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Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 6 Recap – King Cobra


Published 1 month ago

Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 6 Recap - King Cobra

[00:00:30] Vietnam, 1968. John Kreese received a photo from Betsy. Some of John’s buddies were amazed someone like Betsy was waiting for him back home. While talking about Betsy, one of the officers called on Kreese. He told Kreese to go to the command tent because the captain was looking for him. Kreese thought he was in trouble, but it was the entire opposite. The captain was looking for men who could join his unit. Word of mouth was that Kreese volunteered for everything. The captain asked him if he had a death wish. Kreese says he’s just not afraid of death.

[00:02:30] The captain told Kreese they’d work on special ops missions north of Vietnam. He explained he’d train the whole team by himself. Kreese was eager to join and was thrilled to hear they would learn hand-to-hand combat. The captain explained he‘d teach them Tang Soo Do, a Korean version of Karate. Kreese must complete the training and survive combat, or else he’d be marked as MIA, and he wouldn’t get any recognition for anything he did in Vietnam. The captain told Kreese he must be excellent if he’s joining the team. Kreese didn’t back down from the challenge. He assured the captain he’d be the best.

[00:04:00] Fast forward to the present, Kreese is recruiting new prospects for Cobra Kai. He goes around town looking for the best of the best. Meanwhile, Johnny is reading a message Ali sent him. He‘s browsing through Ali’s pictures on Facebook while thinking of an appropriate response. Ali reminisces about their high school days and asks Johnny what he’s up to. Johnny isn’t good with talking to women, but he wants things to work out with Ali, so he’s cautious with his response.

[00:05:30] Daniel comes home and finds Amanda waiting for him. He‘s in a good mood because he saved their company. The deal with Doyona International is back on track, and he can’t wait to tell Amanda how he saved the day. Daniel brought gifts for his children, but they weren’t at home. Amanda tells Daniel the kids are at his mother’s because of John Kreese. Meanwhile, the new Cobra Kai recruits arrive at the dojo. One of them is Kyler, which brings back some painful memories for Hawk. He tries to reason with Kreese not to take Kyler in, but Kreese is convinced they need real athletes to join the dojo. In the end, Hawk can’t do anything about Kyler, so he’ll have to face him as Kreese wants the new recruits to earn their spot in the dojo.

[00:08:00] Miguel and Johnny continue training so Miguel can start walking again. Johnny placed Miguel in a harness to stand up on his own. The exercise allows Miguel to carry his weight, but he fails on the first attempt. Johnny can’t do anything but encourage Miguel to try again as he goes to the fridge to get a beer. Miguel sees Johnny’s novel of a message to Ali. He hasn’t sent the message, so Miguel tells him not to. Johnny tells Miguel he has 35 years‘ worth of information he must tell Ali. Miguel says he doesn’t have to send everything in one go. Miguel reads Ali’s message and attempts to salvage Johnny’s reputation with her.

[00:10:00] Amanda tells Daniel what happened between Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai while he was in Japan. Daniel wants revenge for what happened to Demetri, but Amanda tells him they will do things her way. She doesn’t want to settle things through Karate. She wants Kreese out of the valley, and the only way is to approach the police. Meanwhile, it‘s sparring time at Cobra Kai. Kreese pairs Mitch with Kyler. Mitch lands a kick to Kyler’s face, but that‘s it. Kyler takes the fight to the mat because he‘s a wrestler and gets Mitch to tap out. Mitch returns to his place, but Kreese tells him to leave.

[00:12:30] Kreese explains that Mitch lost to an untrained dojo member, which makes him lose the spot to Kyler. Hawk tries to talk to Kreese to retain Mitch because of his loyalty, but he doesn’t care about loyalty. All he wants is to get a ruthless and powerful roster. Kreese remembers his training in the military. He was taught to show no mercy because it‘s war. Karate isn’t war, but Kreese teaches his student the same brutality that turns his students into menaces of society. Kreese stands by his decision. Hawk can’t do anything but watch as Mitch leaves the dojo.

