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Cobra Kai Season 2 Episode 9 Recap – Pulpo


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 2 Episode 9 Recap - Pulpo

[00:00:30] After meeting at the skating rink, Sam and Tory train harder than ever. They will eventually face off again, so they can’t slack off. Sam and Robby continue to strengthen their defense while Miguel and Tory bolster their offense. Both relationships are also continuing to blossom.

[00:02:00] Robby and Sam just got back from training. Robby kisses Sam and tells her he’s ready to tell her parents about their relationship. As they enter the living room, Robby gets surprised to see Shannon. She apologizes for leaving Robby, but an apology isn’t enough.  Shannon tells Robby she’s entering rehab to fix herself. Robby is pleased that Shannon wants to change her life but disagrees with staying with Johnny. Shannon admits it’s partially her fault that he grew up without Johnny. She explains that Johnny really wants to be part of his life, but it’s only possible if Robby lets him.

[00:04:30] While Robby settles things in his life, Sam agrees to go to Moon’s party. She doesn’t want to at first, but her parents are going out, so she can’t talk to them about her relationship with Robby. While looking for something to wear for the party, Sam sees the octopus she won with Miguel on their first date. She‘s already dating Robby, but it seems she hasn’t gotten over Miguel yet.

[00:06:00] Johnny goes out with Carmen on a dinner date. Everything is going great until Daniel and Amanda show up. Daniel asks for another table, but the only one left is next to Johnny and Carmen. They get the table before someone else does. Meanwhile, the Miyagi-Dos arrive at Moon’s place, but they don’t expect Cobra Kai will also be there. Moon tells Sam that school is starting again, so they must eliminate all the negative energy and become friends with everyone else. Meanwhile, Johnny and Daniel try to outdo each other, comparing class sizes in their respective dojos. They start to argue, but Amanda and Carmen get between them.

[00:09:30] Amanda and Carmen aren’t acquainted. They just met at the restaurant and have decided to join their tables to talk more. Johnny and Daniel didn’t want to, but they had no choice. While they‘re trying to have a civilized dinner, the children are getting wild at the party. Tory starts a drinking challenge in Moon’s backyard. No one can beat her, so she challenges Sam. Sam agrees, but Robby tries to talk her out of it. Sam isn’t going to let Tory win; it‘s her chance to get back at Tory for what she did at the skating rink.

[00:12:00] Carmen is an X-ray technician. Amanda doesn’t bother telling Carmen what she does for a living because she already knows. They‘re enjoying each other’s company but not Johnny and Daniel. They can’t get past their rivalry and feel they must always be better than the other. After ordering, Carmen excuses herself to go freshen up. Amanda decides to join her so Johnny and Daniel can talk. Meanwhile, the drinking challenge is underway. Tory easily finishes her first cup, but Sam already has difficulty with hers. She finishes her cup without falling from the chair and continues with the challenge. Hawk is still in love with Moon and tries to make her jealous by talking to a girl who just entered the party. Hawk gets surprised when Moon walks up to the girl and kisses her.

[00:14:00] Moon introduces the girl as Piper, her girlfriend. Hawk can‘t say anything. He can‘t believe Moon has already moved on from their relationship. Hawk greets Piper and walks away. While Amanda and Carmen are still in the bathroom, Daniel discovers Kreese has already left Cobra Kai. He tells Johnny that Kreese broke into their dojo the other day. Johnny is surprised but assures Daniel that Kreese is no longer with them. He tells Daniel he wants Cobra Kai to change for the better. Daniel doesn’t know that Johnny has such a plan, so he‘s pleased upon hearing of it. The ladies return from the bathroom and are surprised that Daniel and Johnny are getting along. Carmen tells Johnny that Robby is attending West Valley High, so Daniel tells Johnny that they enrolled Robby because he must go to school.

