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Cobra Kai Season 2 Episode 8 Recap – Glory of Love


Published 2 months ago

Cobra Kai Season 2 Episode 8 Recap - Glory of Love

[00:00:30] Johnny leaves his apartment and knocks on Carmen’s door. She opens the door and tells Johnny that she‘ll get Miguel. Johnny tells Carmen he’s not there for Miguel and kisses her. As Johnny and Carmen kiss like in an 80s soda commercial, everything goes wild. But Johnny is only dreaming about Carmen, yet he‘s having the best time of his life.

[00:01:30] Daniel slept on his couch and called his mother over. He still hasn’t made up with Amanda; he knows it will take some time before they talk with each other again. Sam and Robby are in the dojo to lead the team for warm-ups, but they get some alone time first. They are kissing in the storage room when Demetri calls out to them. Demetri has found Mr. Miyagi’s medal in the garden. Sam couldn’t believe it was there the whole time because it wasn’t. Robby didn’t tell Sam that Miguel returned the medal and made it look like it was just there in the garden.

[00:03:30] Johnny wakes up and wants to make his dream a reality. He musters up the courage to knock on Carmen’s door but stops because Carmen arrives with Graham. Johnny just feels bad as Carmen introduces him to Graham. He thought he had a chance with Carmen, but she‘s already seeing someone else. Meanwhile, Daniel tries to win Amanda over by taking some time off Karate and returning to work. He thought his plan would work, but Amanda already had a lunch plan with other clients. She declines Daniel’s offer of sushi and milk tea and leaves him. She tells Daniel to share the sushi with their clients.

[00:05:30] Miguel tries to set up a date with Tory, but she‘s too busy with work. Hawk arrives at the dojo. Miguel approaches to make up with him. Hawk assures Miguel they‘re only enemies for a day, so it changes nothing about their friendship. Johnny starts their training and tells everyone that Kreese is no longer joining them. He explains that Kreese’s version of Cobra Kai is old and outdated. Johnny tells everyone that following the Cobra Kai creed will make them tough and strong, but it will also turn them into assholes. He doesn’t want them to follow in his footsteps, so they must know when to use their heads and their fists. Everyone is delighted at the news, especially Miguel.

[00:08:30] Miguel talks to Johnny. He knows Johnny is friends with Kreese, and losing him is painful. He offers to talk, but Johnny refuses. Johnny tells Miguel to just focus on his training and his new girlfriend, Tory. Miguel offers to find Johnny a girl using an app and tells Johnny that Carmen found Graham through the app. Johnny seems interested in the app because he hasn’t had women for quite some time.

[00:09:30] Daniel calls out his team to start buffing the cars at the dealership. Amanda sees them but thinks nothing of it. She thought Daniel was just training his students, but he says he’s doing everything he can to make up for his mistakes. Amanda isn’t impressed. She tells Daniel that he can’t put a Band-Aid on their problem. Amanda wants Daniel to choose between work and Karate because she can’t have him running off to the dojo again once they’ve made up.

[00:11:30] Miguel starts Johnny on the app. He downloads the app on Johnny’s phone and asks him a few questions to round up his profile. Johnny doesn’t want anything to do with the standard stuff. He just wants to get a profile up and running to meet hot chicks. Miguel goes to Johnny’s closet and finds one of his old jackets. He asks Johnny if he can borrow the jacket, but Johnny isn’t paying attention. He just tells Miguel to get whatever he wants because he‘s already browsing for women on the app. Meanwhile, Sam and Robby are still hiding their relationship from her family. Robby tells Sam they must go out on a date to avoid her family altogether.

[00:12:30] That night, Johnny goes out on his first date. None of his dates turn out successful, and to make matters worse, he ends up meeting the woman who got him fired. She recognizes Johnny and ends up arguing with him. Johnny doesn’t appreciate losing his job because the woman can’t give him the proper instructions about what he‘s supposed to do. The woman just leaves the bar. Meanwhile, Daniel walks down memory lane, looking at some of his photo albums.

[00:17:00] While Daniel is at home looking at memories, Johnny finds the courage to send Ali a message. Ali is already married, but he never got over her. He completed his message, but it sounded too desperate. He decides not to send the message, but a woman bumps into him, so he accidentally sends the message. Johnny’s luck is about to change as the woman buys him another round. Robby and Sam go to the skating rink for 80s night. They didn’t expect to bump into Tory. Tory works at the skating rink, and the next thing they know, Miguel is already there. Tory tells Miguel she must return to work, so she kisses him and leaves.

[00:19:30] Robby decides to just take Sam and get a pair of roller skates so they can still enjoy the rest of the night. Meanwhile, Johnny has a good conversation with the woman he just met. It seems they shared the same sentiment about the good old days. The woman asks Johnny to buy her another drink because she must go to the bathroom. Johnny agrees, but before ordering, he overhears a conversation from another table. It‘s Graham talking to one of his friends. Johnny hears him say he just wants to get in bed with Carmen.

[00:21:30] Back at the skating rink, Miguel tries to talk with Sam, but she doesn’t want to. Sam can’t believe Miguel is dating Tory. Miguel defends Tory and tells her she doesn’t even know her. Miguel just wanted to clear things up with Sam so it doesn’t have to be awkward, but he’s convinced that Sam doesn’t want to clear things up anymore. Sam feels offended, but she can’t do anything.

[00:22:30] Johnny leaves his date to intimidate Graham. Graham is supposed to go to the bathroom, but the men’s room is out of order. He takes a piss in the alley behind the bar. Johnny goes over to intimidate Graham. He thinks he can talk Johnny down, but he beats the crap out of him. Graham begs for mercy and tells Johnny that he will stay away from Carmen. Meanwhile, Tory trips Sam for speaking with Miguel. She had seen them talking earlier, and she won’t let her get away with it.

[00:24:30] Sam retaliates, but the bouncer sees Sam attacking Tory. Tory is a waitress at the skating rink, so the bouncer kicks Sam and Robby out of the establishment. Tory wins because she has provoked Sam and ruined her night. Meanwhile, Daniel sorts things out with Amanda. He wore a suit and took her down memory lane. Daniel shows Amanda that despite everything that happened, she‘s still the only thing that matters to him. Amanda accepts the apology and forgives Daniel for his mistakes.

[00:28:00] Johnny arrives at his apartment and finds Carmen sitting outside hers. She says Graham ghosted her. Johnny tells Carmen to forget about Graham because any guy is lucky to go out with her. Carmen is flattered by Johnny’s line and asks him if he‘s asking her out. Johnny won’t let the opportunity pass, so he asks Carmen out, and surprisingly she accepts.

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