[00:14:00] Ali wants to know what Johnny’s been up to. Miguel tells Johnny he must update his profile picture to give Ali an idea. Johnny grabs some of his old pictures, but Miguel isn’t convinced that the old pictures are good. He tells Johnny they need new pictures. Johnny is still stuck in the 80s form of photography, so Miguel is there to help him get through his nostalgic days. Meanwhile, Daniel and Amanda go to the police to file a complaint against John Kreese. They are surprised that a restraining order was already filed against them by Kreese. They can’t believe Kreese beat them to it. Amanda and Daniel can’t do anything, but Amanda has one other plan up her sleeve. She tells Daniel it isn’t a good plan, but it’s all they have left.

[00:17:00] Tory beats her opponent and secures her spot in the dojo. Brucks is up, so Hawk volunteers to take him down. Kreese gets rid of the point system because he knows Hawk won’t show mercy. Brucks never stood a chance against Hawk. He even begs for mercy at one point, but he won’t get any. Hawk beats Brucks and spits on his face after. Hawk is fueled with rage and vengeance. He finally got payback for all the bullying he endured. Kyler can’t look Hawk in the eye once he‘s finished with Brucks. Even Tory thought it‘s a bit too much, but she didn’t say anything.

[00:19:00] Miguel and Johnny are out in town taking pictures. Johnny poses for everything Miguel can find just to show he‘s living a normal life. Johnny doesn’t feel like the man he is, but he trusts Miguel to deliver a fresh new perspective for his profile picture. Miguel and Johnny are in a sushi bar when Tory arrives. She apologizes for not visiting, but things end up in an argument. Tory thinks Miguel is dating her just to get Sam’s attention. Miguel feels disappointed that Tory thinks so low of him. He feels even more disappointed as Tory is hell-bent on getting back at Miyagi-Do for what happened to him. Miguel tells Tory that no one needs to get hurt, but Tory doesn’t care. All she wants is to win, whatever the cost.

[00:22:30] Daniel and Amanda invite Armand to dinner. It‘s the last attempt to get Kreese out of the valley. Amanda calls it the nuclear option because it is. She offers to double Kreese’s rent just to get him out of the valley. Armand thinks about the offer and tells Amanda to triple the rent, and they have a deal. Daniel disagrees with it, but they don’t have any choice. Amanda and Armand seal the deal, and it seems like the end for Kreese and Cobra Kai. Without a dojo, they can’t really train for the next tournament. The next day, Kreese reminisces about his failed mission in Vietnam. He hesitated to kill his own comrade for the mission and got everyone caught. The captain blames him for the failure of the mission.

[00:26:30] While Kreese reminisces, Armand walks into the dojo to evict him. He brings his nephews with him, but Kreese won’t go down without a fight. Armand’s nephews are bigger than him, but Kreese is a Karate master, and it‘s enough to win the fight. Meanwhile, Johnny and Miguel resume training. Miguel is angry after he has argued with Tory. Johnny thinks Miguel will quit, but he explains that Johnny quit on everyone. Johnny says he quit because it was a mistake to revive Cobra Kai. Miguel tells Johnny it wasn’t a mistake. He explains that the mistake was showing weakness. Miguel really believes that Johnny has what it takes to become a proper sensei.

[00:29:00] After the argument, Miguel stands on his own. Miguel thanks Johnny for helping him, but Johnny knows Miguel is the one who helped him that day. Johnny returns to work on his profile and deletes all the fake pictures he took with Miguel. He posts all his Karate pictures and Miguel’s video of standing up on his own. Johnny is about to tell Ali that he’s back in Karate but decides to allow his pictures to do the work for him. Meanwhile, the LaRussos are celebrating victory. The dealership is back on track, and Kreese is out of their lives — or so they thought.

[00:31:00] Daniel receives a call from Armand, but he doesn’t expect things to go south. Armand breaks off his deal with Daniel and gives the phone to Kreese. He beats Armand and his nephews into submission and tells Daniel that war doesn’t end with diplomacy. Kreese calls Daniel out and tells him to prepare Miyagi-Do because war is upon them. One of the customers runs out of the dealership because there‘s a snake inside the car. Everyone panics and runs out. Amanda and Daniel can’t believe their plan has backfired.

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