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Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode 6 Recap – Kicks Get Chicks


Published 10 months ago

Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode 6 Recap - Kicks Get Chicks

[00:00:30] The All Valley committee is meeting to plan the upcoming tournament. Daniel is still part of the committee, but he can’t join the meeting because he’s the sensei of Miyagi-Do. It‘s supposed to be a simple business meeting, but things get out of hand as they start arguing. They call each other out whenever someone suggests something new. The committee wants to innovate for the tournament, but it‘s easier said than done. They tackle many issues surrounding the tournament like equality and funding. After a few cups of coffee, the committee moves past their differences and unanimously votes. They move to send out letters to tell the dojos about the changes.

[00:03:00] Daniel tells his students about the big changes in the tournament. The committee added skills challenge to spice things up. They also separate the girls from the boys, meaning Tory and Sam are bound to face each other. The male students of Miyagi-Do aren’t thrilled about the changes. They aren’t ready for the tournament, and their best bet is Sam. Sam will represent the dojo in the girls‘ division, so she can’t compete in the skills challenge. The other students must step up, or Miyagi-Do won’t stand a chance in points. Daniel assures everyone he will help them compete at the highest level. He‘s confident they can win against Cobra Kai.

[00:04:30] Johnny doesn’t like the changes to the tournament. He only wants to do Karate. None of his students can compete in the skills challenge, and they don’t have a girl in Eagle Fang, so they can’t participate in the girl’s division. Miguel tells Johnny he can reconcile with Daniel, so they stand a chance of winning the tournament. Johnny refuses and tells Miguel to just focus on his training. Meanwhile, Silver is celebrating the changes in the tournament. Cobra Kai has a versatile lineup with all the events covered. Kreese is confident they have the tournament in the bag even before it starts.

[00:06:00] Silver uses his money to ensure their victory in the tournament. He bought something special for the dojo. Kreese doesn’t know what it is, but Terry assures him it’s the best for the dojo. Meanwhile, Tory is running into a new problem. Her Auntie Kandace is looking for money again. Kandace is waiting for Tory’s mother to die so she can reap the rewards from her survivor benefits. Tory can’t do anything against Kandace because she’s underage. She’ll be 18 by next year, but she’s uncertain if her mother will still be alive by then. Kandace doesn’t care about Tory or her little brother. All she wants is the benefits, and time is against Tory and her mother.

[00:08:00] Johnny and Miguel go to the field to try and recruit a girl for their dojo. Johnny is confident he’ll recruit someone by the end of the day, but he fails — none of the girls are interested in Karate. He did his best to lure them into Eagle Fang, but no one is interested even with Miguel being part of the dojo. They‘re ready to quit when Miguel bumps into Moon. They invite Moon to join, but she refuses to do violence. She tells Miguel to approach Piper instead.

[00:10:30] Tory goes to Amanda for help. Amanda is surprised to see Tory on her doorstep. She invites Tory in so they can talk. Tory wants to attend school again. She needs all the help she can get and needs Amanda’s approval to attend school again. Tory agrees to stay away from Sam so she can attend school again. Daniel and Sam arrive just in time to see Tory speaking with Amanda. Sam gets furious, but Amanda explains everything to her. Meanwhile, Demetri goes to Hawk to vent his anger at the tournament changes. Demetri is now the best bet for Miyagi-Do in the boys‘ division. Demetri is trying to recruit Hawk to join Miyagi-Do so they have a fighting chance. Hawk refuses to do Karate anymore after being humiliated by Cobra Kai.

[00:13:30] Piper is a gymnast. Miguel and Johnny try to recruit her despite the odds being against them. Moon gave them a few pointers to seal the deal, and luckily, Piper agreed to join Eagle Fang. Meanwhile, Sam has difficulty understanding why Amanda is eager to help Tory. Sam sees Tory as her enemy and hates that Amanda listens to Tory’s problems but not hers. Daniel agrees with Sam on the issue, but Amanda explains why she wants to help Tory. Like Tory, Amanda was in a tough situation in high school. Amanda was charged with misdemeanor reckless endangerment when she attacked her math tutor with a baseball bat.

