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Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 7 Recap – Obstáculos


Published 10 months ago

Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 7 Recap - Obstáculos

[00:00:30] Sam is training in the dojo when Tory appears wanting revenge. She blames Sam for what happened to Robby and Miguel. They fight, and Sam loses to Tory big time. Tory drags Sam over to the pond, drowning her in the murky waters. Sam tries to fight Tory, but in the end, she accepts defeat and starts to fade out. Sam wakes up and realizes she‘s just having a nightmare.

[00:02:00] Miguel is back on his feet after a few weeks of training. Johnny shows Miguel what a true sensei is capable of. Miguel can walk again with his efforts, so they throw away his wheelchair and crutches to a nearby dumpster. It‘s time to think of a new name for their dojo. Since Kreese took Cobra Kai from them, Miguel offers to help Johnny name their new dojo. Johnny tells Miguel to worry about the name later because they need to recruit students first. Miguel assures Johnny he’ll recruit students when he returns to school.

[00:05:00] Amanda and Daniel tell Sam about their plan. They can’t take Kreese and Cobra Kai down the legal way, so they must get back through Karate. Amanda agrees to reopen Miyagi-Do, but Sam refuses to do Karate anymore. She endured many problems because of Karate, so she doesn’t want to go back. Daniel doesn’t understand what Sam’s going through. Amanda tells Daniel to take Sam out so they can talk about things. Meanwhile, Miguel arrives at school. Everyone welcomes him back. He bumps into Demetri and asks him how he broke his arm. Miguel doesn’t know Hawk broke Demetri’s arm, but he’ll get there eventually.

[00:07:30] Johnny’s mission is to find a new location for his dojo. He does his best, but he doesn’t have money to rent a place. The cheapest he can find is $3,000. After a day of driving around and talking to owners, Johnny decides to use the public park. Meanwhile, Daniel brings Sam out to the lake for fishing, but they aren’t really going fishing. Daniel just wants the truth from Sam. She doesn’t want to recall everything at first, but Daniel really wants to understand what’s going on with Sam.

[00:11:00] Sam tells Daniel what happened at the arcade. She froze. Now, she doubts herself. Sam doesn’t even know if she can defend herself, so she refuses to do Karate again and endanger more people around her. Daniel apologizes to Sam for what happened and opts to take her home. Meanwhile, Demetri is once again a bully target. Brucks is out, but it doesn’t stop Kyler from bullying Demetri. He draws a dick on Demetri’s cast and ridicules him in front of everyone in the cafeteria. Demetri can’t do anything but leave in shame.

[00:12:30] Miguel confronts Hawk for breaking Demetri’s arm. Hawk says he did it to get revenge for him. Miguel knows Kreese has already brainwashed Hawk. He tells Hawk to leave Cobra Kai and join him in Johnny’s new dojo. Hawk thinks about the offer, but Miguel is already disappointed at how Cobra Kai is shaping up. Kyler is now part of Cobra Kai, and Hawk is his new friend. Miguel can’t believe that Hawk is now one of the bullies.

[00:14:30] Sam opens up to Daniel about what happened to her during the fight. She froze upon seeing Tory, and Daniel understood her fear. He tells Sam it isn’t her fault, so it‘s nothing to be ashamed of. Daniel assures Sam that he’ll always be there for her and that she’s never alone in her battles. Meanwhile, Johnny enters the school to see how recruitment is doing. Miguel tells Johnny he can’t convince the Cobra Kai students to leave because Kreese has already brainwashed them. Johnny refuses to give up, so he approaches Hawk and the other students to reason with them. He tells them to show up at the park the next day if they want to get their lives back on track. Johnny warns them that following Kreese will only lead to the destruction of their lives.

[00:18:00] Daniel takes Sam to the All Valley Sports Arena. He tells Sam about how he almost lost his second tournament because of fear. Daniel was ready to give up back then, but Mr. Miyagi told him not to lose to fear. Mr. Miyagi explained it’s okay to fear his opponent, but he must get up and fight. Daniel understood what must be done, so he refocused and won the tournament. Daniel assures Sam that he‘ll be there for her like Mr. Miyagi was for him. He explains that only Sam can face her fears, so she must do it because there’s no other way around it.

[00:20:30] Kyler and his friends continue to bully Demetri. He can’t do anything because of his cast, but a new friend comes out to help him. — Yasmine. She asks Demetri for a marker and signs his cast. Yasmine writes, “I love your big dick,” on Kyler’s dick drawing to make things better for Demetri. It won’t stop the bullying, but it‘s a huge morale boost for him. It seems there‘s a spark between the two, but Yasmine ends the conversation before anything happens. Meanwhile, Sam starts her training again. It seems the fishing trip is part of her Karate training, but Daniel tells her everything is just a coincidence.

[00:23:00] Johnny meets up with his new students at the park. Hawk and his friends don’t arrive as anticipated, but Johnny gets most of his old students back. Miguel is joined by Mitch, Bert, and a few other geeky kids from school. They‘re eager to learn Karate from him; this time, he‘s prepared. Johnny has already thought of a name for their dojo, so he hands out the shirts with the new dojo name on them — Eagle Fang. Mitch quickly points out that Eagles don’t have fangs, but the shirts are already printed, so they need to stick with the name.

[00:25:00] Hawk and his friends arrive as soon as everyone gets their shirts on. Johnny thought they‘re there to join the class, but it turns out Kreese brought the entire Cobra Kai roster to the park. He offers Johnny to rejoin Cobra Kai, but Johnny won’t make the same mistake twice and refuses to join Cobra Kai. Johnny no longer trusts Kreese after what happened to Miguel. He tells Kreese he’s to blame for what the kids did to Miguel. Kreese tells Johnny that Cobra Kai is strong and fearless. He doesn’t have to worry that his students will be in a coma.

[00:26:30] A fight between Hawk and Miguel is about to break out, but Kreese stops Hawk. He tells Johnny he will regret going up against Cobra Kai. Kreese leaves with his students and allows Johnny to resume training with Eagle Fang.

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