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Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode 5 Recap – Match Point


Published 1 year ago

Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode 5 Recap - Match Point

[00:00:30] Silver and Kreese visit Miyagi-Do to talk with Daniel and Johnny. Silver apologizes to Daniel for what happened between them, but Daniel knows it‘s just a ploy. The students eavesdrop on their conversation, but no one knows who Silver is. Daniel refuses to forgive Silver and tells them to leave. Silver‘s plan backfires, so they must move to plan B. He tells Kreese they must work extra hard to ensure their victory.

[00:02:30] Silver and Kreese arrive at the dojo after meeting Daniel and Johnny. Silver tells everyone that they can no longer fight with the other dojos until the tournament. Tory objects to Silver’s order. She feels they shouldn’t back down from the other dojos. Silver tells everyone to store their anger and use it in the tournament. They can’t do anything but agree in disappointment. Kreese senses that Silver’s order will create a divide between them and their students. It seems he wants to allow his students to fight so they will feel confident in the tournament.

[00:04:00] Daniel tells Johnny who Silver is and what happened between them. Daniel worries that their students aren’t safe with Silver’s arrival. Johnny isn’t worried. He offers to go to Cobra Kai and beat the shit out of Kreese and Silver. Daniel knows Silver is trying to provoke them, so he refuses to follow Johnny’s plan. He tells Johnny he‘ll take over the training for both dojos, but Johnny won’t give way for Daniel’s sake. Daniel tells Johnny they must train harder to beat Silver and Cobra Kai. Johnny is confident they will beat Cobra Kai with his teachings, but Daniel disagrees with Johnny because he beat Silver and Johnny years ago. The conversation leads to an argument, so Johnny challenges Daniel to finish the fight they started 30 years ago.

[00:05:30] Johnny thinks Daniel won’t accept the challenge, so Johnny tells Daniel to meet him at the sparring deck the next day after training. Johnny leaves the bar, leaving Daniel to pay for their drinks. Johnny will finally get the match he’s been waiting for. It‘s time to show Daniel that his win was just a fluke. The next day, Demetri shows Hawk his research about Terry Silver. He can’t find any dirt on Silver, so they just drop the subject and turn their attention to Yasmine and Moon. Yasmine continues her relationship with Demetri while Hawk and Moon are slowly getting back as friends. Hawk is impressed with how Demetri got Yasmine as his girl; even Demetri is impressed as he has no idea what happened.

[00:08:00] Hawk is happy that he’s friends with Moon again. He knows Moon already has Piper, so he no longer hopes they will be together again. Demetri tells Hawk that Piper and Moon broke up weeks ago. Hawk asks Demetri how many weeks ago since they broke up, but Demetri can’t answer the question. Miguel shows them a series of drunk tweets by Johnny. He announced on Twitter that he’d fight Daniel. No one sees the tweet except Miguel because he‘s Johnny’s only follower. Hawk isn’t worried about the fight because he really wants to see Daniel and Johnny fight each other to know who’s the better sensei.

[00:09:00] Amanda enters Daniel’s office and finds him sleeping on the couch. He wakes him up and asks him about Johnny’s tweets. Amanda wants to know what’s happening between Daniel and Johnny. Daniel tells Amanda that Terry Silver is what’s happening. He explains Silver’s return turned Johnny against him. Daniel explains he wants to take over the training for both dojos. Daniel knows it was just the alcohol that escalated the argument last night, so he assures Amanda there won’t be a fight between them.

[00:10:30] Johnny gets ready for his fight with Daniel. He really wants to defeat Daniel to show everyone that he’s the better sensei. He goes out for a jog to an abandoned warehouse to train for the fight. Johnny is ready to take Daniel down as he breaks hollow blocks with his bare fists. Meanwhile, Sam comes home and finds Daniel in the kitchen. She skips study hall to come home early. Daniel tells Same that he went home because he isn’t feeling well, but he‘s really thinking about his fight with Johnny and how he can avoid it.

