, one of those who left, apologizes to Demetri but says they don’t have anything to do with the dojo being trashed. Daniel welcomes everyone and starts their training as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Johnny visits the San Bernardino Hospice Center to see his friends, Bobby and Tommy. Bobby is a pastor and is there for their friend, Tommy, who‘s admitted to the hospice. Tommy is in bad shape, and it seems he won‘t last long. They are all Johnny’s old friends from the past Cobra Kai roster. They want Tommy to have a proper send-off, so they plan a road trip for him.

[00:08:30] Back at the dojo, Kreese is giving everyone hell. Miguel and Tory want to find out who did it so the extensive training can end. They‘re already arguing with one another, but Kreese breaks it up before a fight starts. He tells everyone it‘s everyone’s fault. They‘re all Cobra Kais, so when one of them makes a move, everyone makes a move. They live and die with the consequences and the spoils. He tells everyone to return to the main dojo so they can start their real training.

[00:10:00] Amanda calls Daniel to come help with the car dealership, but he can’t because he‘s too busy with his dojo. Amanda is at her wit‘s end, so she can’t understand that Daniel spends all his time at the dojo when their business is more important. Daniel ends the call because Demetri and Chris are arguing. Daniel stops the argument and gives them both a mission. One of the boulder monuments at the dojo is toppled over, so he tells them they will get the rock upright. Earlier, Sam, Robby, and Demetri tried to get the rock upright, but they failed. Now Demetri and Chris must work together to get it upright.

[00:11:30] Johnny and his friends go on a road trip on their bikes. They go to Big Bear Lake to celebrate life. One of their friends is still in jail, so they toast him. Johnny tells everyone he reopened Cobra Kai; they‘re stunned. They can’t believe Johnny reopened the dojo after everything that happened to them under Kreese’s rule. Meanwhile, Kreese is trying to bring Cobra Kai back to its former glory. Tory spars with one of the students. When she wins, Kreese tells her to hit him again. Tory follows Kreese’s order, but Miguel stops her. Miguel tells Kreese that Johnny is no longer teaching them to show no mercy.

[00:14:30] Kreese tells Miguel and everyone in the dojo that in a tournament, the fight stops when someone lands a point, but in real life, the fight only stops if the opponent can no longer get up. Back at Miyagi-Do, Daniel teaches the new kids the Miyagi-Do way of Karate. They all learned to strike first, strike hard, and have no mercy, so Daniel tells them there’s another way to Karate. While he‘s teaching inside the dojo, Demetri, Chris, Robby, and Sam are outside doing chores. Chris and Demetri are still figuring out a way to lift the boulder. Chris tries brute force, but it doesn’t work. Demetri tries a fulcrum, but the wood he uses is too thin that it breaks. Demetri doesn’t feel like the Cobra Kais are supposed to get a second chance. Robby feels the same way, but Daniel says everyone deserves a second chance.

[00:17:30] Daniel tells everyone he used to be a Cobra Kai. Meanwhile, Johnny’s friends warn him about Kreese. He really thinks Kreese has changed and tells them everyone deserves a second chance. They are all concerned about Johnny’s trust in Kreese. Tommy invites Johnny to play pool, but they suddenly encounter a local bully. A fight breaks out, but the old Cobra Kai boys win. Meanwhile, Daniel gathers everyone inside the dojo to tell them about his days in Cobra Kai. Sam is surprised that her father was once a Cobra Kai — the very thing they hate. Daniel narrates that he joined Cobra Kai to get better and continue fighting tournaments, but it just turned him into a violent and angry kid. He realized his mistake and was happy that Mr. Miyagi took him back.

[00:21:30] Back at Cobra Kai, Miguel continues training; Tory joins him. Miguel is having second thoughts about Kreese’s methods of teaching. Tory explains she isn’t part of a wealthy family, so she fights for everything for her family. She tells Miguel that the world shows no mercy to them, so why should they show mercy to others. Meanwhile, after learning about Daniel’s past, Chris and Demetri set aside their differences. They work together to get the boulder upright. Everyone witnesses their achievement. Daniel points out that teamwork makes the dream work.

[00:24:00] Tommy admits he also liked Ali back in high school. He was mustering up the courage to ask her out, but Johnny struck first. Tommy joined Cobra Kai to get the guts that Johnny had. Johnny says he never got over Ali. He really loved her, and he really missed the opportunity with her. Tommy tells Johnny he still has time, so he can still change his life for the better. Johnny isn’t sure he can still make something out of his life. His current goal is not to lead his students astray. Johnny doesn’t want them to live a life of regret like he does.

[00:26:30] Tommy knows Johnny can do it. He reminds him that he’s the champ. Johnny has to go up against Miyagi-Do and his former students to achieve his dream. Miyagi-Do is preparing just like Cobra Kai. The next day, Miguel apologizes to Kreese for challenging his lesson. Kreese says Miguel’s allegiance with Johnny isn’t something to apologize for. He tells Miguel they will get Johnny back on track, but it seems Kreese has other plans for Cobra Kai. Meanwhile, Tommy dies on their road trip. They slept under the stars, but Tommy was already dead by the time everyone woke up.

[00:28:30] Johnny loses another important person in his life. It seems life is really unfair with Johnny, but good things are yet to come. The paramedics come over as soon as possible, but they can’t save Tommy. Kreese resumes training at Cobra Kai. He tells them: “You are all Cobra Kai for life because Cobra Kai never dies.”

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