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Cobra Kai Season 2 Episode 7 Recap – Lull


Published 8 months ago

Cobra Kai Season 2 Episode 7 Recap - Lull

[00:00:30] Amanda wakes up and immediately greets Daniel. She sees that Daniel is no longer in bed, so she calls him. She thinks Daniel went to work, but he’s at the dojo. Amanda is disappointed in Daniel. He’s no longer putting any time at work and stays at the dojo every day. She reminds Daniel about their lunch with Anoush, but Daniel has forgotten about it. He just assures Amanda he’ll be there. After the call, Daniel enters the dojo and hears someone training in the garden. He calls out to Robby, but it isn’t him. It’s Kreese.

[00:01:30] Daniel is surprised that Kreese broke into his dojo. Kreese says he went over to thank Daniel for removing their weak soldiers from the dojo. Daniel reminds Kreese that they’re kids and not soldiers. Kreese gives an ultimatum: He guarantees Daniel that Johnny won’t be on the losing side anymore, but Daniel doesn’t know what Kreese means. He tells him they aren’t in a war, but Kreese is convinced they are. He tells Daniel that war never ends. Peace is just a lull between battles. On his way out, Kreese disrespectfully puts his cigar butt on one of the bonsais and tells Daniel to give his regards to Mr. Miyagi.

[00:03:00] Sam hangs out with Moon. She’s starting to like Robby, but Miguel doesn’t know. Sam tells Moon that Miguel doesn’t need to know. Moon tells Sam what her mother’s therapist always says: “You can’t hide from her heart.” Meanwhile, Johnny just got back from Tommy’s funeral. Miguel consoles Johnny as he enters the dojo, but he doesn’t like what he sees. Kreese reorganized the office while he’s away. He tells Johnny he can’t resist, so he paid some of the bills himself. Johnny tries to regain authority in the dojo and tells everyone to put on their gis.

[00:05:30] The students are all dressed for a hike because Kreese told them they’re going to Coyote Creek. Johnny doesn’t think his students are ready, but Kreese tells him it’s time to separate the men and women from the kids. Johnny doesn’t want to go, but everyone wants to prove themselves worthy, so he goes along. Meanwhile, Miyagi-Do is also preparing for some outdoor training. It’s a sweltering day, so Miyagi-Do students don’t want to push themselves too far. Daniel is worried they won’t survive attacks from Cobra Kai, so he must push his students further. He tells everyone they’ll experience the Shochu-Geiko training.

[00:07:30] Cobra Kai splits into two teams: red and black. Each team has its headbands. The goal is to eliminate the other team by collecting as many headbands as possible. There are no rules, but Johnny reminds everyone that it’s just a training exercise. Meanwhile, Miyagi-Do is training Shochu-Geiko to learn to anticipate an attack and play their cards to their advantage. One member will go to the middle, and the rest will encircle that member. The person in the middle will defend and launch a counterattack. Daniel gives the command for the number who will attack.

[00:09:00] Robby does a good job but gets defeated by Sam. Demetri takes the next turn but isn’t ready for any attacks. The day’s heat is too much for everyone, so Sam requests a break. Daniel gives in to the team’s request and tells everyone to come with him. Meanwhile, Tory and Miguel team up to get as many headbands as possible. They run into one of their teammates; they show him no mercy. Tory and Miguel are unstoppable as a duo, and it looks like a clean victory with Johnny watching from the sidelines.

[00:10:30] Since Miyagi-Do can’t take Shochu-Geiko, Daniel introduces them to Kangeiko — from hot to cold in an instant. Kangeiko must be done in a cold environment, so they all went to a walk-in freezer. It‘s now too cold for any training to be done, but Daniel tells them it‘s the key takeaway. He tells them they must adapt to the environment to heighten their senses. While supervising the training, Daniel receives a call from Anoush. It‘s about the meeting Amanda reminded him of earlier because Anoush isn‘t happy with the company anymore. Anoush tells Amanda that Daniel won’t come, so he leaves lunch disappointed. Amanda continues to get a hold of Daniel.