[00:16:00] Amanda’s math tutor had an affair with her father, and she knew the affair would end her parent’s marriage — she blamed her math tutor for everything. Amanda thought being tough would solve her problems, but it didn’t. Amanda didn’t walk to her graduation because of the charges, and her parents still got divorced afterward. Daniel didn’t know about the story up until that moment. Amanda explains she moved on with that part of her life, but she knows Tory’s still going through hers. She just wants to help Tory, hoping she won’t ruin her life. Daniel finally understands Amanda’s side, so he also wants to help. Daniel aims to help children overcome their bullies and find a better future path.

[00:17:30] Demetri tells Hawk that he can’t quit Karate, but he has already decided. Still, Demetri tries to change it. He shows Hawk an old video they made about being binary brothers. Hawk has already moved from being a nerd, but it doesn’t mean he must move on from being Demetri’s friend. Meanwhile, Daniel tries to reason with Robby. He knows Robby is in a dark moment of his life, but he can’t give up on him just yet. Daniel explains what Silver can do to a person, but Silver cuts him off as he sees Daniel talking to Robby in the convenience store. Silver tells Robby to return to the dojo and try out their new equipment while he talks to Daniel. Robby leaves, but he keeps Daniel’s warning in mind. Deep down, he knows Daniel is just looking out for him.

[00:21:30] Silver tells Daniel that poaching students from other dojos are unethical. Daniel reminds Silver that he’s not a sensei but a con man preying on children to do his bidding. Daniel reminds Silver about what he did to him in his youth, but Silver says he didn’t do anything to Daniel. Silver explains that Daniel was always a hothead, so he just unleashed the Cobra Kai in him. Daniel doesn’t want to argue with Silver, so he just drops the conversation and leaves. Daniel is confident that Miyagi-Do will beat Cobra Kai despite their shortcomings. He tells Silver that Cobra Kai will be out of business once they win the tournament, but Silver is confident that Miyagi-Do will lose.

[00:22:30] Eagle Fang is growing impatient. They‘re waiting for Piper to attend tryouts, but Miguel discovers that Piper and her friends joined Cobra Kai instead. Silver is giving out Cobra Kai merchandise to all the new joiners, and it‘s enough to entice anyone to join Cobra Kai. Johnny is furious upon learning what happened to Piper. He‘s ready to give up, but Miguel is eager to look for a new girl to represent their dojo. Miguel explains he wasn’t a champion when Johnny first met him, so he’s confident they will find someone willing to become a champion with Eagle Fang.

[00:24:00] Sam goes to Aisha for advice. She drove to Santa Barbara because she had no one to talk to about her problems. Sam really feels abandoned as Amanda wants to help Tory get back into their school. Aisha tells Sam she must set her own terms and handle her problems head-on. Aisha didn’t resort to violence when she entered her new school. She was just herself and introduced herself as the new kid in school; she used Johnny’s teachings and applied them in real life. She tells Sam to apply Karate to her life without using force or violence.

[00:26:30] Bert and Miguel are watching a debate from the Debate Club. Bert mentioned he knew a badass girl from the Debate Club. Miguel is scouting her out when Johnny enters the auditorium. Johnny tells Miguel and Bert that they must dress someone up as a girl to enter the girl’s division. He no longer has any option, but he suddenly changes his mind when Bert’s friend from the Debate Club throws a tantrum on stage. She approaches her opponents and destroys the guy’s book in front of everyone. It seems she lost her temper waiting for the opponent to make a stand on the death penalty topic. It‘s final: Johnny will recruit the girl for the tournament.

[00:28:00] Daniel meets up with his male students to train them for the tournament. Demetri is currently the best option they have to win the boys‘ division, so he steps up into the sparring deck with Daniel. Hawk shows up and tells Daniel he wants to join Miyagi-Do. Everyone welcomes Hawk back, but he wants them to call him by his name again. Daniel gets Eli a gi and sees Sam training.

[00:29:30] Daniel apologizes to Sam about their argument yesterday. Sam tells Daniel she’s already fine and can move on from the past. Daniel praises Sam for being the bigger person as she allows Tory to return to school. Everyone knows who Tory is, so they‘re all staring at her for the criminal that she is. Tory wants to thank Sam for giving her a second opportunity, but Sam won’t bow down to Tory. She tells Tory to watch her back because she’s coming for her at the tournament. Sam tells Tory not to stand in her way, or she’ll beat her up even if they’re in school. Tory can’t do anything because she promised Amanda to stay out of Sam’s way.

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