[00:17:00] Carmen worries that Johnny will feel bad, but he agrees with Daniel on Robby’s education. After all the talk, the orders arrive, so it‘s time for dinner. Meanwhile, Demetri approaches Hawk to try and make amends. He tells him about the new character on the show they used to watch together. Hawk doesn’t watch it anymore, but he‘s surprised that the showrunner is no longer a male. Hawk is still bummed out about Moon and Piper. He watches them kiss from across the room, so Demetri tells him it‘s time to give up. He tells Hawk he needs a dose of healthy inner peace. Hawk doesn’t want peace, so he stands up and pours his drink all over Demetri. Hawk is waiting for Demetri to retaliate, but he doesn’t.  Hawk calls him a pussy and leaves.

[00:19:00] Sam and Tory are chugging down beer like it‘s water. Tory switches to vodka. Tory drinks the shot the second she receives it, but Sam is having second thoughts. She balances first and takes the shot. Tory slips from her chair while giving the shot glass to Miguel. Miguel tries to help her, but Tory just leaves after losing the challenge. Meanwhile, salsa night begins at the restaurant. Daniel and Amanda walk up to the dance floor. Carmen invites Johnny to dance, but he doesn’t know how, so he refuses Carmen’s invitation. Carmen tells Johnny she can be his salsa sensei and convinces him to dance.

[00:21:00] After a quick tutorial, Johnny learns to dance and enjoys the rest of the night with Carmen. He orders another round of drinks and continues to dance the night away. Back at the party, Robby tells Sam to stop drinking and leaves to get some food instead. Aisha approaches Sam because she must stop drinking. Sam tells Aisha to back off because she’s just jealous that she beat Tory in her own drinking challenge. Sam tells Aisha that winning the challenge isn’t enough payback for what they did to their dojo. Aisha tells Sam they didn’t have anything to do with what happened at their dojo. She tells Sam that Tory and Miguel aren’t a part of it either.

[00:22:30] Aisha says Miguel returned Mr. Miyagi’s medal to make amends. Sam tells Aisha that Miguel didn’t return the medal; Demetri found it at the dojo. Aisha tells Sam she has her facts wrong. Miguel returned the medal to their house and gave it to Robby. Sam goes out of the party to get some air while Demetri interrupts the music to tell everyone about Eli. Hawk doesn’t appreciate Demetri ruining his badass reputation. Demetri tells everyone that Hawk is actually a soft guy like him. They watched Harry Potter together, and Hawk bawled when Dobby died. Hawk really wants to shut Demetri down, but he can’t because he must show mercy like how Johnny taught them.

[00:24:30] Daniel and Johnny end the evening with peace. They agree that their dojos don’t need to be at war. Johnny says it‘s Kreese who wants war, not him. They shake hands in peace, and Johnny leaves the restaurant with Carmen. Meanwhile, Miguel approaches Sam to check on her. Sam apologizes to him and thanks him for returning the medal. One thing leads to another, and Miguel kisses Sam. It was the heat of the moment, and they immediately regretted things, but it‘s too late. Tory saw them kissing from a nearby window, but she won’t cry about it.

[00:26:30] Demetri drops the bomb on Hawk. He tells everyone Hawk still wets his bed, even at his age. Hawk tells Demetri to stop, but he goes ahead and tells everyone about his condition. Hawk does his best to show mercy, but he won’t let Demetri ruin his reputation any further. He wants to destroy Demetri, but the rest of Miyagi-Do won’t allow him. The other Cobra Kais also won’t let Hawk go into battle alone, so everything turns into a standoff. Moon tries to stop the fight, but the cops arrive before things can break off. Everyone leaves in a hurry before the police arrest them.

[00:28:30] Johnny takes Carmen home. He gives her a goodnight kiss and returns to his apartment. He regrets not inviting Carmen over, but he hears a knock on his door. Johnny excitedly goes to the door, thinking it‘s Carmen. He opens the door and sees Robby with Sam. Sam can’t go home drunk, so Robby takes her to Johnny’s because there‘s no other place to go.

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