[00:12:00] Hawk is doing fine on his own. He gets five black headbands and gloats to one of their teammates about earning his Medal of Honor. Miguel sees Hawk, so he knows he‘s the one who trashed Miyagi-Do‘s dojo. Miguel is a good kid who knows he must do the right thing. Meanwhile, Miyagi-Do continues training Kangeiko. This time, Sam is clicking in all cylinders. She adapts and counters two attackers. Daniel acknowledges Sam’s good read of her opponents and calls Demetri to the center again. Demetri isn’t getting any better, but Daniel doesn’t want to give up on him. Daniel chooses to ignore Amanda as she continues to call him.

[00:14:00] The day is soon coming to an end. It all comes down to Miguel and Hawk. Meanwhile, Daniel encourages Demetri to do better. He tells him that he can anticipate the attack if he just concentrates. Demetri does as told and surprisingly counters Chris‘ attacks. He does good and celebrates too early because another attacker eliminates him from the exercise. Daniel reaches for his phone and sees all the missed calls he got from Amanda. He knows he can’t ignore her forever, so he ends the training and rushes to the office.

[00:15:30] Miguel and Hawk finally find each other in the forest. Miguel confronts Hawk about what he did to Miyagi-Do. Hawk says Miyagi-Do is the enemy, and he doesn’t need to be soft like Miguel just because he likes Sam. Miguel says it’s not about being soft but knowing right from wrong. Hawk is done about being right or wrong; all he wants is to be the best, so he’ll do whatever it takes to become the best. The two battle it out, but Hawk is no match for Miguel. Everyone hears the battle and goes over to watch. Miguel emerges victorious. Kreese orders him to finish Hawk. Johnny tries to stop Miguel, but it‘s too late. He lands a sweeping kick to Hawk’s face to end the match, even if he already got the headband.

[00:17:30] Team Black celebrates the victory with Miguel. They all forgot about Chubs, who calls himself “Stingray.” He‘s hiding under a pile of leaves and emerges from the ground to take Miguel’s bandana — Team Red wins. Everyone gets shocked and impressed, but Johnny approaches Miguel to scold him. He tells Miguel that he didn’t teach him to fight like such. Miguel says Kreese told them to fight like in real life because it isn’t always a tournament. Johnny is disappointed in Miguel because he already told Miguel that he doesn’t want him to end up like him.

[00:18:30] That night, Sam and Robby finally officially start their relationship. They initially agreed not to, but they couldn’t control their feelings. Meanwhile, Amanda and Daniel meet up at the dealership. Anoush quit his job to join Tom Cole. Tom offered him more money, but he gave Daniel and Amanda a chance to give him a better offer, but Daniel didn’t arrive. Daniel apologizes to Amanda and tells her he’ll fix things, but Anoush isn’t the issue. It‘s Daniel and Miyagi-Do. Amanda tells Daniel that he can’t keep his promises — to find the balance between work and Karate — but all he did was find balance in Karate. Daniel tries to explain himself, but Amanda won’t hear him out. She just walks out and goes home.

[00:21:30] Miguel arrives at Sam’s house, but Robby answers the door. Miguel returns the medal, but Robby doesn’t give it back to Sam. He doesn’t want Sam to make up with Miguel because they‘re starting to like each other, so he hides the medal in his back pocket. Meanwhile, Johnny confronts Kreese about his way of teaching. Kreese defends himself and tells Johnny that he’s just trying to get Cobra Kai back to its glory days. Johnny won’t allow Kreese to take control of Cobra Kai, so he tells him to leave and never return. Kreese doesn’t argue; he just takes his cigar and leaves the dojo.

[00:25:30] Kreese walks out, but nothing ends peacefully with him. Leaving is just the beginning. Kreese will return with a plan up his sleeves.

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