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Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode 7 Recap – Minefields


Published 10 months ago

Cobra Kai Season 4 Episode 7 Recap - Minefields

[00:00:30] Lia passes by Anthony at the library. She drops her book, so Anthony picks it up and returns it to her. Anthony tries to invite Lia to hang out with him, but Lia only sees Anthony as her friend. Anthony likes Lia, but he’s getting the wrong idea that Lia likes Kenny more than him. He hasn’t even made any moves on her. Lia and Kenny continue to know each other, so Anthony thinks Kenny also likes Lia. He continues to despise Kenny because he’s getting closer to Lia, and to make matters worse, Kenny is also better at Anthony in basketball. Anthony’s friends taunt him because Kenny has more points than him. They also remind him that Kenny is stealing Lia from him. Anthony doesn’t like being bullied, so he pranks Kenny so his friends will forget what happened.

[00:02:00] Anthony sees Kenny getting out of the shower. He‘s about to change when Anthony steals Kenny’s clothes and runs out of the boys‘ locker room. Kenny chases Anthony out of the locker room. Everyone laughs at him because he‘s only wearing his boxers. Kenny runs back inside the locker room and shuts the door behind him. Meanwhile, Miguel is getting ready for his training with Johnny. He‘s very excited about the tournament, so he’s not slacking off to defend his title. Johnny arrives. They‘re about to leave when Miguel sees his water bottle is missing. Miguel left the bottle in Carmen’s car, so she told him to get the keys from her nightstand. Miguel discovers Johnny’s bandana under Carmen’s pillow, so he confronts them about it.

[00:04:00] Daniel discovers a Cobra Kai hoodie inside Anthony’s room. He confronts Anthony about it, so he tells Daniel about Kenny. Anthony tells Daniel that Kenny has been giving him a hard time, but everything is the opposite. Daniel tells Anthony to change his clothes because he will train him in Karate to defend himself against Kenny and Cobra Kai. Meanwhile, Kenny really hates Anthony’s guts. He’s ready to use his Cobra Kai training to get back at Anthony. Robby tells Kenny that he must be smarter than him and Shawn so he doesn’t end up in juvie hall like them. Kenny doesn’t care where he ends up. He just wants payback for everything.

[00:05:30] Silver and Kreese call their students to start the day’s training. They‘ll teach them about weaknesses. Silver explains everyone has a weakness, so they must learn to recognize and exploit their opponent’s weakness. Tory tells Silver that Kreese has no weaknesses, but Silver points out that Kreese has a weakness. Silver tells everyone to prepare for sparring and dismisses his students. Kreese places a wager for Silver to make things interesting: they pick their best fighter, and the winner gets a six-pack of beer. Silver agrees, but John is planning something different. Meanwhile, Carmen and Johnny tell Miguel the truth.

[00:07:00] Johnny and Carmen expect Miguel to be confused or angry, but he isn’t. Miguel is happy that Carmen is dating Johnny. He knows Johnny is a good guy despite his shortcomings, so he’s happy as long as Carmen’s happy. Carmen and Johnny are ecstatic about Miguel’s reaction. They no longer need to keep their relationship a secret from him. Carmen tells Johnny they must give Miguel some time to adjust, so they still need to take things one step at a time. Meanwhile, Miyagi-Do is preparing for the skills challenge of the tournament.

[00:08:30] Daniel shows Anthony around the dojo while Sam helps everyone with the skills challenges. They must show off their different skills like board breaking and weapon handling. Daniel tells Anthony that learning Karate is difficult, but he knows he‘ll like it. He compares Karate to video games to lure Anthony into joining Miyagi-Do. Daniel really wants Anthony to learn Karate because of the benefits he can get once he masters the basics and moves on to more advanced training. Like any other member of Miyagi-Do, Anthony starts by doing some chores at the dojo. He doesn’t want to do chores, but Daniel reminds him that everyone needs to start at level one.

