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Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode 4 Recap – Bicephaly


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode 4 Recap - Bicephaly

[00:00:30] Kenny joins a tour for West Valley High. Most students are just interested in West Valley because of the Karate fight that happened there a few months ago.  Kenny is wearing his Cobra Kai shirt. Two students from Miyagi-Do see him inside the bathroom. They laugh at him because of his shirt; Kenny gets angry. He tries to strike first, but Hawk enters the bathroom and stops him. He tells Kenny to get out of Cobra Kai before something bad happens to him. Kenny is slowly being corrupted into the dark side. He doesn’t know Cobra Kai is bad for him.

[00:02:30] Daniel continues to train Miguel and the rest of Eagle Fang. Johnny gets distracted as he sees Miguel doing well in Daniel’s hands. He can’t help but get jealous, which makes him lower his guard, so Demetri accidentally kicks his face in training. He apologizes for what happened, but Johnny won’t let the accident go unpunished. Johnny transforms Demetri into a human punching bag, and everyone takes turns in beating Demetri. After training, Johnny tries to bond with Miguel, but he has to join Daniel at his dealership to repair Carmen’s car. Johnny feels sad because Miguel doesn’t want to hang out with him.

[00:04:30] Kenny arrives at the dojo for training. He tells everyone about meeting with Hawk. Tory and Kyler still want to get payback for Hawk’s betrayal, but revenge has to wait as Kreese surprises the Cobra Kais. He introduces everyone to Terry Silver. Silver enters the dojo in his gi and introduces himself as one of the original senseis of the dojo. Silver and Kreese team up to train their students, hoping to beat Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do.

[00:06:30] Johnny can’t focus on Carmen because of Daniel and Miguel. Daniel shows Miguel the movie “Top Gun,” so he gets disappointed even more because he also wants to show Miguel the movie. Carmen realizes that Johnny is angry because Miguel spends more time with Daniel, but Carmen tells Johnny they can spend more time together because of Miguel’s absence. She thinks they should tell Miguel the truth, but Johnny worries it will ruin his relationship with Miguel. Carmen assures Johnny that Miguel loves him, so nothing will ruin their relationship.

[00:09:00] Miguel and Daniel are done repairing Carmen’s car. Daniel tells Miguel to start the car. He gets very happy when it works. Daniel is running late for a party, so he tells Miguel to drive them to the venue. Miguel doesn’t know how to drive, but Daniel teaches him how. Miguel is really eager to learn to drive, so he doesn’t turn down the opportunity. Meanwhile, Sam is complaining about attending a children’s party. She really wants to leave, but she stays when the little mermaids come out of the dressing room. Sam sees Tory dressed up as Ariel. Tory can’t believe Sam and Amanda are there, but she can’t do anything because she must work.

[00:11:00] Robby continues to train Kenny who‘s getting overconfident, so Robby sweeps his legs to teach him some humility. They‘re about to continue with training, but Silver talks to Robby. He heard from Kreese that Robby used to be part of Miyagi-Do. Silver finds out what Robby is made of by sparring with him. Robby does his best, but he can’t defeat Silver. Silver tells Robby he must face his fears and overcome them if he wants to beat all his opponents at the tournament.

[00:14:00] Johnny is trying to figure out how to tell Miguel about his relationship with Carmen. He remembers the time his mother married Sid. He refused to have a new father, so he feels the same thing will happen with Miguel. Meanwhile, Daniel continues to teach Miguel everything he knows. Miguel tells Daniel about his father and why they moved to the valley. Daniel says Carmen did everything for him so he won’t think badly of her. He tells Miguel that Carmen is doing everything for him.

[00:18:30] Sam continues to bully Tory while she is working. Tory tells the kids a story, but Sam keeps butting in. The kids want Tory to sing a song, so she gives in to their request. Tory sings but Sam laughs at her and tells her that her singing is worst than her Karate moves. Tory won’t let Sam just talk trash to her. She tells the kids to attack the wicked witch and bombard her with glitter bombs. The kids take cups of glitter and attack Sam. Meanwhile, Johnny is cooking dinner when Robby confronts him. He tells Johnny to keep Hawk and his friends away from Kenny, or they’ll suffer the consequences. Johnny tries to talk some sense into Robby, but he sets the records straight.

[00:21:00] Robby tells Johnny he won’t end up like him. He‘s just using Cobra Kai to get what he wants, but he doesn’t trust Silver or Kreese. Johnny still worries about Robby being in Cobra Kai, but Robby no longer trusts Johnny. Johnny just ends the conversation because Robby doesn’t want to listen to his warnings. Meanwhile, Miguel and Daniel arrive at the party. Miguel doesn’t see Tory, so Sam uses Miguel to make her jealous. She kisses Miguel in front of Tory, which makes her abandon her job. Amanda has been watching Sam and Tory bicker all day. She runs after Tory and talks to her about her issues with Sam. Amanda apologizes for how Sam treated her and offers help, but Tory refuses. Amanda tells Tory that no one can help her if she doesn’t let anyone in her life.

[00:23:30] Miguel arrives at their apartment, so Johnny wants to talk to him about Carmen through dinner. Miguel doesn’t want to eat because he already had dinner with the LaRussos. Johnny feels disappointed that Miguel is spending all of his time with Daniel. He learns that Daniel taught Miguel how to drive. He‘s also liking Daniel’s taste in music. Johnny tells Miguel that the band Chicago isn’t badass. Miguel agrees, but he likes it anyways. He asks Johnny what he wants to talk about but is too disappointed to talk. He just tells Miguel to prepare for his date with Sam.

[00:25:30] Cobra Kai is at the drive-in enjoying the movie “Bloodsport.” Everyone else is there, so Hawk and his friends see Kenny getting some popcorn for his Cobra Kai buddies. Robby sees Hawk bullying Kenny, so he steps in to save him. The rest of the Cobra Kais back Robby up, but Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang are also there. A fight is about to break out, but Miguel tells everyone to meet at the baseball field in 30 minutes. Everyone from Cobra Kai goes to the field, but no one shows up to fight them. They get doused in water as the sprinkles are activated. Miguel and his friends are watching from the car. They‘re thrilled to see the Cobra Kais falling for their trap.

[00:28:30] Kreese isn’t happy at how his students are getting bullied. He wants to strike back, but Silver tells him they must learn from their mistakes. Kreese and Silver get into an argument about the mistakes of the past. Silver doesn’t want to redo their mistakes which gives Kreese the impression that Silver doesn’t want to act. Silver tells Kreese that they won’t sit back and do nothing. It seems Silver has something sinister in mind.

[00:30:30] Johnny hears about what happened at the drive-in. He disapproves that Miguel chose to run away from a fight, but Daniel praises Miguel for learning the art of restraint. He tells Miguel he’s learning the Miyagi-Do way very well. Johnny‘s fears are coming true. Miguel is turning into a Miyagi-Do student, so he wants to stop it before it’s too late. Johnny is about to talk to Daniel about getting his students back when Kreese and Silver arrive.

[00:32:00] Seeing Silver again brings fear back into Daniel’s life. He remembers how Silver manipulated him into joining Cobra Kai. He regrets joining the dojo because those were his worst days of Karate. Silver punished him and made him bleed in training. He thought he was learning to be strong, but it was the opposite. Silver tells Johnny and Daniel they have something to discuss with them.

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