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Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode 3 Recap – Then Learn Fly


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode 3 Recap - Then Learn Fly

[00:00:30] Everything is going great at the dojo. The merger has never been any better. The Okinawan sparring deck is complete, so everyone can spar and show off their strengths. Sam and Miguel continue to strengthen their relationship now that everything is legal with Daniel and Amanda. Johnny and Daniel are also getting along despite their differences. They’re beginning to share their lunches and even did a fist bump after training.

[00:02:00] The LaRussos invite Johnny, Carmen, and Miguel for dinner. Daniel notices there‘s something wrong between Carmen and Johnny. They came in different cars, but Johnny tells Daniel they’re just taking things slowly. The grownups end up talking about their children’s future. Daniel and Amanda have no issues with Sam going to any college she chooses. Miguel wants to attend Stanford, but they can’t afford it. Carmen tells Miguel that he’s better off going to Santa Monica College. Miguel is disappointed in Carmen’s response, so he spills wine on Daniel’s shirt. Miguel knows he just ruined the night, but he can’t do anything about it. Daniel and Johnny are excited about the next day’s training session because they‘re finally going to switch students.

[00:05:00] Terry’s private chef serves him breakfast, but he refuses to eat. He suddenly remembers his promise to Kreese when he saved him back in Vietnam. He promised Kreese he would have his back but couldn’t fulfill his promise as he refused to join Cobra Kai again. Meanwhile, Kenny enters the Cobra Kai dojo to look for Robby. He tells Robby he’s Shawn’s brother. Robby didn’t know Shawn had a brother. Kenny explains why he’s looking for him, but Kreese doesn’t want anyone disturbing his class. He tells Kenny he must prove his worth if he wants to learn Karate in Cobra Kai. Kenny is ready, but he doesn’t know what‘s coming to him.

[00:07:30] Eagle Fang is at Miyagi-Do for their training session with Daniel. He challenges everyone to catch koi fish with their bare hands. The training session allows the Eagle Fang dojo to adapt. They’ve all been taught to strike first, but it only works if they’re faster than their opponent. The koi fish are faster than them, so catching one is tough. Meanwhile, Johnny takes the Miyagi-Do students to a rooftop. He challenges everyone to jump to the other building. Johnny teaches them to be brave and face their challenges head-on, but they won’t risk their lives for his training regimens — none of the Miyagi-dos agreed to jump.

[00:11:00] Kenny faces off with Kyler in the Cobra Kai dojo. He doesn’t have any training, but Kreese tells him that Cobra Kais are born with killer instincts. Kenny runs away from Kyler twice. Kreese has seen enough and tells Kenny to leave because Cobra Kai doesn’t welcome cowards. Kenny leaves in disappointment, but Robby wants to help Kenny because he‘s Shawn’s brother.

[00:13:00] Miguel refuses Hawk’s invitation to hang out because Carmen is picking him up after training, but Carmen can’t make it because of car trouble. Daniel volunteers to help Miguel and Carmen out. Miguel refuses because he still feels ashamed of what happened, but Daniel insists. Daniel takes Miguel to his dealership while his men find Carmen and take her car to the dealership. Meanwhile, Johnny confronts Sam to get her to jump to the other building, but Sam refuses to jump because it‘s dangerous. They end up arguing about their life decisions. Sam doesn’t trust Johnny with training because he hasn’t achieved anything in life. Johnny says he has achieved everything he wants, so he tells Sam she must leap and follow her own path instead of letting Daniel and Amanda make her decisions for her.

[00:15:30] Cobra Kai is also done with training. Kreese dismisses his students but doesn’t expect Silver to show up. Kreese is happy to see Silver in his dojo because it‘s s all part of his plan. Silver knows Kreese went over to stir up the past. He can’t stop thinking about his promise to Kreese and their good times in Cobra Kai. He goes over to confront Kreese, but Silver stops himself before they get into a sparring match. Kreese tells Silver they still have time to finish what they’ve started. Silver leaves the dojo, but Kreese knows he will come back.

[00:18:00] Robby goes to Kenny’s house to return his backpack. Robby refuses to be Kenny’s tutor, but he can’t say no upon seeing Kenny’s video — the bullying has worsened in school. The other kids filled his locker with milk. Kenny feels helpless without Shawn. He admits he’s the reason why Shawn is in juvie hall. Shawn tried to protect him, but the law wasn’t fair to him. Robby teaches Kenny a few moves so he can defend himself. It‘s difficult to teach Kenny because he can’t overcome his fear of being attacked. He keeps running away from the fight. Robby tells Kenny to use his speed to strike first instead of running away.

[00:20:30] Miguel and Daniel arrive at the dealership ahead of Carmen. Miguel discovers that Daniel didn’t go to college. He really thought Daniel had his life set for him, but Daniel tells him that he didn’t live a great life in his younger days. He tells Miguel not to give up on his dreams just because of money and assures him that he’ll figure out how to reach his dreams because he’s a good kid. Meanwhile, Sam receives a message from Daniel. He tells her not to do anything he wouldn’t do. Johnny calls everyone because they must go home. He tells them they failed training because they can’t overcome their fears.

[00:23:30] Sam doesn’t want to keep living in her father’s shadow, so she takes a leap of faith. She drops her bag and runs toward the edge of the building. She jumps across the gap and makes it to the other side. Johnny praises her for facing her fears. Meanwhile, Silver continues with his trip down memory lane. He reminisces about his younger years with Kreese. Kreese really treated him like a brother. He saved Silver in Vietnam and invited him to start the Cobra Kai dojo, but Silver’s father didn’t want him to do Karate all his life. They‘re rich, so he wanted Silver to inherit their business.

[00:26:30] Silver refused to start the Cobra Kai dojo with Kreese. He decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, but it didn’t ruin their friendship. Kreese respected Silver’s decision and told him he’d be there for Silver no matter what happened. Meanwhile, Johnny arrives at his apartment and confronts Carmen about their relationship. Carmen refuses to talk with Johnny, but he won’t let the moment slip away. He tells Carmen he’s ready to take their relationship to the next level. He wants to stop taking things slow and face their problems head-on. Carmen respects Johnny’s decision and agrees they should continue their relationship.

[00:29:30] Kenny returns to the Cobra Kai dojo to ask for another chance. Kreese gives him another chance, so Kyler takes his position and spars with Kenny. Kenny can’t overcome his fear and runs out of the mat as soon as Kyler attacks him. Everyone laughs at Kenny, so in anger, he rushes at Kyler and punches him before he can react. Tory is surprised at how fast Kenny is. Kyler didn’t think it‘s fair that Kenny attacked him when he had his back turned. Kenny is about to leave when Kreese tells him to take his place. Kreese accepts Kenny into Cobra Kai because he isn’t willing to give up.

[00:31:30] Miguel and the other Eagle Fang finally understood their training. They get into the fish pond to distract the koi fish. They circle the pond to lure the fish into one area. Once the fish are trapped in the middle, Miguel strikes and catches one koi fish. Daniel praises Miguel and grants him one of his bandanas. Johnny arrives with the Miyagi-Do and sees Daniel giving Miguel a bandana — the same bandana he wore back in the day. Johnny feels jealous about their moment. He thinks Daniel is trying to steal Miguel as his student.

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