[00:10:00] Silver chooses Piper, while Kreese picks Tory. Tory knows Piper’s weakness, and she’s ready to exploit it. The rules are simple: take your opponent down and win. Tory and Piper start. Piper uses her gymnastics to her advantage. Tory has the upper hand because she learned Karate ahead of Piper. She dodges Piper’s flashy moves and takes her down to end the fight. Piper is impressed with Tory and tells her they should spar more often. Tory knows she’s the best female student in Cobra Kai, so she doesn’t want to spar with Piper. Meanwhile, Johnny introduces Devon Lee to everyone in Eagle Fang. Like Johnny, Devon is also a fan of old Karate movies. Johnny takes a liking to Devon early on, and they begin training her to represent them at the tournament.

[00:12:00] Devon trains with all the other guys at Eagle Fang except Miguel. Johnny doesn’t want Miguel to get hurt before the tournament, so he won‘t risk him training with the rest of the dojo. The lesson of the day is cheating. Johnny tells his students they must be prepared for anything Cobra Kai throws at them. He’s not worried about Miyagi-Do because they abide by the rules. Johnny puts all the guys into rigorous training involving all the dirty tricks he can think of. He also allows Devon to kick everyone in their nuts so they will experience the pain, get back up, and fight again.

[00:13:30] Back at Cobra Kai, Silver is on the losing end of their bet. Kreese picks all his best students, while Silver is left with all the second placers. They can’t do anything against the best students of Cobra Kai. Kreese wins the bet after Kyler beats his opponent, but Silver isn’t done for the day. Silver asks Kreese to double the wage. Kreese agrees and calls on Robby, while Silver calls on Kenny. Robby kicks Kenny too hard, briefly stopping the fight. Robby apologizes to Kenny and goes to Kreese for orders. Kenny approaches Silver to tell him that Robby doesn’t have any weaknesses. Silver tells Kenny that Robby has a weakness; he must find it to win the match.

[00:15:00] Robby hits Kenny with another kick. Kenny fakes the pain. Robby apologizes to Kenny. Suddenly, Kenny sweeps him off his legs to win the match. Kenny celebrates with Silver who explains to everyone that they can exploit their opponent‘s feelings and allow them to think they have the upper hand. They can use it to their advantage, just like what Kenny did to Robby. Since Robby lost, Kreese owes Silver a six-pack of beer. Kreese hates losing, so he’s pissed that Robby lost to Kenny when he’s the best student in the dojo. Meanwhile, Eagle Fang ends training for the day. Johnny tells Miguel they’re having family dinner later and reminds him to go home early. The guys are pissed at Miguel because he didn’t train that day. They didn’t like that he‘s Johnny’s favorite. Miguel didn’t like the special treatment either.

[00:16:00] Daniel returns to the dojo and finds that Anthony has cleaned Mr. Miyagi’s cars. He‘s impressed that Anthony has done the work, but Daniel discovers that Anthony hired someone to clean the cars for him. Daniel is very disappointed in Anthony. He tells him he can’t just pay someone to do the work for him. Anthony tells Daniel that he doesn’t care about Karate. He wants to learn Karate but not Daniel’s way. Anthony only wants the Karate part, not the hard work or the chores. Daniel isn’t ready for Anthony’s response. He thinks his son will appreciate his teachings. Daniel tells Anthony to just go back to his video games.

[00:18:00] Miguel is late for the family dinner. Carmen is disappointed and scolds Miguel upon his arrival. Miguel says he was hanging out with Sam. Johnny doesn’t know which side to take, so he just casually tells Miguel that it‘s irresponsible not to notice the time on his own. Miguel thought nothing would change with Carmen and Johnny, but everything had changed. Miguel feels weird that Johnny and Carmen are dating. Things are weird at home and in the dojo, so he doesn’t feel like spending time with them. Johnny just makes things worse as he tries to scold Miguel in front of Carmen. Carmen decides to just continue eating instead of hearing Johnny’s explanation.