[00:12:30] Sam asks Daniel what happened, so he explains everything about Terry Silver. Daniel explains he wants both dojos to continue training with Miyagi-Do to ensure their victory. Sam disagrees with Daniel’s strategy because she wants to learn Johnny’s aggressive teachings to have twice the firepower if she must fight with Tory at the tournament. Daniel understands Sam’s point of view, but he still wants everyone to continue training with Miyagi-Do. Sam and Daniel argue about who should teach both dojos. Sam feels she can make her own decisions as to what she thinks is right and wrong.

[00:14:30] Silver dismisses Cobra Kai after their training. He tells everyone to focus on training and save their strength for the tournament. Kreese disagrees with Silver’s teachings and talks to him. The Cobra Kais agree that they won’t look for a fight, but they still need payback after what happened to them at the drive-in. Robby seems to have something in mind, and it won’t turn out great for any of the three dojos. Meanwhile, Johnny continues to train for his fight against Daniel. Miguel tells Johnny he doesn’t want them to fight. He just wishes for luck in the fight but refuses to help him train. Johnny feels disappointed as Miguel doesn’t want to help him win. Miguel just wants to continue training with both senseis for the tournament.

[00:17:00] Daniel knows he can’t avoid the fight with Johnny, so he trains at his pool house. He apologizes to Mr. Miyagi in advance because he knows he’s not supposed to look for a fight, but he must settle things with Johnny for the sake of both dojos. Meanwhile, Kreese and Silver dine out so they can talk. Kreese thinks Silver is confusing his students. He tells Silver that Cobra Kais never back down from a fight. Kreese explains that they always strike first, so Silver says Kreese already struck first — he took Robby from Johnny, and it‘s enough for him. Silver wants to ensure victory, believing it can only be achieved by avoiding their past mistakes. Kreese eventually agrees with Silver and looks forward to beating Daniel and Johnny.

[00:20:00] Hawk is in the tattoo shop. He‘s caught off guard by Cobra Kais while sending Moon a message. They gang up on Hawk, but they aren’t there to fight him. The Cobra Kais really want payback, and they‘ll get it from Hawk. Meanwhile, Johnny arrives at the dojo and sees all their students waiting for them. He asks Daniel why the students are there. Daniel says it’s his fault for broadcasting his life on social media. Johnny doesn’t want to fight in front of their students, but what’s done is done. Daniel tells Johnny he won’t accept anything from him except surrender. Daniel believes Miyagi-Do is the best solution to win the tournament, but Johnny can’t accept his view, so the fight is on.

[00:22:30] Miguel and Sam are the referees of the fight. Sam awards Johnny with the first point. It‘s first to three, so Johnny is just two points away. Daniel scores the next two points and is on the verge of victory. Daniel tries the secret technique on Johnny, but Johnny counters the move before Daniel wins the fight. Johnny evens up the fight at two points each. They‘re one point away from proving who the best sensei is. The last round starts, but it ends in a draw. Johnny and Daniel land a point at the same time. They watch the replay, but it‘s clear that the match is a draw.

[00:25:30] While they‘re arguing who won the match, Hawk arrives to deliver Cobra Kai‘s message. They shaved his head and removed his Mohawk. Hawk is really depressed from what happened, but he can’t do anything to defend himself. Johnny blames Kreese and Silver for what happened to Hawk. Daniel tells Johnny that Hawk got what he deserved because they kept fighting Cobra Kai. Johnny tells Daniel that Cobra Kai will always come for them, even if they choose not to fight. Sam agrees with Johnny, which disappoints Daniel. Johnny ends their alliance, calls the Eagle Fangs and leaves the dojo.

[00:27:00] Miguel doesn’t want to leave with Johnny and the rest of Eagle Fang, but he has no choice. He doesn’t want to betray Johnny, so he leaves with a heavy heart. Johnny decides to resume training by themselves. Daniel accepts Johnny’s decision and allows them to leave peacefully.

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