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Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 9 Recap – Feel the Night


Published 1 month ago

Cobra Kai Season 3 Episode 9 Recap - Feel the Night

[00:00:30] Christmas is rolling in the valley, but that’s not all — Ali is back. Johnny doesn’t know it yet because he’s too busy enjoying Carmen’s company. Johnny secretly continues his relationship with Carmen behind Miguel’s back. Carmen asks Johnny where they go from there, but he doesn’t have a clear answer. He doesn’t want to ruin his relationship with Miguel by telling him he’s banging his mother. Johnny really wants things to work out with Carmen. Carmen goes to work and leaves Johnny to worry about the problem. She tells Johnny they can talk about it again when she returns.

[00:03:00] Johnny starts his day by checking his Facebook account. He‘s surprised to see Ali’s message saying she’s in town for the holidays. Ali invites Johnny for lunch, but he can’t say yes because of Carmen. He doesn’t want Carmen to get the wrong impression of him, so he contemplates whether he can go out with Ali for lunch. Meanwhile, Miguel returns to the Miyagi-Do dojo to train with Sam. They‘re training at first, where Sam shows Miguel how the drum move works, but as Miguel shows her a move, Sam kisses Miguel. Daniel walks in on the two, so they stop kissing in embarrassment. Daniel sees his toy hand drum in Miguel’s pocket, so he returns it to the shelf.

[00:06:00] Robby spends the night at the Cobra Kai dojo. He doesn’t have any place to go because he refuses to go to Johnny or Daniel for help. Robby wakes up at the sound of Kreese practicing on a punching bag. Hawk sees him. He refuses to train with Robby, but Kreese tells him they need all the help they can get. Kreese tells Hawk that the enemy of his enemy is his friend. Robby isn’t there to join Cobra Kai, but Tory won’t let Robby out of her sights. She sees Robby as an ally and invites him to join her after school.

[00:08:30] Johnny goes to lunch with Ali. He‘s tense, but all the butterflies disappear as he sees Ali in the restaurant. Johnny orders a vegan meal, but Ali just opts for good old cheeseburgers. Johnny changes his mind and gets the same order. Meanwhile, Daniel confronts Sam for being with Miguel again. Sam tells Daniel to trust her because Miguel is no longer the Cobra Kai bully he once was. Daniel doesn’t want Robby to find out that Sam is back with Miguel, but it‘s too late. Robby already knows, and Daniel knows it‘s a heartbreaker for him. Daniel can’t do anything but choose Sam over Robby since she’s his daughter. Daniel gives Miguel a second chance with his daughter.

[00:12:00] Robby goes with Tory and her friends. They‘re sneaking into the Ventura Zoo. Robby doesn’t know why they‘re sneaking into the zoo, so Hawk tells him to follow them. Meanwhile, Johnny reconnects with Ali over lunch. He discovers that Ali and her husband, Greg, are already separated. Johnny is delighted over the news, but he‘s already with Carmen. He must choose between them, but it has to wait. Johnny apologizes to Ali for what happened between them 30 years ago. Ali can’t believe Johnny has changed. She appreciates the change and invites Johnny on a date with her.

[00:16:00] Daniel and Miguel talk about what happened between him and Johnny 30 years ago. Johnny told Miguel his side of the story, so it‘s time for Daniel’s side. Meanwhile, Cobra Kai sneaks into the zoo to steal a cobra for Kreese. Kyler forgot to get a snake pole, so they bail on the mission. Luckily, Robby is there. He grabs the snake without a snake pole, so everyone thanks him for it. Hawk feels jealous because the praise ends up in Robby’s hands.

[00:18:30] Daniel and Miguel continue to talk through the rest of the afternoon. The conversation ends as Daniel realizes he must pick up Amanda. He leaves Miguel with Sam and tells her to just keep the “sparring” to a minimum. Miguel feels great he got to talk with Daniel. It‘s one step closer to ensuring a better relationship with Sam. Sam wants Daniel and Johnny to talk, but Miguel assures her it won’t happen. Sam gets an idea and tells Miguel about it. It seems she wants Daniel and Johnny to get together to settle their differences.

[00:21:00] Ali and Johnny go to the arcade. It‘s just like their first date in high school. Ali asks Johnny about Robby, so he tells her a brief picture of him. Ali describes her kids to Johnny, but they aren’t in the valley with her. They‘re with Greg for the holidays. Ali and Johnny are about to get romantic, but Ali stops herself before she makes a mistake. Johnny is lucky because he‘s already with Carmen. He doesn’t want to mess that up by being with Ali. Meanwhile, Robby gets all the praise from Kreese. Hawk feels life is unfair because he planned the surprise for Kreese but didn’t get credit for it.

[00:25:30] Kreese reveals to Robby and Tory that Sam and Miguel are back together. Tory can’t believe it, so she leaves the dojo as soon as Kreese dismisses them. Meanwhile, Sam and Miguel aren’t planning on getting their senseis to make up. They‘re planning on merging the two dojos. Eagle Fang meets up at Sam’s house where Miyagi-Do is waiting. The two dojos can’t get along, but Sam tells them they must to stand a chance against Cobra Kai.

[00:27:30] Johnny wears a suit and attends the party with Ali’s invitation. He arrives at the party and sees Daniel speaking with Ali. All the bad memories of Daniel come rushing in. He can’t stop himself from resenting Daniel. Johnny is all fired up. It isn’t going to be a great night for him after all.

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