[00:19:30] Anthony returns home and goes to the pool house to check out some of Daniel’s stuff. Daniel eventually enters the pool house and finds Anthony looking at the secret technique scroll. Daniel is surprised to see Anthony in the pool house. Anthony tells Daniel he felt out of the loop because he never met Mr. Miyagi. He has no memories of him because he‘s just a baby when Mr. Miyagi died. Daniel tells Anthony that he’s the only one who landed a kick to Mr. Miyagi’s face. He explains that Anthony was just a baby, and Mr. Miyagi didn’t expect Anthony would kick him in the face. Daniel tells Anthony that he just wants him to learn Karate from him to deal with Kenny when the time comes.

[00:22:00] Anthony feels bad because he lied to Daniel. Kenny isn’t the bully, he is. He doesn’t want to learn Karate because he knows he doesn’t deserve to learn it. Daniel’s intentions are pure, so he doesn’t want to ruin it because of a stupid lie. The next day, Miguel complains to Sam about what happened the other day. Sam feels the same because Daniel spent the whole day with Anthony, so he didn’t train anyone from the dojo. Sam and Miguel have issues with their senses, hindering their chances of winning the tournament. Johnny arrives at school to pick Miguel up. He tells Miguel they‘ll go on a field trip. Miguel doesn’t want to skip school, but Johnny insists, so he eventually agrees to go with him.

[00:23:30] Lia invites Anthony to hang out at the fair. Anthony gets excited but learns that Lia also invited Kenny and some of her friends. Anthony’s friends taunt him again, but he‘s done being a bully. Anthony approaches Kenny and tries apologizing, but Kenny doesn’t want to befriend Anthony anymore. He wants revenge, so he also starts taunting Anthony. Anthony and his friends chase Kenny to the library. Kenny turns off the lights and starts picking Anthony’s friends off. After Kenny takes care of Anthony’s friends, he turns his attention to Anthony, but before he can kick his ass, a teacher enters the library and catches Kenny in the act.

[00:25:30] Johnny takes Miguel to the abandoned warehouse to talk and eat watermelon. Johnny explains that everything is a little weird because he has no experience caring for relationships. He tells Miguel he‘s afraid of making the same mistakes he did with Robby, so he’s doing his best to care for Miguel. Johnny doesn’t know what he’s doing, so everything ends up weird and out of place. Miguel understands Johnny. He knows things will change because he’s dating Carmen, but he also wants Johnny to continue being his sensei.

[00:28:00] Hearing Miguel’s words put things back on track. Johnny doesn’t waste a minute and resumes training Miguel. He shows Miguel a bunch of watermelons in a crate. Johnny tells Miguel that it’s time he learns about the flying tornado. He warns Miguel that the flying tornado is very painful to master, but Miguel doesn’t mind the pain of the training. They‘re about to begin training when Sam arrives. She tells Johnny she’s there to learn from Johnny because she wants to. Johnny has no issues teaching Sam, so he also teaches Sam the flying tornado. Meanwhile, Daniel and Amanda arrive at Anthony’s school after being called about the fight.

[00:29:30] Daniel and Amanda expect Kenny to receive the highest punishment for bullying Anthony, but the principal tells them they‘re also suspending Anthony and his friends. The principal shows them proof that Anthony and his friends are bullying Kenny. Everything is part of Kenny’s plan. He finally got his payback by punishing Anthony and his friends for everything they did to him. Meanwhile, Kreese keeps his promise and buys Silver his beer. Kreese finally confronts Silver for what he told the students the other day.

[00:31:30] Kreese reminds Silver that he saved him in Vietnam; if it wasn’t for him, he’d still be in Vietnam. Silver can’t forget what Kreese did for him, but now he regrets returning to Cobra Kai. Kreese never considered him his friend after all. Silver is just a pawn in his plans. Kreese tells Silver that he should fall back in line and follow his lead instead of trying to undermine his authority. Silver feels fear again for the first time in years. He realizes Kreese isn’t someone he should be messing with.

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